Picasso Need Not Apply!
You can Make Six Figures a Year as a Desktop Graphic Designer … Even if You Can’t Draw a Straight Line

Graphic Design SuccessYou could make a career designing letters and promotions just like the ones you get in your mailbox or email inbox everyday. The $2.3 trillion direct response industry needs designers who understand direct marketing … and they’re willing to pay top dollar. Best of all, designing these letters is fun and easy once you know the proven secrets of direct-mail design.

Graphic Design Success is the only comprehensive program about direct-marketing design that shows you:

  • The five common elements of a direct-mail package and how to design them for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to make a page’s layout “come alive” and grab your reader’s attention.
  • “Wrong” vs. “right” examples – and plenty of ‘em – that illustrate what works best and what to avoid. Once you see good and bad design side-by-side, the right way becomes obvious and second nature to you.
  • The right way to design response-boosting elements like bullets, pull quotes, bursts, and Johnson boxes.
  • Eight key elements of winning graphics – and the biggest design mistakes that can sabotage even the best sales copy.
  • How to arrange copy and graphics on a page … add photographs, charts, and tables … and avoid the most frequently made color mistakes.
  • The secret to stirring your reader’s emotions with typefaces, color, and graphics to get him in a “buying” mood.
  • And much more …

You don’t need any artistic talent or ability. In fact, you don’t even have to be able to draw a straight line. This little-known segment of the graphic arts market happens to be the easiest. All you have to do is point and click with your mouse.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll have real-world techniques you can use to design almost any project that comes your way. And you’ll know more about good direct-marketing design than 99% of the other freelance graphic designers out there.

Graphic Design Success: $290.00

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