State of the Industry Report on Copywriter Rates and Top Performing Marketing Methods

AWAI’s 2024 Copywriting Pricing Guide


  • How to Recognize and Hire Skilled Copywriters
  • What’s Working Best in Copywriting Today
  • Copywriter Fees for the Top 80 Marketing Projects
  • Copywriting Essentials for Marketing Success
  • Much More!

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Finally — a comprehensive resource on copywriter rates for today’s most effective marketing methods

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Masterful copywriters are helping companies reach more prospects and customers through compelling stories, the best how-to tips, clear demonstrations, powerful case studies, free reports, benefit-focused emails, and other content across a wide variety of channels.

This report digs deep into the latest statistics and trends to uncover the major value of copywriting along with today’s copywriter fees.

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Discover how to find professional copywriters who will help you compete more effectively for your potential prospects and customers. Find skilled copywriters now and gain a better understanding of their value, fees and ROI.

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Find out why freelance writing jobs are plentiful — millions of marketers are scrambling to get more attention, search engine traffic and sales in the cluttered marketing world. Find the clients looking for skilled writers right now.

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