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Free Access to Brand-New Writing Training

Exclusive access to brand-new writing training — for a limited time.

The Foolproof Way to Win Clients and Earn DOUBLE Fees…

Learn how to land clients quickly and generate double fees for yourself. (You get paid once to create the site content audit, and then once again to write the content your client needs.)

Living the Writer's Life: Jessica Vine

When Jessica Vine first entered the world of paid writing, she wanted to be a travel writer. But she strayed from that dream for too long, writing $10 articles on a topic she wasn’t passionate about. Then, she did something profound… She decided she wanted to be paid more. It was a turning point where Jessica started to see real success, especially with her RV blog. Today, her goal is to exceed $100K per month! And, you know what? She’s going to reach it! Here is her story.

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Last Chance! $1 for Full Access

You can start making money as a writer within a month — even if you have no experience. Check this out!

$200 Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Hydroponic Herb Garden Email Contest

Nick Usborne announces the 3 winners of the $200 prize from our January writing contest in The Writer’s Life.

FREE Event: Is AI About to Replace Human Writers?

Join us Friday, February 3, at noon ET as our panel of experts share their thoughts and insights into AI and how it will impact your career as a writer.

TODAY: Free Gift to Launch Your Writing Career

Claim your freedom and kick off your writing career right now by grabbing a subscription to Barefoot Writer.

Last Day to Enroll in Our Newest Certification Training

If you want access to a huge pool of clients by learning the No. 1 skill companies are prioritizing in 2023… Check this out!

ENDING SOON: Save $200 on Writers Club Membership; Plus a Library of Bonus Writing Career Resources

Save $200 on our exclusive writers club membership—and receive $363 in bonus writing career launching resources—if you join today.

FREE Blueprint: Make $2,500 as a Writer This Month

Make $2,500 as a writer this month by following this free blueprint. It walks you through how to set up your freelance writer’s website, connect with clients, complete the assignments you land, and revise them and get paid. It also shows you how to get access to all the resources you’ll need for just $1.

$59.40 Access to AWAI’s Bestselling Sales Letter Writing Training

Today you can get access to our most popular training on the clearest path to the pinnacle of the copywriting industry (writing sales letters) for just $59.40!

Exclusive Writers Club Now Open to New Members

Exclusive community for writers is now open to new members—for a limited time.

Living the Writer's Life: Scott Martin

Scott Martin has been working as a successful direct-response copywriter for 33 incredible years. But he’s still surprised each winter when he works part time as a ski instructor… There are just so many ways to apply the skills of a marketer to everyday challenges. Read on to learn Scott’s tips for how to find clients on LinkedIn and why it’s important to never be viewed as just a commodity.

LAST CHANCE: Test-drive The AWAI Method™ for becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter

The best way to get started as a writer fast — and on the right foot, with the right connections — is to get ahold of The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter. Today is your LAST chance to test-drive it at a big discount…

This Could Land You a Client and Make Your Career

There’s one skill we believe EVERY writer needs to know about and seriously consider this year. Check this out!

The Best Way to Launch a New Chapter in Your Life Where You’re Not at the Mercy of an Economic Downturn, a Crazy Boss, or a Job that’s Slowly Consuming Your Soul

It’s time to take control of your life! Enjoy more control over your time and your life … a better balance of family and friends and work … a level of job security nearly unheard of elsewhere … and the possibility of real wealth. Discover the opportunity that can show you how…

LAST CHANCE: Save over 60% on AWAI’s All-New How to Become a Professional White Paper Writer

LAST CHANCE: Save over 60% on AWAI’s All-New How to Become a Professional White Paper Writer. This professional writing gig can pay skilled writers up to $8,000 for five to 12 pages of “no-sell” writing!

Ends Today: $1 to Join B2B Writers International

Today is your last chance to join B2B Writers International for $1. As a member, you’ll get everything you need to meet the demands of the vast B2B industry, where 3 out of 5 companies are having trouble finding writers. Use the site’s roadmaps and tools and you can be earning top professional fees.

NEW PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT: How to Become a Professional White Paper Writer

AWAI is thrilled to offer the ultimate, affordable “soup to nuts” program on one of the most lucrative writing opportunities anywhere!

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