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One Dollar to Try

You can start making money as a writer — even if you have no experience. Check this out!

Grab These Writing Templates

Here’s a secret most pro writers use to write faster and earn more… they use templates! Templates give your projects a clear structure and show you exactly what needs to go where… So you always know if you’re on the right track, and end up writing faster. The result? You can take on more projects. You can earn more money. Grab our most popular, easy-to-use templates here.

Last Call to Join Barefoot Writer Magazine for $11

Barefoot Writer magazine walks you through top answers to the biggest questions in starting a paid writer’s life — and shows you pathways to a lucrative writing career. Today is the last chance to join for just $11.

This is Your Last Chance

This is your last chance to grab one of the few remaining spots to work with Casey Hibbard to become a Certified Case Study Specialist.

Writers Wanted for Stories

When you become a new subscriber, you can learn what you need to know (and how to get started) in a brand-new insider guide called The Secret to Telling a $2,000 Story.

PLAYBACK: Getting Paid $1,500+ to Write “Good News” Stories

Watch the wildly successful case study specialist Casey Hibbard and AWAI Learning Chief Pam Foster to get all your questions answered about this fun writing project, so you can start getting paid to write them!

LAST CHANCE: Save $200 on Writers Club Membership

Save 80% on our exclusive writers club membership—and receive $363 in bonus writing career launching resources—if you join today.

Until Midnight, We’ll Pay You To Try This…

Being a writer allows you to create numerous revenue streams for yourself. Like the one we talked about last week… Where you build a scalable clientless writing business — complete with seven different “money levers” that generate passive income. For some writers, though, it might have felt like a big step — which we totally get. So, until midnight, we're opening something unique. It’s a faster and easier way to get started making passive income with your writing, and it comes with a fun incentive program… Where we essentially pay you to try it!

Digital Copywriter Membership Available Now for $1

Start earning $2,500 to $8,000 a month writing for the web. Thousands of writers are already earning this much or even more. And you’ll get everything you need to do the same when you join Digital Copywriter for just $1. You’ll get roadmaps… templates… a massive article archive… job board access… and much more when you join this community today.

April Issue: Yep, Just Say It!

Just released, the April issue of Barefoot Writer!

Playback: Get Paid to Write Stories

Watch as AWAI Learning Chief, Pam Foster, walks you through how to write a compelling and captivating story, one of the most in-demand (and fun) writing skills needed by the market today.

February Winner of 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Angie Weiss, who wrote the winning blog post in our special program for new freelance writers — AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge. This program is for aspiring professional freelance writers learning the ropes for the first time through AWAI.

March Winner of 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge

Congratulations to William Weeks, who wrote the winning blog post in our special program for new freelance writers — AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge. This program is for aspiring professional freelance writers learning the ropes for the first time through AWAI.

One of the Best (and Easiest) Ways to Land Great-Paying Assignments

Here’s a unique writing opportunity you might not have heard about… just writing stories, no selling, and you get paid $1,500 for it!

Discover Freedom-Filled Living Through Well-Paid Writing

Discover the freedom that being a Barefoot Writer gives you today!

LAST CHANCE: Zero-client writing training closes at midnight

Today’s your last day to get in on our zero-client writing training before enrollment closes at midnight. Lock in your access now.

Live the Writer’s Life (Without Client Work)

You can live the writer’s life — have all the freedom and flexibility you want, control over your life, and financial peace of mind…without ever needing to work with a single client. Find out how here!

Living the Writer's Life: Deanna Blanchard

Deanna Blanchard’s journey to copywriting is heartwarming… Not only did she venture into a way of life that was unfamiliar based on her upbringing, but she also rediscovered the joy she felt through writing and, albeit with some trial and error, made it work for her in a way that allowed her to pursue other passions. Plus, it gave her the ability to be there for those who matter most in her life. Enjoy her story.

Discover Unlimited Writing Pathways and Pick the Best One for You

Freedom, fun, and financial security await you when you make up your mind to go after the writer’s life. Here’s the resource that helps make it possible.

PLAYBACK: Exclusive Interview with Guillermo Rubio: How to Grow Your Freelance Writing Business with the Power of AI

Catch the playback from our free event where AI expert Guillermo Rubio dug into the AI opportunity and the best way to learn how to use it to your advantage as a copywriter.

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