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FINAL HOURS! Your Byline and Paycheck

We’re about to close all enrollment in the upcoming two-hour workshop, where Rebecca will personally help you get your first byline and paycheck as a new writer!

DEADLINE DAY: New, More Flexible Circle Terms Expiring Tonight

Today is the very last day to join Circle of Success under our brand new, more affordable, and more flexible terms.

July 2024 Winner Announced for AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge

Congratulations to Barbara Clabots, who wrote the winning blog post in our special program for new freelance writers — AWAI's 4 Days to $400 Writing Challenge. This program is for aspiring professional freelance writers learning the ropes of effective content through AWAI.

Want a Byline AND a Paycheck?

If you’d like to have your first byline AND get paid for it… Check this out!

FLASH SALE: Starter Kit For Writers

Today is your LAST CHANCE to grab The Writer’s Starter Kit for only $49! It includes all the tools, templates, resource lists, guides, and fee schedules you’ll need to launch and run a successful writing business.

Good News For You…

Here’s some good news you’ll be interested in… A total of 91% of businesses report they’re making THIS simple writing project (that pays VERY well!) a key part of their digital marketing strategy moving forward.

One Dollar to Try

You can start making money as a writer — even if you have no experience. Check this out!


A guide to starting a freelance writing career in just three hours. Tags

New Terms Make it Easier Than Ever to Join Circle of Success

Circle of Success is AWAI’s most comprehensive training — by far. It’s for people who’ve made up their minds about becoming a professional copywriter… And want the kind of personalized, mentored learning that can have a massive impact on your success… As well as catapult you to the upper echelons of the copywriting world faster than you ever thought possible. The impact Circle of Success has had on its members is undeniable.

Final Call for $7 Membership

Your chance to join B2B Writers International for just $7 closes down in a few hours…grab it now!

Last Day to Grab Your Copy of Steve’s Brand-New Modern B2B Copywriting

Today’s the LAST DAY to grab your copy of Steve’s brand-new Modern B2B Copywriting at the crazy-low price.

$7 = Full Access to B2B Writers International

If you're interested in becoming a thriving freelance B2B writer, I’ve got some exciting news to share today… For a limited time, get one month of complete access to our popular B2B Writers International membership site… for only seven dollars.

Fun Writing Niches That Pay Well

What can you get paid to write about? The answer is easy: Almost anything! And you could even start landing paid writing gigs this month. Learn how here!

Today Only: VIP “Behind-the-Scenes” Offer

Today is your last day to accept your rare, VIP “behind-the-scenes” offer… The same one that will help you professionalize your writing business and transform it into a moneymaking machine. Make sure you grab it today!

On Monday, Your No. 1 “Worry” as a New Writer Will Vanish Into Thin Air

Monday, Rebecca and her special guest will lay out all the details — from the exact writing projects you could be writing to how much you’ll be paid for each one… so you’ll have everything you’ll need to decide if this is the path for you. Best of all, this training is FREE to AWAI members.

Digital Copywriter Membership Available Now for $1

Start earning $2,500 to $8,000 a month writing for the web. Thousands of writers are already earning this much or even more. And you’ll get everything you need to do the same when you join Digital Copywriter for just $1. You’ll get roadmaps… templates… a massive article archive… job board access… and much more when you join this community today.

July Issue: Money Right Under Your Nose…

Just released, the July issue of Barefoot Writer!

Living the Writer's Life: Sam Woods

When I spoke with Sam Woods, he’d just returned from an invigorating, “unplugged” week of hiking in Sweden and reported feeling poised for forward motion after his time away from technology. That approach toward resting, resetting, and restarting has served him well in his career, as Sam’s business is thriving on the cutting edge of AI technology. But as you’ll read below, the foundation for everything he’s built starts with copywriting. Enjoy Sam’s story.

Well-paid writing just got easier…

Well-paid writing just got easier… This will soon be your “secret weapon” Yes, it’s true… It’s easier than ever before to become a well-paid writer. All because of two simple letters: AI.

Living the Writer's Life: Elizabeth Pickart

Elizabeth Pickart is in the process of watching all her writing dreams come true. Like many Barefoot Writers, writing for her was nothing more than a hobby until a necessary career change prompted her to look in new directions. Copywriting surfaced as a viable opportunity, and the more she did it, the more she loved it. One win led to another, and before she knew it, her author dream started to unfold. Read on to discover how copywriting helped her get there.

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