Learn How to Become a Highly Paid White Paper Writer

This Overlooked, Formula-Based, No-Selling Writing Specialty Can Pay Up to $8,000 per Project

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How to Become a Professional White Paper Writer Love learning about new things?

Enjoy having ONE project to focus on at a time?

Not crazy about writing “hard-driving” sales copy?

And want to make professional fees as a writer?

Then white papers may just be the perfect specialty for you.

White papers are five- to 12-page “research reports” businesses use to demonstrate how their products or solutions solve real problems businesses have.

Some white papers show businesses how to cut costs.

Others are about making customers happier… improving business efficiency… promoting a safer workplace…

In short, they show how companies can solve a real problem they are facing.

White papers are also a way for B2B businesses with more complex products — like high-level software and manufacturing equipment — to “demonstrate” their utility… and show how their solutions stand above the competition.

They are the ONE PLACE decision makers will find a comprehensive overview of the product or service… and how it helps the prospective customer.

Writers tell us they love writing white papers for two BIG reasons:

  1. Massive demand — Hundreds of thousands of companies in every industry need these projects written… with 91% of them calling white papers “one of the two most influential marketing tools” in their arsenal. Some writers say they’re backed up six to 12 months with white paper projects!
  2. Professional pay — Because white papers are so crucial to all B2B marketing and can be used in so many ways for so long, companies are willing to pay top dollar for a professional white paper — typically anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000, depending on length and complexity.

Another big reason white papers are so popular among writers who discover the opportunity:

No selling!

That’s right…

White papers do no direct selling at all. Instead, they use facts and logic to lay the foundation for a future sale.

They are the ultimate credibility builder… the ideal tool for demonstrating expertise and establishing a leadership position in any industry.

Which is why more than 87% of all B2B companies rely on copywriters to present these high-level ideas clearly and persuasively…

And why they’re the PERFECT writing project for writers who aren’t crazy about writing “hard-driving” sales copy!

So, if you want to make great money as a writer…

And you haven’t quite found the perfect “project” (or you want to add another writing service to your arsenal)… Be sure to check out this program.

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