Over 81% of Americans want to write a book …

Are you one of them?

Here’s how to write a publishable novel and join the top ranks of authors.

Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!Writing a book is at the top of a lot of people’s “bucket lists.” After all, it’s the ultimate expression of your creativity. Not to mention a way to gain respect and admiration from friends, loved ones … and the many thousands (hopefully millions) of your readers.

Plus, how great is it to be able to tell people “I’m a published author”? To know you’re leaving the world a lasting legacy?

That’s where Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! A 12-Week Blueprint that Cuts the “How-To” Clutter and Helps You Get Your Book DONE by celebrated and award-winning author Donna Baier Stein comes in.

In it, Donna demystifies the how-to-write-a-novel process as you know it. In its place, she shows you quickly and simply how to properly write a novel … one that is polished and publishable. Her process is fun and rewarding. And it’s easy to follow.

If you follow her simple blueprint and the clear instructions that guide you through each step of the craft of novel-writing … you can have a complete book to show for your efforts before you know it!

Donna is the ideal teacher, showing you …

  • All the tools you need to begin writing your first novel, from generating an initial idea to final draft
  • Mind-opening “freewriting prompts”
  • Easy-to-implement techniques for becoming a more productive writer
  • Surprising advice on how to squeeze writing a novel into your already-full life
  • Cues that unclog your creative drainpipe and help the words flow
  • How to cultivate self-discipline that helps you harness and free the story that’s been rattling around in you for too long now
  • How to create believable characters for your readers to love — or despise
  • How to give your characters fitting and memorable names
  • Tactics to make sure your characters’ conversations move the story forward instead of stopping it in its tracks
  • How to use point-of-view as a tool to shape how readers perceive your writing
  • Strategies to pinpoint the ideal setting and time frame best suited to your story
  • What happens if you make the dreaded mistake of rushing an ending
  • Eight important questions to ask when reviewing and revising scenes
  • Why you might want an agent — and why you might not
  • The surprising good news about self-publishing — and the bad news that goes along with it
  • How to understand the minutiae of the publishing world, from title pages to ISBN numbers
  • Best practices to help you publicize and market your book

Plus, Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! includes 13 audio interviews with celebrated authors and representatives of the book-writing world. They share insider-advice to help you move further, faster in your writing journey. Each audio interview connects seamlessly to the lessons in the program to enhance your learning experience.

Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! is packed with helpful resources and links to Donna’s trade secrets for all those little things that might normally stop you in your tracks — like how to move past perfectionism and self-criticism, how to find the best writing style for your creative purpose, and tips to breeze through revisions and on to publication.

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