Dive Into An Ocean of Opportunity By Becoming a B2B Content Writer

Crash Course in B2B ContentIn some markets, the competition is fierce. In others, companies scramble to find good talent … and once they have a writer they like, they’ll hold on to them for years.

Where would you rather work?

B2B content writing expert Gordon Graham invites you to join him in the B2B content market … a place where you’ll find few competitors, high fees, and a growing demand for your skills.

It’s a market many sales writers overlook. But B2B firms have found that content marketing is a prove way to win market share and attract new prospects. And for that, they need B2B content writers.

How much content do they need? There are some 5 million B2B firms in North America, and as of 2016, the Content Marketing Institute + Marketing Profs reports that 88% of all B2B firms are using some form of content marketing … and the majority plan to increase their content marketing budgets over the next year. The Content Marketing Institute also reports that B2B market leaders put 46% of their budget — nearly HALF — into their content marketing.

A single company’s content needs can easily fill the calendar of multiple freelance writers … in fact, Gordon Graham says his biggest problem as a B2B content writer is having too much work!

That’s why he’s eager for you to join him in this unique niche … and why he’s put together a special Crash Course in B2B Content to help you get started fast.

In his Crash Course, he’ll walk you through the top 12 super-lucrative types of B2B content, including:

  • Blog Posts ($250 to $500)
  • Case Studies ($1,000+)
  • E-books (Sky’s the limit!)
  • E-newsletters ($500+ per issue)
  • Infographics ($750 and up!!)
  • Placed Articles ($2 per word or more)
  • Press Releases ($250 to $500+)
  • Slide Decks ($100+ per slide)
  • Speeches ($100+ per minute)
  • Video Scripts ($1,000+ each)
  • Websites (Sky’s the limit!)
  • White Papers ($3,000 to $7,000+)

For each type of B2B content, Gordon gives you:

  • A detailed overview, so you’re clear on what’s involved when you say yes to the project.
  • The potential upsides of the project like repeat business or a possible retainer.
  • Multiple samples of successful projects — including an in-depth video walkthrough for each kind of project.
  • Guidance on the typical scope, fees, and clients for each project type — you’ll never have to wonder what’s included or what’s a good price for the work — he’ll tell you!
  • Super-practical tips on researching, writing, and delivering successful B2B content pieces, all based on his decades of experience in the industry … it’s like having a professional mentor on your side at all times.
  • Bonus resources, including top-quality locations to learn more, get help, or connect with other writers working on the same kinds of content, so you can always feel like all the answers you need are right at your fingertips.

By the time you finish this Crash Course in B2B Content, when a company asks you to write ANY of the top B2B content projects, you’ll be able to say, “YES!!” with confidence.

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