July 2022

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Living the Writer's Life: David Pederson

David Pederson is proud to live in the land of cowboys, bandits, and bankers… also known as SoCal. He found the world of copywriting through a desperate attempt to keep his job as a database administrator trying to persuade high-level executives to sign off on multimillion-dollar projects. Today, he uses those powers of persuasion to write in the health care and cybersecurity sectors. When asked about his dream location to live and work, David simply replied, “I’m here, writing to you from it.”

Congratulations — You’re Going to Bootcamp!

Bonnie Fanning announces the 2 winners of the $200 prize PLUS a free ticket to our Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp from our ad writing contest!

Peek Inside the Industry-Famous Event that Will Transform Your Life in Just Four Days…

Check out this special Bootcamp 2022 video presentation and get the inside scoop on this year’s copywriting event of the year.

Starting a Writing Career in a Recession: AWAI Is in the News!

Freelance writing? In this economy? Watch this news story about AWAI success Sean McCool, who started during the Great Recession and is still going strong!

Freelance Writing Opportunities for All Stages of the Customer Journey

As a freelance writer, you can help your clients foster satisfying customer interactions through all stages of the customer journey, with messages that resonate and keep them happy.

How to Get Paid to Write: How to Land the Best-Paying Writing Jobs

Get paid to write by following these 6 tips. Copywriting can be a lucrative and fun career; learn how to make money doing what you love.

These In-Demand Projects Pay $3,000 up to $5,000 or More

Well-trained web copywriters are in-demand more than ever and clients are willing to shell out big money to hire you to write their most pressing projects.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Finding Joy as a Writer

In today’s Monday Motivation for Writers session, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw and Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, discuss the 5th Pillar in Ted’s Pillars of Vision series: Belly Laughs and Dreams.

Living the Writer's Life: Bernie Boyd

Not everyone who joins AWAI ends up staying in copywriting. For many, this experience becomes a gateway to other opportunities they never expected to find. That’s what happened for Bernie Boyd. She started with AWAI in 2018 and eventually discovered her true passion as a project manager. It just so happened that one of her biggest clients for years was a community run by A-list copywriter Marcella Allison. Enjoy Bernie’s story...

The 10 BEST Digital Copywriting Opportunities for Writers Today — Free Webinar and Q&A

The opportunities for digital copywriters are so vast - and growing at a breakneck speed – that, with the right persuasive writing skills, you could earn a great living writing about any topic you choose and specializing in a wide variety of project types. Watch to discover 10 of the best digital copywriting projects for new and experienced writers, alike.

$200 Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life MyBlender Pro Email Contest

From over 300 submissions, Nick Usborne announces the 3 winners of the $200 prize from our writing contest about MyBlender Pro in The Writer’s Life.

How to Learn Copywriting: 5 Insider Tips to Become an In-Demand Expert

If you want to know how to learn copywriting in the fastest way possible, follow these 5 insider tips and you'll be an in-demand copywriter in no time.

7 Specific Ways You Can Help the Companies Who Need You NOW More Than Ever… and Thrive as a Writer at the Same Time!

Here are seven ways you can help any client’s business — and set your writing career on a rocket path to success.

Here’s Your Chance to Get Paid $200 to Write an Ad for AWAI’s Upcoming Virtual Bootcamp 2022

Practice is the best way to keep improving at any endeavor. For a copywriter, that means spending time writing! Write an ad for AWAI’s upcoming Virtual Bootcamp and you could win $200 and free admission to the event.

True Story of the $80-Million Missing Hyphen

Earn extra money, as much as $300 per day, working behind-the-scenes to help every serious business get the most out of every piece of copy and content they produce and publish.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Your Relationship with Money

Watch today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart session with AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw and and AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, as they continue the conversation about Ted’s Five Pillars of Vision – delving into Pillar #4: Money.

What Is Freelance Copywriting? (And Why Writers Love It)

What is freelance copywriting? Learn why it’s a great career opportunity for writers, and how to get started.

Skilled Writers Needed Now for This Exploding Niche

The demand for trained writers who know how to write sales enablement copy for the B2B industry is surging. You could easily get paid $1,000 for a few hours of writing.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Exploring Your Time & Values

Watch today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart as Ted and AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, continue the conversation about Ted’s Five Pillars of Vision – delving into Pillar #2: Time and Pillar #3: Values.

Congratulations to Zita Gustin, Our Latest Winner of AWAI’s Site Content Audit Report Challenge — Awarded with $2,000

Pam Foster announces the winner of AWAI’s recent $2,000 Site Content Audit Report Challenge.

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