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Living the Writer's Life: Steve Maurer

Steve Maurer has long been one of the friendliest, most helpful Barefoot Writers we’re proud to call a member. Along with always being ready to encourage someone move forward in their writing journey, he’s one of the humblest copywriters you’ll meet — though his rise to well-paid writing was seamless and fast. Enjoy Steve’s story.

Living the Writer's Life: Derek Coleman

Derek Coleman felt like his life was wasting away, working for meager pay at a dull job that required a prolonged commute. He made an escape plan and dove in, then found himself in a pickle when it didn’t work out the way he’d hoped. Writing came to the rescue, and brought with it unexpected joys. Enjoy Derek’s copywriting love story and take note of his unique long-term view to pursue joy to the very end.

5 Simple Skills for a New Income Stream

Mindy McHorse shares five skills that will give you an instant leg up if you want to join the copyediting world.

Living the Writer's Life: Amanda Sanchez

Amanda Jo Sanchez, formerly known as Mandy Marksteiner, always had an eye for writing, but it wasn’t till she discovered copywriting that the money piece fell into place. Along the way, she’s shored up her abilities to the point where she can happily take risks and try new ventures without ever feeling limited. Discover how she’s currently reinventing herself while enjoying the journey.

Why the Payoff in Copywriting Is Bigger Than You Think (Plus 4 Tips to Get Started)

Mindy McHorse shares a slew of AWAI success stories that illustrate lots of other benefits that come along with the money.

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Living the Writers Life: Catherine Catozzi

If you need a dose of inspiration to carry you through the cooling fall weather, look no further than Catherine Catozzi’s story. Just a few months ago, she made up her mind to be a Barefoot Writer. And then she did one simple thing that landed her a string of clients – and a four-figure month. Read on to find out how she did it.

Living the Writer's Life: Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips has worked with some of the top companies in the industry, and his willingness to continue building his skills has positioned him perfectly for a six-figure career. Check out some of Ben’s top advice about working for agencies and using LinkedIn to find clients.

Living the Writers Life: Max Latimer

Max Latimer first found copywriting while searching for a way to break free from unfulfilling jobs. He initially thought it would be a useful tool to help him create his own business… and then discovered that copywriting itself was the dream business he’d been looking for. Discover what happened after that lightbulb moment and why these days, he’s excited to get out of bed in the morning…

July Issue: Flip Those Worries to Happier Writing

Just released, the July issue of Barefoot Writer!

August Issue: Fix the Fissures To Earn More Sooner

Just released, the August issue of Barefoot Writer!

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