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Writers – Use these 4 Easy Tips for Getting Someone to Make a Purchase (It Starts with Being Helpful!)

Prospective customers are more likely to buy from companies that answer their questions and show they care about the overall user experience (UX). Use these four tips to be a helpful guide in your content and create a memorable UX.

The One Thing You Need to Be a Great UX Copywriter in 2022

Prospective customers now expect a user experience (UX) that anticipates their wants, needs, and desires. One that puts them first. As a UX copywriter, you can do this is in three key ways. Discover more here.

How to Contribute to UX as a Writer (and Make a VERY Good Living at the Same Time)

In a good user experience (UX), design and writing work in tandem to guide people (users) through a website or an app in a way that makes it easy for them to accomplish what they want to do. Here is how writers contribute to UX.

Need Freelance Writing Clients? Swipe These 5 Proven Strategies

To build your freelance copywriting business, use these five proven client-getting strategies from successful Circle of Success members. Plus, discover nine bonus client-getting tips you can apply right away.

SEVEN Reasons to Break into Writing for the Health Market

Today’s focus on wellness and alternative health treatments… combined with an aging population… mean the health market is exploding with opportunity. Here are seven reasons why writers should jump into this in-demand specialty.

Live Training: Writing for Good

Learn how you can write for good and enjoy more fulfillment and personal satisfaction as a writer. During the free training event, Writing for Good, we’ll teach you what you need to know to make it easier for you to find rewarding and meaningful writing assignments.

This Could Be Your Biggest Payoff as a Writer

Your greatest payoff in the coming year may be more than financial gain. AWAI Member Keith Trimels has found great success since he decided a few years ago to pursue a career as a copywriter. But Keith discovered there were more benefits in his new life than he expected… and how you might experience writers ripples too.

5 Copywriting Side Hustle Ideas for a Flexible Stream of Income

Wondering if a copywriting side hustle can supplement your income? It can, and here are 5 project ideas to start pitching your first clients.

What Could Your Day Look Like as a B2B Copywriter?

You can earn professional fees writing short, simple, fun projects in the B2B industry. Here’s a look at a “typical” day for a B2B writer. You will always be busy with a variety of interesting projects.

35 Booming Niches for B2B Writers in 2022

Go where the money is! Succeed faster as a B2B writer when you focus where demand is highest. Check out 35 trending niches where you can look for writing jobs in the busy B2B market.

Maximize Earning and Output This New Year with These 10 Innovative Traits

To reach your goals of writing more, earning more, and making better use of the freedom you have as a writer, utilize these valuable tips. Follow them and you’ll be ready to thrive and succeed in the year ahead.

Don’t Let This Four-Letter Word Stand in Your Way of Living The Writer’s Life

If you’re not where you want to be in your journey to becoming a well-paid writer, there’s probably a 4-letter word in your way. Here’s how to break free.

Writer Confidence from Three Little Letters

Build your confidence from a concept that comprises just three little letters. It’s a big idea that can transform your mindset and what you accomplish. You should start using this tactic right away. It’s simple but extremely powerful.

7 Easy-to-Learn Writing Projects That Pay $1,000 or More

For the fastest start, choose an easy-to-learn writing project, like the seven options outlined here. Set yourself up to earn your first $1,000 quickly and build momentum in your freelance writing career.

The Zeigarnik Effect: Finish What You Started

If you’ve started and stopped projects or worked toward a goal and never finished, you’re not alone! Now it’s time to finish what you started. Learn how.

Make It Different in the Best Way: 4 Proven Ways to Control Your Future in 2022

Put yourself in charge of your future. Swap a reactive approach to life for an intentional journey toward your writing and lifestyle goals when you follow four simple steps. Make your next year your best and most rewarding year yet.

3 Types of Content Templates You’ll Be Writing for B2B Sales Enablement

A new specialty has emerged for writers, and even beginners can earn up to $5,000 per project. As a sales enablement copywriter, you write the materials that help the sales team sell more. Here are three content projects to start with…

Sales Enablement Copywriting: The New Ground Floor Opportunity?

Writers have a chance to get in on the ground floor of a new opportunity. Sales departments need writers who provide materials and templates that will help salespeople land the sale.

How This AWAI Member’s Love of Video Games Led to a Writing Gig with Loads of Freebies

AWAI Member Marcus Monaghan's initiative helped him get his foot in the door with a dream gaming client, as well as loads of free gaming gifts.

Writing Newsletters Can Bring Easy, Fun, Recurring Revenue

E-newsletters are as effective as ever — and businesses need these ongoing messages to stay top of mind with their current and potential customers. To make a consistent living as a writer, you can start off with these short, fun, steady projects.

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