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3 Editing Tricks to Catch Errors

It looks bad if your client uses copy that has grammatical errors… typos… or something worse, like misquotes or untruths… The latter could actually damage their business. So here are three little tricks you can use to catch errors…

Write About Real-Life 'Happy Endings' and Get Paid $1,500 to $2,000 Per Project!

Rebecca Matter talks about how case studies are real-life happy ending stories.

AI and Copywriting: Your New Best Friend (or Worst Enemy?)

It’s been over a year since ChatGPT crashed onto the scene and made a huge splash in our industry. Some writers feared it. Others embraced it. Yet others were a bit more “meh” about it all, thinking it’d all go away. So what’s the verdict? AI is here to stay. Rebecca Matter covers some of the most common AI myths and some tips to help you write faster.

Enjoy the Benefits of The Writer's Life with These 7 In-Demand Writing Projects

Money, freedom, control … Those are the big three when it comes to the benefits of the writer's life. But there's also a variety of writing projects to choose from. Here are seven in-demand writing projects to try out this year!

Creating Opportunities for Yourself by Identifying Marketing Blind Spots

As a writer, identifying blind spots (aka “missed opportunities”) can be your “in” with any company … Rebecca shares how you can identify blind spots and create opportunities.

7 Ways to Make Money Writing from Home

Writing can take you where you want to go in life… Especially if where you want to go is anywhere but back to the office! You can work from home and make money writing when you start building up your freelance skills with these seven easy-to-learn writing projects.

WRITERS: Your $407 Billion Writing Opportunity

Companies need writers more than ever before. Learn what they need, why, and how you can claim a piece of this giant pie.

Timeless Principles on Starting Your Copywriting Career

This article from legendary copywriter Bob Bly was published in Writers Digest in January 2009 — yet it still holds up today. Bob wrote about eight money-making strategies that would serve anyone well who wants to make an excellent income as a copywriter.

Side Hustles Are BOOMING in 2022 … Here Are Seven Reasons Copywriting Is STILL the Best One!

These days it seems like everyone is doing something on the side to make a bit of extra money … According to Zapier, 40% of Americans currently have a side hustle. And that number is up from about a third just two years ago! Here are seven reasons copywriting is STILL the best one!

Become a T-Shaped Writer to Boost Your Income and Opportunities

There’s so much opportunity in today’s digital marketing landscape for you as a writer, and it’s because your clients have lots of ways to reach their prospects and customers. This creates a wide and massive opportunity for YOU to become a “T-Shaped” writer.

Why the “September Advantage” Can Kick-Start Your Writing Income

Marketers use a “magic calendar” to guide what they do. Learn what it is, and how you can use this information to land clients and keep busy for months to come… Even if you’re just starting your writing career.

Two Tricks To Help You Catch Errors In Your Writing

As a freelance writer, you want to make sure everything you submit to your client is as perfect as it can be. Here are two tips that can help you catch the errors in your writing.

The Road to Success is Paved with Accelerated Failures

Everyone fails at some point, and Rebecca Matter shares why that’s a good thing for copywriters and how to use failures to move you forward to success.

Where the Puck Is Going Next and More Answers for Writers from Russ Henneberry

The opportunity to make a lot of money in content writing is HUGE right now. Content is everywhere and it’s desperately needed by every business. Here are five questions and answers with Russ Henneberry about this trend.

The Leap and What Every Writer Needs to Know About It

First came the internet. Then came social media. Today, it’s “The Leap.” And with it comes a demand for writers bigger than we’ve ever seen. Learn what it means for you, your income, and your future as a writer.

Live Training: Writing for Good

Learn how you can write for good and enjoy more fulfillment and personal satisfaction as a writer. During the free training event, Writing for Good, we’ll teach you what you need to know to make it easier for you to find rewarding and meaningful writing assignments.

The Zeigarnik Effect: Finish What You Started

If you’ve started and stopped projects or worked toward a goal and never finished, you’re not alone! Now it’s time to finish what you started. Learn how.

Live Training: Marketing 101 for Writers: Get More Assignments and Make More Money by Knowing the Basics

Learn basic marketing and you’ll become a more valuable writer. During the free training event, Marketing 101 for Writers, we’ll teach you what you need to know to make it easier for you to land well-paid writing assignments and make more money.

What If?

When you’re starting out in the world of paid writing, the “what ifs” are inevitable… Tackle any uncertainties and unknowns in your mind by following these specific steps.

The Mentoring Multiplier Effect: Use the Ask-Give-Gratitude Formula to Move Forward

Watch Marcella Allison’s presentation and how you can use the ask-give-gratitude formula to build connections. A mentoring relationship can change the trajectory of your writing career and provide you both with opportunities for growth.

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