November 2021

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What Are Your Writer’s Ripples?

AWAI Member Keith Trimels has found great success since he decided a few short years ago to pursue a career as a copywriter. But Keith discovered there was more happening in his new life than financial gain… hear more in this video, and how it can impact you as well.

Big Things Are Happening in the Writing Industry — Learn More at Today’s Meeting

AWAI is the industry’s leader in copywriting training, with a mission to keep members up to speed on events that impact writers and their careers. Discover what’s happening and how you can take advantage of evolving opportunities.

Content Writer or Content Strategist?

The demand for more content has created the need for more content writers… and for more people who can mastermind the best mix of content to achieve maximum results. Here are three things you can do in that consultant role so you earn more money.

This Freelance Opportunity Is RED Hot (Payouts as High as $5,000)

When businesses want to edge out their competition, they work with writers who can create quality content that gets attention and draws traffic. This is a red-hot opportunity for content writers.

Brian Clark and the Vast Opportunities of the Creator Economy

Watch as Brian Clark outlines the path you can take to create your own ideal writing career. See Brian’s five-step enterprise pyramid and how you can follow this to build a lifestyle you truly want.

$200 Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Sleep Buds Ad Writing Contest

From over 300 submissions, Nick Usborne announces the 3 winners of the $200 prize from our writing contest about the Sleep Buds in The Writer’s Life.

3 Ways to Land Your First Chatbot Copywriting Client

Demand for chatbots is real and urgent, and the opportunity is wide open for copywriters to leap in. Here are three ways you can find the marketers who need writers for this specialized short copy.

Are You the Right Personality Type for Chatbot Writing?

Chatbot writing could be a perfect fit for you, if you have the traits outlined here. Marketers are eager to use chatbots to generate sales, but they need more writers to get started in this new field.

5 Short Writing Projects That Pay Big Dollars

If quick and easy writing projects are a good fit for your schedule and style, you’re in a great position to build a thriving business earning top dollar. These five short projects are the perfect place to start.

Being a Chatbot Copywriter Feels Like You’re Getting Paid to Play a Game!

It’s still early days with chatbots, and there aren’t enough trained copywriters to craft persuasive text. Here’s how you can get started with this fun specialty, writing short and simple copy projects.

Write Short Paragraphs of Copy and Make a Quick $2,000

Chatbot script writing is becoming more in-demand these days, creating incredible opportunities where you can earn $2,000 for writing a few short paragraphs of copy.

Video: The Rise of the Chatbot and Why It Spells Opportunity for You (An Interview with Nick Usborne)

Chatbots are a new marketing channel experiencing massive growth. So new, most writers haven’t heard of this opportunity. Chatbot writing pioneer Nick Usborne answers questions in this informative video training.

Sometimes Quitters DO Win… Especially Now During The Great Resignation

A record number of people are quitting their jobs to pursue opportunities that offer more freedom, fulfillment, and financial payoffs. Here are five steps to make writing a new career.

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