21 Amazing Benefits of “The Writer’s Life”

I consider the life of a copywriter the world’s most ideal profession by a large margin. Nothing comes even close.

Why do I say that?

Here are 21 of my most important reasons. After reviewing them you can, of course, decide if this life is for you.

  1. You’ll enjoy having a completely flexible schedule.

    You can work when you want, vacation when you want, spend time with your family and friends when you want.

  2. You have greater control over your financial future.

    You can always increase your copywriting projects to earn more money, and take on assignments that include a royalty that will pay you indefinitely, or for years to come.

    I’m still collecting royalties on copywriting projects I did as long as 23 years ago.

  3. You can generate a large passive income stream by writing books distributed by major publishing houses.

    Passive income from books, dividends and interest, is perhaps the most popular form of income by the wealthiest people in the world.

  4. You can put aside more time to indulge in travel.

    Travelling is one of my favorite things to do in life and, along with reading, a great form of education. I’ve seen most of the world and even with all the travel hassles still enjoy it.

  5. Copywriting is the type of skill which you can turn into a lucrative business of your own.

    I favor treating copywriting at any level as the finest form of a professional business. Start here if you're wondering how to start your own copywriting business. Also, check out our copywriting for beginners article.

  6. You can pick and choose your clients using your own standards.

    I’m in the happy position of having many more corporate clients approaching me than I would ever want to accept.

  7. You can specialize in the fields(s) in which you wish to work.

    Some copywriters specialize in just one field.

    While I enjoy writing for alternative medicine authors, entrepreneurs, business, health- related investments and newsletters, I’m always at least open to consider other possibilities.

    I’ve actually written copy in 49 industries.

  1. You can train your client to work with you on your terms and at your pace.

    Of course, we always train other people in life to treat us in the way we want to be treated. You can do the same thing with a client.

  2. Depending on whether you write part-time or full-time, you can be aggressive or relatively low key in recruiting new clients.

  3. You can work at your own pace.

    Some writers take a couple of days to write a sales letter. Some take two weeks.

    One writer I know takes a full month to write each sales letter. And he produces a fantastic result.

    After doing my homework I’m quite fast. I have to be with all the writing I do.

  4. You can do as much “homework” as possible.

    Some copywriters surprisingly do very little homework. Instead they wing it.

    I’m a big advocate of a lot of homework. I study the product and its origins. I study the product’s past advertising that has worked and not worked. I study the industry. I want to know what keeps my potential customers awake at night. I want to know all I can before I write a single word.

    When doing my research, the “big idea” which I’m always looking for as the basis of my copy seems to pop out.

  5. Before accepting a client you can determine how committed they are to their product.

    In the health information field, where I’ve written so much copy, one question I always ask is this, “How much of your product do you take?”

    Amazingly, in a number of cases the prospective client took none! I have zero interest whatsoever in promoting anything for any client who is not completely committed to their own product.

  6. You can market your own products.

    If you have any entrepreneurial aspirations, you can build your own company to market products.

  7. You can choose the place in which you work.

    I like to work from my home office. Moreover, I have home offices in three countries; the U.S., Switzerland and Cyprus.

  8. You can work at night, in the morning, or any other time you choose.

    Some writers feel they produce better at particular times of the day.

    Myself, I can work at virtually any time of day in which I’m inspired.

  9. You can keep improving your skills over your lifetime and continuously become a better writer.

    I feel your copywriting career should be treated as any other profession.

    So continuous reading, studying and attending seminars is crucial to your ongoing success. Even long-time professionals need to look out for and acquire new copywriting skills every day.

  10. You can earn more money with just a couple of weeks work than most book authors can after they slave away for 2 or 3 years.

    One of my favorite fiction authors is the late James Michener. His books required 2-3 years to write, including extensive research.

    He averaged over $1,000,000 royalties on his books.

    On several of my ads I’ve earned over a million dollars after just a couple of weeks work.

    So I’m earning many, many more times per word than most best-selling authors earn.

    Indeed, I may be the highest paid author per word in the world.

  11. You can choose to have mentors or not.

    I love the idea of mentors. And you can’t have too many.

    One of my favorite mentors was a great mail order entrepreneur, Joseph Cossman.

    Several of my mentors have been authors of great books on copywriting. They include John Caples, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, and David Ogilvy.

    These days you also have the opportunity to enroll in good programs, such as those offered by AWAI, or my three home-study courses on copywriting. Or both. You can never learn too much.

    Are copywriting courses worth it? Absolutely. Click the link to understand why.

  12. You never have to retire.

    You can write as long as you wish, even your whole life.

    I never plan to stop!

  13. You can work entirely alone, or collaborate with others.

    On a large project like a magalog or catalog I sometimes like to work with a collaborator.

  14. You can write books on any subject of your choosing.

    Becoming a professional copywriter is the best training I know for becoming a successful author of books. In fact, as a ghostwriter, you can help with other people's books and learn the ins and outs of the trade as you're getting paid to write.

I feel blessed to have backed into the field of copywriting and almost by accident. As an established copywriter, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring many of the best writers in the world. And of that I’m very proud.

Is copywriting a good career? Of course, we can all agree the best part about copywriting is the unsurpassed lifestyle. Learn more about what freelance copywriters do.

If you are reading these words you obviously are keenly interested in writing. At first it’s not an easy profession to master. You need at least 1,000 hours training to start. But it’s well worth it. Once you learn this wonderful craft, the sky is the limit!

If I can ever help you along the road please let me know.

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Published: August 24, 2010

2 Responses to “21 Amazing Benefits of “The Writer’s Life””

  1. How's this:

    Never deciding whether to pay the phone or the electric bill. You can pay both, on time!

    Never, ever having a boss even think (erroneously) that they alone control your finances.

    Being treated with respect by your clients because your skills are considered an investment, instead of being considered an expense by an employer.

    Being like Oprah and not having to choose which pattern of tableware you like better. Get both!

    Afternoon naps with my kitty, NelsonWilson.

    Cheryl D

  2. I think we're going to have to change this to 25 Amazing Benefits...time to start writing and marketing myself more. I say 25 cause I can skip the naps.

    Dana H


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