What Gives? Is Copywriting Dream-Easy Or Head-Scratching Hard?

There’s a good chance you think about the same things that are wondered aloud here at Bootcamp. The most common one is, “If copywriting is so easy, why am I having such a hard time getting started?”

We’ve all seen the testimonials from working copywriters that vouch for the “easy” argument. Many of us have even completed the programs that divulge the “simple skills” behind this art.

But a lot of us — including many folks here at Bootcamp — get stuck somewhere in between studying core copywriting skills and actually getting paid for those skills.

So, what gives?

First off, know this: true copywriting is easy. The pay and perks are real. The lifestyle is real. Bootcamp is a real, educational, professional conference (it’s also a real, tax-deductible party by the ocean!).

The hard part is getting yourself in order enough to truly embrace this lifestyle.

When I first started copywriting, I plowed my way through the program. The techniques made sense to me. The logic of it all was simple enough to understand. Granted, some things made more sense more quickly, but comprehension dawned early.

Despite that, it still took me over a year to get up and running. Honestly though, it wasn’t because of copy-related struggles. My primary challenges were learning to work independently and be confident in my work.

A lesson all of us have to understand is this: Copywriting itself isn’t the hard part. Learning to align your goals with your level of dedication is.

To make it, you first need to master the art of writing copy. But along with that, you’ve got to tackle your self-doubts and ramp up your motivation.

There are people here at Bootcamp who do this naturally. They’re the ones who land thousand-dollar jobs right out of the gate. Their success stories are real.

Kellie Craft, who’s here for her first Bootcamp, is one of them. She landed two paid assignments at Bootcamp yesterday. She’s only in her first year of copywriting, but she’s got the kind of sparkle and enthusiasm, (not to mention in-your-face, loud-Texas-charm) that will catapult her past the fears that hold most of us back.

Then there are other folks, like me (and maybe you), who follow a slightly lengthier path. Doesn’t matter though, as long as you stay the course and don’t give up.

In fact, a lot of people here at Bootcamp have returned for their third or fourth round. Every one of the returning people I know have become working copywriters. Some have a steady stream of clients while others still pick up jobs here and there, but they’re all making money and living the dream because they stayed the course.

Here’s their secret: Each of them found a way to connect on a personal level with other copywriters that helped them get over their non-copy-related hurdles. Some joined Circle of Success. Some became members of the Wealthy Web Writer. All of them committed to regular attendance at live events like Bootcamp.

If you want this dream to be a reality, find some way to commit yourself emotionally to a support system of fellow-copywriters. I can tell you from having seen it in action, it’s the most guaranteed path to success

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Published: November 11, 2010

2 Responses to “What Gives? Is Copywriting Dream-Easy Or Head-Scratching Hard?”

  1. If it were easy, if "anyone" could do it, all the people who put on conferences and work for companies like AWAI would BE copywriters. My advice: ask someone who's been in the trenches for at least a year what skills are needed (skills many people don't have) to be successful. Trust the opinions of people who "do [or at least attempt] the dream" over people who "sell the dream."

    Guest (Scott McDougal)

  2. From own experience, as someone just starting out, it's making the transition from student to running your business.

    I had dreams, goals all that. But it is a huge jump from reading about copywriter and getting out there and doing it

    It's hard to start contacting prospects through networking and cold calling. It's hard to market yourself at first. But now that I'm a month into it, I actually love it.


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