What the Writer’s Life Means to You

Living the writer’s life means different things to different people …

Making money doing something that you love … spending more quality time with your loved ones … peace of mind and financial security …

And whether you’re living it now, or planning to live it one day soon, we want to know what living the writer’s life means to YOU.

Tell us what the writer’s life means to you by entering a comment below.

For example: To me living the writer’s life means that I never have to worry about fighting rush hour traffic ever again.

What does living the writer’s life mean to you?

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  1. I spent 15 years preparing for the day that I could call myself a Writer.

    Now thanks to AWAI - I'm a marketing copywriter, a professional resume writer, a blossoming travel writer, and I just finished my first short story for publication titled "Let's Roll."

    The writer's life is more than I ever dreamed of. A life without limits.

    Guest (John Wiggill)

  2. It's my second decade as a freelancer. I thought I had realized the writer's life a few years ago when I moved from Chicago to the mountains of New Mexico. As Georgia O'Keefe said, "It was all so far away - there was quiet and an untouched feel to the country and I could work as I pleased."

    Then the financial debacle and disappearing home equity nearly changed that. But we writers are creative. Though I love any bustling city, I get a lot done here and the fresh air and stars inspire me. With a new website and some fresh connections, new opportunities are bursting forth in this writer's life.

    Clear Blue

  3. Living the writer's life means I can work from home, make enough money to pay off my debts,purchase a house, a vehicle and the necessities of life without worry.
    It also means that I shall be in control of my earnings and that I shall have realized my goal of ensuring that I am not dependent on income generated within Trinidad and Tobago.

    Guest (Cecly Ann Mitchell)

  4. We are looking for another source of income in our retirement. I am retired military and have done extensive overseas travel. That is no longer my goal, but I want to travel within the U.S. and see OUR own backyard - and get paid for it. I have one article published and want more. Taking the pictures and writing the articles is a goal we want. We are currently shopping for a better camera and a laptop to make it not only easier, but produce a much better end result product. We will do it.

    Guest (Charles R Curtis)

  5. Living the Writer's Life means that when friends complain about their commutes, their bosses, their co-workers, their lack of free time and control over their lives, their finances and the time they can spend with their kids, I don't have anything to contribute to the conversation, except to tell them about AWAI.

    Lisa Smillie

  6. Living the writer's life means to me being able to work from anywhere in the world as I travel with my wife. We won't have to rely on our employers granting the time away from the office.

    Ken Harrison

  7. It also means to me that I'll never be concerned about downsizing... Except when it will benefit me by having corporations out source their writing projects.

    Ken Harrison

  8. Things I will lose when I am "living the writer's life";
    - 1 hour+ hellish commute,
    - politics of the "job",
    - designated days off.
    And the things I will gain:
    - more $$$
    - more free time
    - flexible schedule
    - choice of colleagues
    - prestige of a freelancer
    - and much more!
    That's a lot to shoot for... I'd better get back to work!

    Tom Picciano - The Copywriting Scientist

  9. For me, 'the writer's life' would mean...that I am a pearl and the world is my oyster. It means freedom--period. It means making an outstanding, viable living without having to sacrifice my sense of self, my wellbeing, and how the hours of my life are spent, to an outside entity--a boss, a company, a location, or a schedule. No daily grind. I become and renew my own creation, daily. I get to spend more quality time with my family or however else I choose and do the things I dreamed of as a child.

    Guest (Angela K Owen)

  10. Living the writer's life means living life on my terms while doing something I love. If I need to start working late I can. If I need a day off I don't need permission to take it. Kids grow up fast, and being able to be home when they go to school and come home is awesome, and when they have events, I know I can be there almost every time. It's also really rewarding to know that the words I write have a positive impact on people's lives. While they may not always buy what I'm selling or agreeing with my point of view, I know I the words I write make them think.


  11. Words have always facinated me. When I was a child I used to make up words. Of course they had no real meaning, but I just liked the way they sounded and so did the adults who were entertained by this passion of mine. A friend of mine who is a writer says the best thing to her is when those royalty checks come rolling in. The power of words as illustrated in Alabama's "Words at Twenty Paces" and the quotation "A word once spoken cannot be recalled" is awesome and spiritually when you say HIS WORD you have said hi sword. So using these powerful tools in the act of writing makes me happy and glad to be able to put them to work .

    Guest (Margarett Joy)

  12. It means being able to help my husband pay the bills instead of feeling helpless while watching him struggle, which is what I've had to do since I became ill with Systemic Scleraderma. It means having a way to make a living despite physical limitations that keep me from holding a conventional job. The comfort of knowing I can triumph over anything life throws at me with just my brain, is what the writer's life means to me.


  13. Living the writers life means being my best self. The one who has the courage and strength to step up there and dare to life a meaningful and abundant life.

    Guest (Susan West)

  14. I have always wanted to write but as i got older it dewindled a little. It came back a little as i got older, and when i read twilight series i really wanted to write a novel. I wanted to make money from the book to help out my family.

    Guest (stacie)

  15. What a writers life means to me: It means spending more time with my faimly and not having to drive fourty five min. to work.

    Guest (Kim)

  16. The Writers Life has allowed me to greatly increase my Real Estate Sales as an Exclusive Buyers Only Realtor here at Lake Chapala, Mexico, to make hundreds of new friends, and to gain a degree of celebrity like status via my articles, videos, and comments on ChapalaClub

    It scratches the 3 motivators each of has. Money, Friends, and Ego. All because I took up the writers life.

    Sid Grosvenor

  17. I was born to write, and have been writing my entire life since the age of 5. And so, by joining AWAI, I am simply trying to get back to myself. My core being. For me, a writing career means being paid for something I love to do. But it is more than that. It is validating my talent by not having to work for someone else to exist. While I have just begun, my goal is to make enough money to live well, while enjoying my creative outlet on a daily basis.

    Robin C

  18. Living the writer's life is being able to express yourself on paper better than anyplace else. It means having a secret joy and pride in your ability to link together words in an amusing and interesting way. It means being able to share yourself with others, take them on your journey, induce their emotions & make them connect to you and the topic you are writing on.

    Guest (Heather Lopez)

  19. Hi Rebecca. Copywriting ticks all the boxes for us as the only career that gives all the freedom and money we could want. Our setbacks are that Dave suffers from Ekbom syndrome, a severe form of restless legs, that saps inspriration due to mental and physical exhaustion, and that I am a childminder, my regulating body keep moving the goalposts so I am drowning in paperwork. Dave and I spent many years researching businesses, this is all we want to do.with your help we will get there.

    Guest (David)

  20. Living the writer's life is the opportunity to reinvent and rediscover myself in "retirement". Leaving the education field after 32 years opened up new possibilities for my time. Gaining AWAI people as mentors to lead me into the 21st century writing field is streamlining my process. I measure my life in adventures, and the writer's life where I can let my words pour out of me is such an exciting and fun one!

    Janet Grosshandler

  21. it means not worrying if we are going to eat next month

    Guest (addrienne m)

  22. The Writer’s Life

    “Estoy viviendo la buena vida” as they say in Spanish. The writer’s life is the ultimate in “living the good life,” work that is fulfilling and challenging, time to spend on other interests, more than enough income to provide for the family.

    The writer’s life means:
    • More time with family.
    • Going on field trips with my three daughters.
    • Being more available to my girls as they grow up.
    • Being able to teach persuasive writing to my three very talented daughters, and impart knowledge that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
    • More vacation time, having the freedom to travel, without guilt.
    • Not sweating the household bills.
    • Being able to buy a second home, and maybe a boat, if I decide to.
    • Being able to save for retirement and college for the girls.
    • Loving what I do, and making retirement optional.

    Guest (Daniel Ball)

  23. To me, the writer's life means never again cringing when my boss buzzes for me to come into her office.

    K Barbara

  24. Living the writer's life means I can give up working for someone.

    I can use my writing skill to work for myself, ie create contents for my own money-making websites; information products to sell online; books to publish or if I choose, to use this skill to help my communities in fundraising or just about anything that need writing.

    If I've to work for someone, it will be because I want to and not because I have to. What a joy to live the writer's life!

    Christy Tan

  25. The writer's life means no more 24 hour shifts, no longer being too tired to play with the kids after school; it also means no more employer, and, just as important, no more employees! And looking forward to doing some travel writing, too, once the kids have left!

    Mike LoSasso

  26. Living the Writer's Life means getting that call when your well-thought-out proposal has been accepted... and you were selected as the "best fit" among 4 writers being considered. Now you'll be working with a new client of your dreams, making close to $30,000 JUST FOR STARTERS! (This happened to me just today.)

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  27. The writing life isn't about the writer; it's about the writing and those who read it. It is the privilege to share insights and offer hope. Therefore, living the writer's life means the opportunity to serve one's readers by offering them a vision of truth that will help them live more wholly in a world that so often seems broken and chaotic.


  28. Living the writers life means freedom! Having the means to be financially successful through my own efforts while guided by the wisdom and experience of AWAI and WWW is my dream. We will no longer live paycheck to paycheck. Freelancing will allow me to travel with my family and take care of business without missing a beat. I will have the satisfaction of knowing that the sincerity of my efforts and quality of my contribution, is helping others achieve their dreams as well.


  29. The Writer's Life means money AND time.

    When I worked at various temp jobs, I had money, but no time. No time for my sons' sporting events, field trips or vacation days. No time to go out with friends. No time for an impromptu lunch with my husband. It was stressful.

    When I wasn't working, I had plenty of time, but no money to spend on outings and entertainment. That was stressful too!

    The Writer's Life provides me with the money to pay the bills and buy the extras AND the time to enjoy it!

    D Seifert

  30. Writers life is a challenge, a fun one. Not finished with the course though, accomplished my own website, www.turnintoyourcd.com which makes me see the creativity from the learned process of the AWAI course. With alot more to learn in spare time, enjoyment has instilled with the knowlege from the courses at AWAI. In time, sure to attend the bootcamp next year where my professional life could be improved more! Thank you for all your support.


  31. The writers life helps me relax, absorb information, create copy that stands out. The copy will not be put down. It wants to move everywhere with you. When the learned process is over the thoughts arrange words to take action. Copy creates a project for professionalism that will last for a long time. The writers life, better because of AWAI.


  32. The Writer's Life means to me living the same life I live, welcoming writing and money as an extra gift.


  33. Thought I became member last night.Oh well.
    I've never compared my life as a writer with office life.Am just grateful that I can write for a living. Research is important in my writing and not fudging the truth is paramount. A newspaper editor said, "Naturally, you made up that last quote". "Naturally, I didn't," I replied.
    You never know when ideas will surface.My very first article was prompted by the phrase "and the little known...." Being curious and liking to learn are paramount for me.

    Guest (Nancy Hyden Woodward)

  34. Living the writer's life means getting to be creative and inspirational, and gaining inner enjoyment, while getting paid for it.

    Joe K

  35. For so much of my life I have imagined myself writing a story about my personal battles in the form of a novel, because I believed it would be cathartic and free me from my inner turmoil. Intermittently throughout the years I have tried to begin this process, only to discover how difficult it is because of the inner turmoil that ensues. The writer's life means overcoming these emotional roadblocks in order to free my soul from the chains of self-doubt I continue to experience.

    Guest (bakergirl)

  36. Living the writer's life gives me creative freedom, financial freedom and time freedom. I'm able to live my life on my own terms.


  37. Writing gives me the freedom to express myself without having to say anything out loud. I can write without fear of retribution for my words.

    Guest (klm39)

  38. Living the writer's life means I would be able to bring to life all the stories I have living in my brain.


  39. The freedom to write and earn a living!

    Guest (Diana B)

  40. minimalism

    Guest (phil stacy)

  41. Besides the perks that come with working for yourself, living the writer's life to me means the ability to utilize the power of words. Ever since I was little, I've loved to read and it was always amazing to me how whole worlds could be created in my head just from words in a book. I thought what fun it must be to be a writer - and gave novel writing a brief try as a teen. So now I'm learning a different power of the written word from AWAI - and it's still amazing!


  42. I searched for the path to provide me with the freedom to take care of my family first since my daughter was born in 1998. This became more important in 1999 when my mom got sick with cancer (and died in 2000), and my daughter was diagnosed with delayed language in 2003. After programming, testing, product/program/project management, writing has the magic. I'm excited every day, I can schedule writing around playing wife and mom. And I can see how my writing helps the companies I freelance for.


  43. A writers life to me is one of self expression and fullfillment. Where there are no right or wrong answers...just expression.

    Guest (Scott Martin)

  44. means always being there for my kids.


  45. Living the writer's life means I am my own boss. My creative juices can flow freely. I can pick and choose the projects that mean sonething to me and that's important.


  46. Living a writer's life to me means having my husband at home,never missing out on great moments in life.Always free and not trapped within the same walls day in and day out.It's the best thing that could have happened to my husband and our family.Thank you!

    Guest (meeyeehere)

  47. Having time every morning as the world wakes up, to be with the Earth and ,,,,,,,create.............

    Guest (huggr1960)

  48. All my life people have been telling me that I should write. Actually, it is something I've always dreamed of doing. To me, the writer's life doesn't sound easy or relaxing -- I've never had a job that was easy or relaxing. But I have had jobs I love, and I don't mind working hard to accomplish something that gives me pride in what I have produced. I've always worked at whatever helped my family and others the most. Now, this is my time. I want to work at what fulfills me. A writer's live.

    Guest (Charleigh)

  49. The writers life is to me, is to make sense of the world they live in, and understand the characters around them while living as vividly as they can.

    Guest (Jennifer)

  50. It means having the opportunity to earn some sort of income while retaining my independence.

    Guest (Bonnie)

  51. Living the Writer's Life will enable me to embrace my imagination and channel it into the written word while allowing me to enjoy the world and my family since both are the source of my inspiration.


  52. My book will be coming out soon, the biggest thing is the people that will disagree on what I wrote, no two people see all things alike

    Guest (john1948)

  53. It means I can be a happier person! Less stress which means less headaches for me.
    Living a Writer's life has helped me to earn extra money at home and has changed the world entire!
    I am enjoying my life and finally getting somewhere in my life while being with the people who need me,my family.

    Guest (cris aka truthhole)

  54. Living the writer's life means doing what I love and being paid handsomely for it. It means setting my own hours - sometimes crazy ones, but always doing what I enjoy and would do without pay.


  55. Living the writers life is being able to have the freedom to create worlds for others to traverse and enjoy. It is a great privilege, power, and joy.

    Guest (Che)

  56. Living the writer's life to me means being on my own boss, on my own schedule. The ability to take a break when I want without someone breathing down my back.

    Guest (Cindy)

  57. means saying good bye to a boss that doesn't care, fellow workers that don't care and an industry that breaks your back! NO STRESS! Yeah, now your talking. Not to mention when your work is just met with 'I love it, great job, it's fantastic', on a topic you knew nothing about 6 research hours before. Thanks SOBAIRS)Its so good to raise your own kids too....


  58. I Am A Professional Copywriter - and no one has any idea what I "do for a living."

    I work when the house is quiet... I play when it is loud.

    I can take in a midday movie not because it's cheaper but because... well... I can.

    I shop when the stores are empty.

    I can sit at a coffee shop, in a hammock, on the beach - wherever... read a book and be working.

    Truth is, words - although my chosen profession, will never be adequate to describe The Writer's Life.

    Sean McCool

  59. Since 6th grade, writing has been a passion. Now, through AWAI, I have the opportunity to turn my passion into a lifestyle! We recently purchased a house in Cotacachi, Ecuador. Living the Writer's Life means we can leave our daily grind here in the states where taxes take a large chunk of our income and we have to work longer and harder to simply exist on less. No more! No more bosses, limited income, work schedules, asking permission for time to spend with family or friends. It means FREEDOM!


  60. Living the writer's life is living a life you love. One filled with joy at spending time your way and using your creativity.

    For me this is a life filled with expressing my creativity in a way that helps others, spending time with my family, and learning about myself.


  61. As the manager of a Creative Writing Center, I vault toward... edgey writing designs with excitement and unintentional outcomes for participants. Following personal energy through the maze to the page, seeking paths through writing blocks and perfectionism is part of my agenda and personal avenue. An author once said, "I write so I know what I think! Immediately, I was challenged and spirited toward a writer's life for myself and others.

    Guest (Amy L Boyd Green)

  62. All my life I was told I could do whatever I set my mind to. I could live the American Dream. Well now, thanks to AWAI's programs, I'm living my dream - the writer's life.


  63. I love to read and have always dreamed of being able to write. Lately, I've been thinking of it more and more. I think I'll take a stab at it. Thank you

    Guest (Rhonda)

  64. It means not having to live my life under the thumb of petty tyrants 8 hours a day.

    Guest (Sunshyn)

  65. This goes along with the line"A sailors life for me", but in this instance it's "A writer's life for me", freedom, free speech and living my life my way.


  66. Living the writer's life to me means doing something I've always wanted to do since I had my first thing published when I was 5 years old.

    Guest (Leanne V)

  67. Writer's Life is inspiring to me, to hear others stories and learn something new. I think it's full of positivity.

    Guest (Jaclyn R)

  68. To me, living the writer's life means living the examined life--a life of contemplation. It means sharing those experiences and insights that come, in words. Sharing those experiences in such a way as to bring them so vividly into another's imagination... it's as if they've had the experiences/insights themselves. To me, living the writer's life means helping myself and others live the best life we can.

    Heidi L Vanderheiden

  69. Personally, to live the life of a writer is to be on a path previously tread by a pantheon of brilliant minds. To be recognized among them - if only by mere participation in the like craft - is quite an honor.

    Guest (jmb)

  70. As a real estate broker in a tough real estate climate, I began writing in 2006. Writing has enabled me to remain in Taos, NM, one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

    Working hardest early in the morning, I can take a drive in the mountains in the afternoon, or gather mushrooms in the forest in the season.

    While writing is fun at times, and hard work at others, it's always a means to enjoy the lifestyle I want in the mountains I love.

    Jim Kimmons

  71. Great prizes for wanna be writers---that's why 'writers life' is good for people like me who don't know where to start

    Guest (wheezer)

  72. The writer's life means letting my voice be heard.

    Guest (David L)

  73. To make a good living from writing, utilizing my best talent and my love of words? This for me would be as much of a dream come true as getting a record contract is for a singer, or being an upcoming actor and landing a part in a Broadway play. As a disabled person, there is no place that could possibly be more convenient or comfortable for me to work than in my own home office. The idea of copywriting is very new to me, and very exciting. If the incomes mentioned are indeed true, I could become financially independent for the first time in many years. I'm eager to learn more!

    Guest (Virginia)

  74. The writer's life means inspiration to me. A sense of knowing what to write by reading other's thought's. Gaining insight on a variety of subject's that one would not indulge on their own.

    Guest (Chyna)

  75. Living the writer's life means doing what I love and having people thank me for it! Unfortunately, I am--so far--only living the writer's life on the weekends. During the week I am still waking to an alarm, driving to work, and attending endless meetings. Someday, my weeks will be as wonderful as my weekends.

    Guest (Julie Stephenson)

  76. To me living the writer’s life means that I never have to worry about fighting rush hour traffic ever again.

    Guest (Marsheila Kerner)

  77. would love to win

    Guest (teapot01)

  78. The writer's life means I would have a chance to take English classes and learn to write.

    Guest (Sue)

  79. Living the writer's life means being able to wear my pajama's to work every day!

    Guest (gracieg99)

  80. I love to travel, even locally, to meet people, and to live and learn all about the wonderful world we live in. The writer's life would enable me to experience a variety of customs and cultures, and discover new locations worldwide. Then comes the pleasure of sharing my experiences through writing and through photography(which I am crazy about).



    Guest (rikm)

  82. Living the writer's life would mean I could finally create that novel about the cursed temple of the Monkey gods don' ask inside joke lol

    Guest (Tom Bowman)

  83. Liveing a writer's life means having the time to get inspired and putting it into words.

    Guest (JWBernau)

  84. Writers Life means spending quality time at home with my kids and my animals. I can be the person I always wanted to be.

    Guest (jacqgrif)

  85. Living the writers life to me means that I have the time to release my creativity onto the wilds the world. I enjoy the instant feedback writing online provides, but there is a similar gratification when I spill my words onto paper.

    Guest (Elizabeth p)

  86. Being a writer means digging deep within ones self to find meaning in situations and transferring this meaning over to the written word. I believe description gives birth to imagination and imagination gives way to creation. A skillful technical writer can describe intricate details in a way that seem tangible and make life spring forth in both the imagination and in the logic.

    Guest (rosieGirl2)

  87. Living the Writer's Life will mean gaining back 2 hours of my day to spend as I choose, and may actually extend my lifetime by not being exposed to other crazy, irresponsible drivers talking and texting! I also sleep better at night knowing the bills are covered and there is money available for travel, which generates more ideas, and then more writing & income! A never ending circle which just gets better over time!

    Lane S

  88. Life is racing by, and we only get one shot at fulfilling all our dreams. The Writer's Life makes it possible to see all those dreams become a reality.

    Rick Jones

  89. Living the Writer's Life means that I can express who I am in very clever and witty ways that if one knew me in person I could never say out loud. It allows me to tap in to my alter ego where I have no trouble expressing my self with my kooky personality.

    Guest (doozercries)

  90. it means that life is powerful and fulfilling Awesome contest! Thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson

    Guest (janna)

  91. it means I can let everyone know how important this is.

    Guest (neecer69)

  92. Living the writers life means giving my wife the freedom to enjoy the next two years at home with my daughter before she starts school, giving what I'd like to causes that are important to me, and having the freedom and finances to travel.


  93. To me, "living the writer's life" means gratefully using the opportunity to help others by sharing knowledge and insight.

    Jennifer Lanier

  94. not having to go to a minimum wage unfullfilling job ever again-people who have jobs they love are the luckiest people

    Guest (kewpie)

  95. finding the truth and saying it in a way that people will get

    Guest (olddog)

  96. the writers life to me means that all these thoughts in my head may be worth something!

    Guest (melanie188)

  97. Living the writer's life means using my talent to make a living. And never having to worry abot collecting unemployment...a good writer can always hustle up work!

    Guest (Melissa O)

  98. Living the writers life gives me the freedom to express myself in ways a traditonal career would hinder.

    Denise B

    Guest (debigfrog)

  99. A lot of hand cramping!

    Guest (smilekisses)

  100. Living the Writer's Life. That would be the topping on the cake for me. It has been my dream for more than 15 years through the death of my husband and now that I am unemployed and home making my dream come true. I am absorbing as much as I can through this copywriting course and it has wet the ink to paper every day. I wish I could afford Bootcamp and many of the fine courses available. I love listening to other writers talk. To have the financial security and to be proud of myself that I did it. Blood, sweat and many tears.


  101. To me living the writer’s life means that I can do something I love and spend more time with my kids.


  102. Living the Writer's Life means that when friends complain about their commutes, their bosses, their co-workers, their lack of free time and control over their lives, their finances and the time they can spend with their kids, I don't have anything to contribute to the conversation, except to tell them about AWAI.

    Lisa Smillie

  103. For me, Living the Writer's Life would mean using my imagination to literally and figuratively create new worlds - dreaming and imagining, then writing about things that open up worlds for others and using that writing to create a new world and a new life for myself.

    Guest (WinneratLife)

  104. I have always wanted to write for a newspaper. Also, not getting up to an alarm anymore.


  105. Living the Writer's Life is an exciting marriage, a harmonious coupling of your passion with your vocation. It makes each morning exciting, it will blanket you with moments of peace, it may bring a fiery dilemma now and then. But you wouldn't give up on the marriage for anything, because you know it is what you are destined for. You are a writer. You have audiences to woo, hearts to move, actions to spur. Your job, passion and life have now serendipitously melded into one incredible story, shared with many others.

    Tracy L

  106. Living the Writer's Life is good for me since I quit working in 1995 because of MS. Now I have something to do that may even make some money. I enjoy sitting at my computer writing whatever I can on a book or article. Taking a chance to learn what I didn't in school, through WingHill Writing School. I enjoy it a great deal and only regret I waited so long to get in it.

    Guest (MH Brown)

  107. "Living the writer's life" means I can write what I really want to say, and I'll find that at least some people agree with my views. Or ... I can write exactly what people want to hear, and I'll find that I make a crapload of money. Both are good.

    Guest (Cheryl I)

  108. Living the Writer's Life means freedom -- the chance to be my own boss, advance at my pace, not what someone else determines for me. It's the chance to live a life-long dream of traveling and being able to support myself. It means going from a cubicle in Corporate America to a wide-open world.

    Jenny Smith

  109. My 83 year old delight begins with helping other people live a fuller life thru writing. Then the independence I get from writing surpasses all other options. Also the extra money writing affords me a universal blessing for sure, for there is little else that can please a senior more than a little extra income. All in all the Writers Life puts me in the drivers seat of what life I have left here on Earth.


  110. The Writer's Life will save my life!

    I spent over two decades writing and editing technical documents for employers that demanded I meet unrealistic deadlines, work long hours in their sterile workplace, and only take time off when it was convenient for them. The stress culminated in a heart attack on March 5th of 2010.

    By taking me out of the high-stress role of a corporate wage slave and freeing me to set my own hours, the Writer's Life will give me control of my life on my terms!


  111. Living the writer's life means freedom to live life creatively.

    Guest (Lynne)

  112. The appeal of the “Writer’s Life” is twofold and very simply put. There is first of all the thrill of achieving the creative challenge of writing. Secondly there is the lure of actually being paid for doing what I have always wanted to do. Just imagine getting paid for writing! I would do the writing for nothing anyway, because, well, because it is fun to write.
    Of course, assuming that someone will actually pay me for writing, that means I can free myself from the necessity of having to live in one place, with one office and with the overhead of staff and rent. Independence, creative outlets, cash flow – what more can one want!


  113. What does the writer's life mean to me?
    Working during the hours that best suit me. Attending my child's school functions without asking for time off. Going on vacation when I want to, not when someone else approves it. Using my talents for my benefit. Staying home to take care of my child when she is sick. Spending more time with my family. That's what the writer's life means to me.

    Jim Ledingham

  114. The writer's life would mean the end of the juggling act, which currently includes a full-time job, a disabled husband with major medical problems, two children and three grandchildren all living under one roof, along with part-time writing gigs on the side. The Writers life would allow me to be free - free from having to ask permission to take my husband to the doctor when he needs to go, free to be there for my children and grandchildren. I would never have to yearn for 5 p.m. on Friday again.


  115. Living the writer's life would mean I could work from anywhere and people I'd never met would care about my work.

    Guest (simone)

  116. I have a desire to be a writer because I want to be of service to my fellowman. To offer hope and encouragement, to me, is not only help for my fellowman, it helps me to live a more productive life.In addition, I love to travel and would like to spend six months on an Island (during the cold months) and six months in the United States.

    A Francis

  117. Living the writer's life means living my own life, living by my choices, living with freedom.

    Guest (Brett)

  118. Living the writer's life means being a master of persuasion, communication, and commitment to the craft. When you achieve these things you are the master of your domain.

    Guest (Brett)

  119. To me living the writers life means working the hours I choose and being able to put all the passion and enthusiam I possess into a fictional life as well as my real one. I get to live two lives at once. I also save on vehicle fuel and costs, plus I can dress up or dress down. It's the best life there is.


  120. Living the Writers Life would mean I would put to use all the usefull & useless information I have gathered in the last 48 years. Hate to think I lived all this time & didn't have a story.

    Guest (Christine Messer)

  121. It's amazing how the 26 letters in the alphabet make a new world in every book. By living the writer's life, I will use the alphabet to write a novel to uplift the human spirit into unity. My character has a life to share with the rest of the world. As an author, it is my privilege and duty to pass on his history and the message of hope behind it. To touch another person through the pages of a novel is the greatest reward for living the writer's life.


  122. I want to be able to work from my home office and be around my family.


  123. Living the Writer's Life means having the freedom to work on what I’m passionate about while still leaving time aside to maintain physical health, pursue other interests, and dedicate sufficient effort to relationships and personal development.

    Guest (Eugene)

  124. Tweeted Twitter the entry for the Writers Life Giveaway on AWAI. Always need new ideas for material to write. Everyone ask What are you doing there with all your books? I tell them I am on my way to live the Writers Life!! To enjoy my career, a better life and a more interesting one. They look surprised that I have a differant outlook at life and tell me I need one like yours. Keep up the good work!


  125. Time... Living the Writer's Life can be explained in one word... time. Time to do the things you always say you don't have time for. Time to sleep in if you want to. Time to go to your kids school plays in the middle of the day. Time to just spend time with your loved ones. Time work 16 hours straight if you want to. Time to create your own future. Time to write, and write, and write...


  126. For me, Living the Writer's life means earning a living using a skill that is needed by 98% of all businesses in America. Small business is the key to the future of this country. Most businesses start with a great idea/product, an accounting software package, but no idea how to talk to future prospects.

    Buidling a consultant


  127. I've always loved high school and one of my favorite subjects was Geography; therefore my idea of LTWL would be GLOBE-TREKKING.

    Whitehead J

  128. As a retired high school administrator and grant writer I had a blast watching almost 40,000 kids with 40,000 personalities over 38 years.

    Today I'm having a blast with the potential of a new career for 15 years where I can dress up in my runners clothes, run on the beach in FL and come back with new ideas that help others. I can help my own family members live better. My wife and daughter are potential candidates for becoming writers after they see me succeed

    Bob Fishbein

  129. For me, Living the Writer's Life means having a skill that is needed by 95% of all businesses in American. Most people start a new business with no idea how to market to prospects, write info on a web site, or design a customer loyalty program.
    As an AWAI trained copywriter, I am in unique position to offer more than just the ability to write a sales letter. For me it's finding clients I want to work with, working independently, and earning a good living.


  130. The writer's life means being able to go on field trips with my 4th grader.

    Guest (Kristen D)

  131. Living the Writer's Life is a new journey for me. I've always loved reading and writing but never made a full-time career out of it until the last 2 years. I write in my full-time job, but have higher aspirations to take my writing to a higher level. I'm looking forward to where this journey leads me.


  132. Living the writers life means I can finally speak my mind even if no one is listening!

    Guest (wendy wallach)

  133. I always loved writing. During my professional time I wrote and published dozends of articles on my scientific and commercial work. Now, being retired I am too far away from that to write about something really current about my former subject. Living the writer's life today means for me to travel and get acticles published about what I see on these trips of/about people, countries, atmospheres, local habitudes and cultures. And I still enjoy it!


  134. Hi, my name is Joe middle initial (A. McCray. I am a first time author, "Miracle Never Cease", by Joe A. McCray, Published by PublishAmerica. I love to read, and write.I would love to live a writer's life, I believe that I can do this. Right now I am living a "starving writer's life." I would love to spend more time writing, inspirational books, copywriting, and children's books. I am in college for my Bachelor's Degree for a Psychology Degree for Counseling. My love is writing.Work from home.

    Guest (Joe McCray)

  135. Living the Writer's life means I don't ever have to set my alarm clock in the morning!

    Guest (ringerr490)

  136. Living the writer's life means being able to support myself while still having time to write fiction.
    It means being able to take my work with me so if I want to go to Texas and spend time with my Grandmother, I can.
    It means serving businesses and helping them succeed.
    Most of all it means stepping beyond my comfort zone to try something new, and finding, by the grace of God, that I can do this!


  137. I can finally share with others, some of my lifes most memorable events. I've often told stories of my "growing up" adventures to my children and they have repeatedly asked mt to write them down.

    Guest (jerrylam)

  138. Living the Writer's Life would mean I could take the family on vacation and quit driving 60 miles a day to a 9 to 5!

    Guest (Tesa S)

  139. Living the Writer's Life means that I get to live a life full of creativity and self-expression. It means that I get to create from scratch and share who I am with the world in a bold and courageous way. It means walking in faith and having trust that my passion can be turned into profit.

    Guest (Andrea Costantine)

  140. Living the Writer's Life is about sharing and shining your light out into the world. I have unique experiences; however, sharing my experiences with others in writing allows the reader to connect with me and feel the oneness of all people.

    Guest (Lisa Shultz)

  141. For me, the writer's life will mean trading in my ordinary life for an extraordinary one. In that life I see myself sitting with my husband on the deck of a sailboat as the sun sets, raising a toast in appreciation of yet another glorious day, and feeling grateful for the life I'm fortunate enough to be living... Happy, easy going days... fulfilling work... time for family... seeing the world... and enough money to pay for the lifestyle we've always dreamed of.

    Carrie Bershee

  142. The Writer's Life is helping me to do the work I was born to do instead of sitting in an office day after day plastering a smile on my face and pretending I'm just a pretty bimbo.

    Guest (Fleetwing)

  143. Living the Writer's Life means I can express myself both with words and with my artwork in my own time and space.

    Beth Genson

  144. The Writers Life means being able to stay home with my two little boys...this means the World to me.

    Guest (AngieB)

  145. To me living the writers life means I have the freedom to take the time to observe life around me, and be inspired by what I see every day.


  146. Living the Writer's Life means freedom and control to me. I will have the freedom to set my own schedule. I will be able to exercise, get enough sleep, work when I want and improve my family life. I will also be able to pursue the work that interests and challenges me.

    I will also be able to work on a lifelong dream. I'm a fiction writer, and my novel has taken two years to write in my spare time. Once I'm Living the Writer's Life I can cut this time in half. Finally I will get these stories out of my head and into the world.


  147. I work 2,000+ miles away from home, up in the arctic. I'm gone 6+ months per year. It's a good job & I'm lucky to have it. But, I'd give it up in a heartbeat to live the writer's life. Why? Dogs. I want to spend more time with my sweet, senior dog and adopt as many more of them as I can. Those grey muzzles just turn my heart to butta.

    Guest (AKMary)

  148. Living the writers life would mean that here in my so called golden years I would be living my life long dream of making real money putting the thoughts in my mind on paper.

    Guest (Bonnie )

  149. Living the Writer's Life is, well.... living the dream!


  150. To me living the writer's life means having the freedom and luxury to be as lazy as I want to be. Waking up late, enjoying the ambiance of Starbucks atmosphere while contemplating the complexities of my navel.

    Guest (Nancy)

  151. Living the writer's life means so much to me. Because I can work from home knowing that I set my own targets and continually learn more skills to create winning marketing campaigns. Being a writer gives me the ability to help businesses grow. Which is an ambition of mine, there's a shortage of writers so my time as a writer will be used creatively. So that I can increase my skills to be six figure copy-writer.

    Guest (Youpele)

  152. To me living the writers life means that I can visit places I've never been and imagine an exciting life all from the comfort of home.

    Guest (trishden)


    Guest (DOREEN2770)

  154. To me, the Writer's Life means leisurely breakfasts, comfortable clothes, a total lack of back-breaking high heels, invigorating walks with my dogs, an absence of traffic and red lights in my life, afternoon lattes, open windows, mid-day naps, late-night writing forays, immeasurable personal power, and the ability to drop everything when my family needs me.


  155. The writer’s life means that I'm always thinking and, most importantly, rethinking ideas. Rethinking my own assumptions. Rethinking point-of-views. Rethinking my own limits.

    Benny Williams

  156. To me, being a writer is my dream. I have been writing since my twins were 2 years old. I love writing from home and doing what I have always wanted. Writing is freedom to me and a great way to earn money from home. I write for various companies and it is pure joy. Without the Internet, I would not be able to do what I do everyday.

    Guest (Monica )

  157. A writers life to means being able to see my children's first steps, hear their first words and see their first day of school.

    Guest (tklesier)

  158. I'm entering for the chance to make myself known to me and others, to do what I enjoy doing...telling people what I think.

    Guest (Mike Blacksmith)

  159. Have you ever had a dream?You know what I'm talking about. A what if or wanna be moment. Well I've been dreaming for 40 years about becomming a writer. I read an email invitation from AWAI, the description of the accelerated program. Then,I slowly sat back in my chair and had the Ah Ha moment. I can do this! What a joy to be able to live out a dream. WoW! The sky is the limit. Peace of mind and financial security during these economic times is that bright light at the end of the tunnel.

    Rick B-Nor-Cal

  160. Living the writer's life simply means my happiness. I spent over twenty years working at jobs that were not fulfilling and that I didn't enjoy, always dreaming of working for myself. This year, I managed to make my dream come true.

    I am now an aspiring freelance writer, spending the days at home with my dogs, traveling where and when I want to, working online, and for the first time in my adult life - enjoying my job.

    It's not easy. It's not lucrative (yet). But it is fulfilling my need for creativity. I believe I am truly and completely happy.


  161. LTWL means an improved bottom line for my clients and living the privileged life.

    Guest (Jessie James)

  162. Aghh the Writers Life!

    We all recognize the appealing ingredients – the freedom, flexibility and of course the earning potential.

    But recently I have zeroed in on what the writer’s life really means for me.

    The Writers Life is all about choice. Not just the choice to work in the morning or be a night owl; or to work from my home in Ontario or my condo in Florida.

    The choice is much bigger. It’s the ability to choose what type of writing I want to do and choose the clients I want to write for. It is about choosing a niche and a specialty: B2B, B2C, web writing, sales letters, case studies, emails, fund raising… the choice is mine.

    There is no J-O-B out there can give me that!

    Suzanne Mulligan

    Suzanne Mulligan

  163. The writer's life means that I have time for quality time with the people who are important to me. I'm at weddings, on family vacations, and home for the holidays while still being able to serve my clients. Limited vacation hours and no time off during the holidays is something I am happy to leave behind!

    Jennifer Adams

  164. Living the writers life means several things to me:

    * financial freedom for my family and freedom to help others in need
    * the time to pursue hobbies
    * watching the sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee while everyone else is racing to work
    * working on whatever writing project I have at the time....any time of the day
    * to take a nap in the middle of the day if I so choose
    * going for walks with my dog
    * time.....time for all the things I have always wanted to do but never had the time before


  165. On a dew covered deck, I see a glow in the sky as the morning sun peeks over the horizon. It’s time to move on, another tropical isle waits to be explored; a coral reef to snorkel. As the sails flap impatiently, waiting to be trimmed, the anchor’s weighed. With taut sails the sea slaps the hull as the yacht picks up her skirt eagerly and we head off across a deep blue ocean. An Albatross skims the wave tops. It’s time to start writing the next assignment. I now am living the writers life

    Aussie Pete

  166. A Writers life means freedom. Freedom to create, to live, to dream, to fulfill dreams, to feel...to simply be.

    Guest (legion150)

  167. A Writers life means retiring from the corporate world. It means doing my own thing when I want, where I want and if I want. I am new to this concept. I am working on learning all I can to achieve the dream.


  168. Writing is not for the weak or the faint of heart. You have to have a fire proof soul that can handle rejection and the strength of Atlas to handle the pressure when you are successful.
    As a writer, I have found nothing more wonderous that watching a world unfold that only exists in my mind.

    Guest (M Rikki Connelly)

  169. For me, the Writer's Life is an opportunity to make my values a central part of my work life. Today, as a corporate marketer, my job consists in efforts to 'get ahead', to promote my career, to demand my share of attention and focus. I'm discouraged from helping others or being altruistic.

    In the Writer's Life, I get to live my life according to my key values. For me it's not about money or freedom, though those things are important to me, my family, and my community. Instead, it's about being able to give to others. Promote prosperity. Help clients grow and thrive.

    Brian W

  170. June 2011 Fulltime RV'rs. Not retiring, but changing our lifestyle. Copywriting for me and Internet Researcher for my husband, this will become our new income source. It will also free me up to complete my true dream;a travel book about small town, family owned Cafe's. So it doesn't matter if we are sitting on the beach in the Florida Key's watching the sun rise or in Alaska making Manhatten' with 10,000 year old ice sound's like "The Writer's Life" to us.

    Copywriter Maureen

  171. In my world, The Writer's Life is all about FAMILY. Writing gives me better time, in quantity and quality, with the people I love and provides me with a strong, successful example to set for them.


  172. Living The Writer's Life gives me a way to be a more creative and beneficial part of my community. I donate my time and skill to civic events that make my neighborhood a better place to live.


  173. It means freedom to me.
    Just imagine traveling around the world, tasting delicious food, enjoying sunshine, experiencing different cultures, making new friends, laughing, dancing, playing and writing...
    Can you taste the freedom from a writer's life like this?


  174. After years of trying to stuff myself into some employer's "box," I have made my our niche and my own way, thanks to the skills I've gained on my way to The Writer's Life.


  175. I would love to be a writer. It would be special to see my work in print.

    Guest (rgwalker99)

  176. The writers life to me would be great so that I didn't have to leave my dogs at home all day by themselves.

    Guest (stepdj2)

  177. A great source of information.

    Guest (bksup)

  178. Living the Writer's Life for me is... advancing confidently toward my dreams, living the life I have previously only imagined, and enjoying a success most people only dream of.


  179. Living the Writer's Life means writing my articles on an IPad. It's a luxury I will have when I am living the writer's life!


  180. Living the Writer's Life means never at a loss for a Tweet,Twitter,or Post. My tombstone will say "Never at a loss for words...Until now!"


  181. Living the Writer's Life to me, means never having that daunting feeling on Sunday evening about having to get up with the Monday Blues and trudge through traffic to end up in a small cubicle doing something I hate all while staring at a boss I dislike!!


  182. Living the Writer's Life means realizing a dream and making it a reality. Being able to create something entirely from my thoughts and breathing life into stories I've only imagined. Writing means creating something that lives beyond me; words last beyond lifetimes.


  183. Living the Writer's life to me means the freedom and flexibility to spend more time with my family and a happier disposition to be doing something that I'd truly enjoy.


  184. Writers life means to me about living your life on your own terms. Finding something you enjoy doing that you wouldn't call work. Grabbing life by the ball$.

    Guest (hale2005)

  185. Writers Life means to me no more having to fight rush hour traffic or having to call in sick to work.

    Guest (John M)

  186. To me, living the writer's life means reaching my fullest creative potential and never being shackled to a cubicle or, heaven forbid, a retail counter ever again!

    Guest (Claire)

  187. To me the Writer's Life is all about Freedom- the freedom to achieve my dreams; to spend time with my family doing what I want, to work when I choose, and to get paid to do one of the things I love most- writing.


  188. Living the Writer's Life means being able to spend time with my family, my garden and to make a great income doing something I love!


  189. Living the Writer's Life means sitting at my desk on a snowy morning smiling because I don't have to go anywhere.


  190. Write, Write, Write!!!!!!

    Guest (mol)

  191. Living the writer's life means that I can finally do what I really want instead of just a job to make ends meet. A professor once told me I had a "way with words" and I should pursue my writing. It is my goal to finally achieve a successful writing career and provide a more secure and content future for me and my family.

    Judy Ferril

  192. For me, living the Writer's Life gives me choices. I choose how to schedule my time. I choose when and where I will work. That means I answer to myself. And that makes ME in control of my life. Sweet!

    Starr D

  193. I think it means living life on your own terms. No one telling you what to do and how to live your life.

    Guest (cluster77)

  194. "Living The Writer's Life" means an opportunity to allow all the accumulated stuff that's been simmering, bubbling, boiling (and hopefully seasoning)in my head for over 50 years to FINALLY get it all served up on paper. Now, what to do with it all..... To garnish or not to garnish, AKA Editing ?! (Sigh) Winning this prize would sure help.


  195. The writer's life would offer me an outlet for my creativity with the boundaries of a boss and a bureaucracy.

    Guest (Debra F)

  196. To me, living the writer's life would mean, using the only real gift that I've ever known that I have, my imagination, not only for my own entertainment, but to be able to make a living and entertain other people.

    Guest (Erin Walsh)

  197. Living the writers life for me means that I can finally work (if you really want to call it work) on my own terms...when and where I want...free to call my time my own!!


  198. To me, the writer's life means I can stay home in my jammies, making a living off of my life's passion.

    Guest (Heather W)

  199. Living the writer's life means that wherever and whenever, I have the gift and the power to move people to: help others, do good, laugh, cry, love. What's better than that?

    Guest (Rose J )

  200. Living the writer's life means enjoying a crowded morning subway ride with zombie-like commuters, because I'm en route to a soul nourishing yoga class.


  201. Living the writer's life means never again being told that I'm overqualified or underqualified for a job I didn't really want anyway.


  202. i would love to be a writer because i would never have to set the alarm clock and i could live in a serene place to write away!

    Guest (tamara)

  203. Living the Writer's Life means that I will never miss my kid's games, plays or big days!

    Guest (emtstacey76)

  204. Not long ago, when we were on vacation, my brother told me, “This (life) is not a dress rehearsal.”

    Then when I got back to work from that same vacation, my manager said to me, “No more two week vacations. It puts too much stress on the rest of the department.” Now there's a wake-up call!

    So what does the Writer’s Life mean to me?

    I think Frank Sinatra got it right….“I gotta do it my way…”


  205. Financial independence –money works for me – I don’t work for money. Freedom –no longer serving a life sentence but life serves me. I’ll have a roomy farm house in the country with a wraparound porch and a yard like a city park and a pond for fishing. I will be able to hire people to do the things I don’t like to do. My husband can see his dreams come true. Together we can give to others - houses, cars, scholarships, medical assistance. The writer’s life - being blessed and being a blessing.

    With a Joyful Heart - DJ Butler

  206. Living the writer's life means... I work when I feel like it. I feel like it almost all the time because I love it. Still, if I am tired, I nap. Then I work. They frowned on that in my former life. It means if needs in the family demand attention... they get attention. Then I work. It means working when I feel like it can be at 3pm or 3am. It means I can sleep on demand, too. And it means I can seek a life of leisure in Costa Rica or Panama or Lake Chapala... without missing work.


  207. The writers life means freedom to me. I can do what I want when I want.

    Guest (Shelly Cox)

  208. My Sweetheart's health is failing. As the family provider for nearly 40 years, he has earned (and needs) a rest. I see 'The Writer's Life' as an opportunity for me to give him that rest.

    Guest (Diane Tolley)

  209. My world is a vivid universe as the words unfurl onto my word processor. Characters fill my sedentary serenity and drag me into adventure and maybe...mayhem. There is no peace until my journey, my quest is complete. I am not me.

    I am the creator, and yet I often do not know the next moment, the next thought. It emerges, just as life moves on. Yet it is alive in me. Such is Living the Writer's Life.


  210. To me, a writer's life means a form of entertainment. I love to both read and write and do so in my free time.

    Guest (Suzanne Lewis)

  211. The Writer's Life means being able to spend more time with my dog, who has congestive heart failure; staying up until midnight if I wish to finish a project, then enjoying the delicious feeling of sleeping in the next morning; grocery shopping or going to a movie in the middle of the day; working for clients across the globe; and knowing that I am in charge of my success and my future.

    Jennifer Wenzel

  212. Living the Writer's life means leaving the hustle and bustle of crazy life to the young folk!


  213. To me, living the writer's life means I am able to care for my family without limits. I am able to give a voice to my business and my family. As a at-home-Dad, I care for two young children, one is special needs. To me, having the freedom to work when and where I need to doesn't chain me down. Be it medical appointments or out-of-town trips for procedures, having this freedom means I am there for them and I also bring in the money my family needs.


  214. The writer's Life to me means living a life in a beautiful, serene, tranquil and private setting. However the writer will, and does deal with life's sometimes harsh and rough edges; but does this from a safe observant distance. Thus giving the reader the full throttle thrill ride, meanwhile preserving the life of the writer. It is bringing to life on a page anything one could imagine, while living in the beautiful surroundings one could desire. It is not just the monetary riches as much as the richness in thought and constant reflection, imagination and visualization.


  215. Living the writer's life means that I get to be more in charge of the stress that I deal with on a day to day basis--a job or a boss doesn't get to choose for me. I get to finally "LOVE" my job not just DO a job.

    Terri Test

  216. what a great contest, glad I found this site, I will be coming back for advise. Thanks again

    Guest (singermagic1)

  217. Living the Writer's Life means being able to express myself with pen and paper (or maybe by keyboard and computer screen). Writing is a useful tool, allowing me to live out my fantasy on paper.

    Guest (Annette D)

  218. I would love to wake up each morning knowing I am going to do something creative.


  219. It means freedom

    Guest (mudrunnersmom)

  220. Living the Writer's Life for me is... believing on my own experiences to write a beautiful poem.

    Guest (Narda)

  221. Living the writer's life is to set my own hours, finally indulge my passion for travel and feeding an insatiable curiosity. I have enjoyed solving problems for my clients for the past 30 years, and knowing that I can continue that work from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and a cell phone is exciting beyond belief!

    Guest (Monika)

  222. To me being a writer means giving up the hard life for a life I love.

    Guest (Mitchell)

  223. Living the Writer's Life means constantly turning over the stones inside of us & facing what is crawling around underneath. And then being brave enough to share that with the world.

    Guest (Eryn)

  224. To me living the writer’s life means that I can spend more time with my family and not miss stopping to smell the roses.


  225. The writer’s life means allowing myself to be inspired, even when I am in the middle of a storm

    Guest (jen gersch)

  226. To me living the Writer's Life means saying goodbye to all my financial debt and finally establishing financial security for my family!


  227. Living the writer's life means getting paid for doing what I do naturally anyway - write. And not only get paid, but also write/work anytime and anywhere.

    So... the writer's life really is a ticket to my dream life: living and working for several months a year in a Mexican beach town.

    Ed in Minnesota

  228. The Writer's Life- to me the writer's life means being free to use my entire brain creatively & not to have to put on the 9-5 helmet where my first duty is to care intensely about someone else's widgets. It means developing your inherent potential, spinning straw into gold, ushering new worlds out of ink, pixles & or paper. It means being transported by & fully engaged by your work.


  229. The written record of the great ideas that have shaped human history has been called The Great Conversation. Yeah, that's what I want: to participate in that.


  230. Living the writers life for me means providing a great life for my son and I without losing a monment of not being here for him.

    Freedom to spent those precious monments with him that I would never get back if I had to go and work away from home.

    Financial freedom to help pay for my sons birthday and Christmas presents without having to borrow money from my family.


  231. Living the Writer's Life would mean life without worry.
    -- No more worry about bills
    -- No more worry about car repairs
    -- No more worry about helping my kids
    -- Just plain no more worries


  232. As a writer I look forward to days I will be making six figures income and write from any location of the globe.

    writing means owning a few luxurious sea side resorts to enjoy my holidays whenever it is necessary,travelling to various destination on world business class.

    through writing I should start projects that play a direct role in meeting society needs in Arts and eduation, health and envivonmental matters.

    Guest (Jacob)

  233. Living The Writer's Life means that every day I get to wake up and spend the day doing things that I love because of I am good at doing one thing - writing.

    Guest (SRad)

  234. Living the writer's life is being able to express myself freely and making a living doing so.

    Guest (tim)

  235. The Writer’s Life is a many faceted jewel. Its various highlights shine depending on the angle from which you view it. The Writer’s Life means different things to me.

    It means the freedom to only work one job instead of two.

    It means not having to buy discount groceries on credit sometimes.

    It means time to go to the park with my two-year-old daughter and read her a book.

    It’s the luxury of time to enjoy the good things in life like reading a classic book or painting.

    It’s dancing with my horse on a sunny fall day.

    It’s the ability to pass on a valuable skill to my older children so they can avoid debt and live free of a 9-to-5 job.

    It’s regular dinners with my husband.

    It’s day trips to museums and historical sites instead of one working vacation in 23 years.

    The Writer’s Life is the freedom to choose how I will spend my days.


  236. Like the Velveteen Rabbit, living the writer's life gives me the opportunity to be "real". Thoughts, feelings, & emotions that could easily be trampled in the frenzied rush of everyday life find expression and connection.

    To touch hearts & minds; to help educate; to relieve a problem and bring some joy; to create a world of greater harmony and understanding. Being a writer means to touch eternity, as even though our lives are fleeting, the words of our heart live on. Make them count!

    Canadian Country Woman

  237. The Writer's Life means no boss to report to, more flexible working hours, and doing something that I want to do!

    Guest (Joanne Schultz)

  238. The Writer’s Life e-letter: keeps me current, inspired, & connected. The ultimate resource for anyone wanting to live The Writer's Life.

    Canadian Country Woman

  239. The Writer's Life means being free to express myself.

    Guest (barbara wright)

  240. Living the Writer's life means that I finally have developed the skills I have enjoyed from others. All the plots I have devised inside my head are finally on paper and someone else is reading them thinking how clever it is. It would be an accomplishment beyond words.


  241. Living the writers life would me having a way to have a creative outlet that I don't get at my everyday job

    Guest (Aaron B from IL)

  242. Living the Writer's Life means fullfilling my wildest dream. I have had many jobs in my lifetime including but not limited to bus-girl, sales clerk, tutor , teacher...
    The first time I got paid for my writing I felt like the richest woman in the world. As for me, there is no greater joy than getting paid to tell a story.

    Guest (Diane Baum)

  243. This site is full of information I need.

    Guest (susans)

  244. It means a job at something you love doing

    Guest (valancia)

  245. Living the Writer's Life means that I can have a flexable schedule so that I can do some volunteer work. Years ago, my dad needed daily rides to the cancer center in town to get his treatment. I couldn't take him because the time of day he needed to go, I had to work. Now, because I have a flexable schedule, I can pay it forward. I can volunteer and take someone else's loved one to their treatments when their family can't.

    Terri Test

  246. Living the writers life for me would mean seeing some of my work published and being able to follow my dream of being a writer.

    Guest (steven)

  247. It means dreaming and having time to dream. It means seeing my grandbabies and children and noticing everything and taking it all in to savor.

    Guest (c y l)

  248. Living the Writer's life to me means expression of how i see the world through my work!

    Guest (larry)

  249. ...it means living life to the best of my ability. Living life full of happiness and love. Being able to encourage, inspire, and help others. Trying to do my heart desires.

    Guest (Harriett Daniel)

  250. to work in my pj's and be able to stay home with my boys!

    Guest (amydelong)

  251. Cupcakes. Living the writer's life means I have the freedom and flexibility to go to my children's school parties. I can bring homemade cupcakes and participate in school activities such as field trips, fund raising, etc. If one of my kids are ill, I can stay home and take care of them. I do not have to worry about calling in and talking to a less than understanding boss. Living the writer's life means I can be a Mom and still be a career woman without sacrificing one for the other.

    Nevada Bigfoot

  252. Writing would allow me to express myself!

    Guest (Ravzie)

  253. The Writer’s Life I intend to build through the guidance of the amazing people at AWAI and the incredible courses they offer will allow me the gift of dying in peace. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on going any time soon, but when I do I want to go with the knowledge that I accomplished what I spent so many years dreaming about; the dream of living a comfortable life, acting as my own boss, working by my own rules, and operating on my own schedule. I know that I have finally found the source for the tools lead me to the life I could never give up dreaming about!

    David D

  254. To me, living the writer's life means choosing when I want to work and when I want to have my free time.

    Guest (Anna)

  255. To me it means letting go of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and getting into the arts. Letting my energy come out in expressive meaningful ways.

    Guest (B)

  256. The ultimate evidence of the writers life is making the long dreamed of phone call; “honey, you can come home now. Give your boss two week’s notice.” Then I have the honor of writing my most prized work for my favorite client – the letter of resignation.

    Bette Arnold

  257. Living the Writer's Life for me means fulfilling a lifelong dream.

    Guest (mail4rosey)

  258. Living the Writer's life to me means more freedom for family life.

    Guest (masonsgranny)

  259. Living the writer's life means freedom to create and share without limitations. It also means the ability to allow joy to spill forth at every opportunity.

    Guest (kimbly)

  260. What does the writer's life mean to me?

    There is really a whole story here that I could go into, but I try will keep it to a short comment.

    The writer's life--for me--my three main points are:

    1. Time with my family. I get to spend time with my wife and kids. I get to watch them grow, play games, I get to attend school events, and I am the owner of my time. I can go to the park with my son and play soccer. I can teach my children how to play a card game without looking at the clock. It's great.

    2. I have the joy of living in a foreign country. I am an American living on the other side of the planet in Japan. I get to learn about and live in a different culture. I experience the thrills and challenges of speaking, reading, and writing Japanese. I offer translation in addition to my freelance copywriting services.

    3. I get to write. As long as I can remember, I have had a notebook that I drew pictures in, wrote stories, poems, and song lyrics. Now I have found a caree

    Mac Bull

  261. A writer's life to be means being true to yourself, the characters and your vision.

    Guest (Sand)

  262. Living the Writer's Life means freedom and fulfillment. To write and actually see projects through completion, and then publication is an experience like no other.

    Guest (CB)

  263. The writer's life means I can stay in my PJs as long as I want. Thanks for the contest.

    Guest (Sarah L)

  264. it means being able to express my creativity, to let my imagination run away with me, to save in words everyday things and extraordinary things

    Guest (Shannon)

  265. Living the writer's life means finally being able to bring my personal ideas to life so that other people can share them :D It also means doing something I love and getting paid for it would be amazing!

    Guest (Justine417)

  266. Living the Writer's Life means living my dream.

    Guest (Donna K)

  267. For many writers, The Writer's Life means getting up early or staying up late working on a manuscript before or after a long day of doing all of life's other business. I can't do that. My Writer's Life ideal is to spend 4-6 hours per day just writing; take another couple of hours to do life drudgery like washing dishes, vacuuming and laundry; then have the rest of the day for family fun, entertainment and blessed sleep. Come on, Powerball!!

    Guest (Taminar)

  268. Hmmm I hope being a writer provides enough income. I am a writer but never saw a dime with it. You'd have to be a bestseller to be able to make a decent paycheck. I hope to win this contest to see and find out what a career writer can really make.

    Guest (thealfa)

  269. Since I can remember, I have loved to write. But lately as a business owner, at the end of the day, my creativity is sucked out of me by the pressures of running a business. I want to live the writer's life to rekindle my creativity and learn to have fun again.


  270. Woke up this morning-felt like taking the kids to the beach. But wait, my client's project is due in two days. No problem, I'll take my laptop to the beach with me. While the children are playing on the beach, I'll work on my project. It's a win-win situation. Children and I spend a nice day at the beach and my client gets A-list copy. This to me is the writer's life. Commuting to my home office or the beach if I choose to do a job I love.


  271. My neighbors are wondering why they never see me leaving the house to go on a job. they wonder how I can maintain my standard of living by staying home all day. I can take a week's vacation whenever I want. Doing what I want, when I want-this is the writer's life to me.


  272. Living the writer's life means we will have the flexibility to raise our five young children, and manage the health our special needs son with greater ease and less stress than otherwise possible.

    Jerry Bures

  273. Being able to tell my family members, "Yes! Let's do that." or "Yes! Let's go there now!" instead of, "No...I have to work that day."

    Guest (Darren Stout)

  274. I feel it goes along with Bob Bly's definition of success: "Doing what I want, when I want to do it, where I want to do it, and being paid very, very well for doing it."

    Mike H

  275. I have been writing for the skin care and spa industry for over 20 years but most of it doesn't pay. I want to change this and use consulting and copywriting avenues to create revenue venues and also do travel writing. I also want to find magazines and other venues that would like an insider's experience to cut through the hype and evaluate products, services and venues.


  276. The writers life means a simple form of communication that helps equips lives in such a impacting way. I and this piece of paper have 2 things in common. Were simple and great things will occur when you give us a try such as creations, the ability to console a person.If we look back in history majority of the leaders changed the World because of an idea which was first brainstormed on a plain sheet of paper. Once that idea matured there came a sound voice that influenced the universe.

    Guest (Trevor McGill)

  277. I live in south Corsica, a mediterranean-french-island with my just-retired-husband, who worked as an excellent vet, during 50 years! We travelled a lot, lived on Côte d'azur France, Baja california Mexico, coming back in Provence. In Figari we rent 3 little dry-stone-houses for vacationers. But one of my dreams was to write...I love writing, connecting people & sharing. Yesterday, I jumped into AWAI... that's a huge action for me ! And a comfortable income would be appreciated, first of all to be myself, have freedom & travel, winters in Yucatan for example,with our pets, springs in Europe, visiting my old parents, our children & grandchildren, friends.I thank you for all you'll share with me !


  278. I've been a member of AWAI for several years studying the Accelerates Program for Six Figure Copywriting off and on. I had my defining moment a few days ago to finish what I started. I want to work for myself from home, while making a great income, doing what I'm passionate about. It's long overdue for me! Thank you AWAI Family for all of the inspiring words that have helped me not to give up!

    CCT Artist42

  279. I don't know what a "writer's life," is, or what it means. All I know is my own life, one where I've described myself as a struggling writer who spent far more time struggling than writing. My education was in physics, my profession in tech support.

    With the instability of the job market, my goal is to become financially stable, instead of living with the fear of losing a job and having to find another.

    Can AWAI help take the work "struggling" out of my self-image? I have high hopes of this.


  280. A writers life means to me is doing something that I enjoy and being home with my three dogs. I have a passion to publish my books that I have written before this program and now I can put all my passions into one. I want to be able to express my imagination the way God gifted me to have one. And now I can!!


  281. To those who want to write but can't get started:do you ever experience "writers block"? Now Awai can help with their writers course,if you have aspirations of writing at any level this could be your golden opportunity. Living the writers to me means assisting my favorite markets,consumers,business and vacation travelers,and business men and women,writing about subjects I love,and not having to do so because "I need the money" but to do so just becausse I love doing it.

    Guest (Danny Dreamer)

  282. The Writer's life for me would mean having income to help my mom and 2 boys! I'm still a little scared I won't get paid for my writing. How do I find employment?

    Guest (cathy)

  283. Living the writers life presents me with options to create the lifestyle I dream of in spite of my disability. It will allow me the freedom and flexibility to have time and financial freedom, spending time doing what I want.

    Guest (ManchildLive)

  284. Living the Writer's Life to me means, not having to deal with the lame decisions others (management) impose on my career aspirations...

    Guest (M Timothy Rogers)

  285. It means no long commutes in traffic. Not having to compete with co-workers for a promotion. Not struggling to live through bad decisions that others make. Not having to deal with badly written corporate emails and cutesy buzzwords. Ugh!
    It means being able to pick up the kids from school and being there for my family when they need me. Being there to watch them grow up. All in all it means freedom. Doing what I want, when I want. It means I have to be a writer right now!

    Russ Chenalloy

  286. Living on my own terms. My way.
    I live in a very controlling opinionated family structure, and being a successful writer will put them in their place.
    There's a difference between saying your a writer and being a paid writer.
    A paid writer can enjoy self respect!

    Dimitri Solakofski

  287. Can you tell me or give me an idea how your organization work!

    Guest (onofrio)

  288. To me, writing has always been a way of expressing my inner thoughts, be that in silence or wary that someone will read my words.
    Writing for me has always been my passion - and a way of releasing all the tension - that comes with growing up.
    So for me, writing not having to worry about tuition, or having to rely on anyone if I so desire to take a trip somewhere I haven't been. It means being productive inside the comfort of your home. In more ways than one, writing represents a long sought sense of liberty.

    Roberto Tohme

  289. Becoming a member of AWAI means finally making my dreams come true! It means for the first time in my life standing on my own two feet.

    Guest (Cp)

  290. I wrote for years and finally self-published a novel. Shortly after that though, my writer's life was derailed by a devastating divorce. I'm back on my feet now and ready to get back on the tracks to my dream of making a living as a writer. From experience, I know it's not easy. But it's what I want and all I need is a little guidance and encouragement. What does that dream mean to me? It means freedom.

    Guest (Karen C)

  291. The writers life to me means my dog and I can move out of our 1981 Dodge D50 pickup and into a place with indoor plumbing. We can move out of the Walmart parking lot. I am very excited about starting my new life I'm only 4 days jnto the Advanced Training Course and looking forward to my new career.

    john from aberdeen

  292. Hi, The writer's life to me, means writing every day, with the added bonus of earning an income, small or large. It means being able to fill the tank on my car so when I'm NOT writing, I can go for a drive whenever I want. Since losing my husband this is a luxury I can't afford. I love putting pen to paper and would love to be able to do this for a living

    Guest (Hilary)

  293. Writing when and where I want and getting paid a reasonable wage for it. Earning enough money to pay rent and buy food from writing each week. A steady income from work I enjoy.

    Guest (pippa)

  294. My life as a writer . . . I've retired from hospital work, write full time for films and TV!

    Write 2 Make Movies

  295. I have always loved to write, and for me it's the perfect retirement job. I want something that doesn't take 40 hours a week, but will allow me to build savings and afford the kind of life I'd like to live. Without a pension of any kind, this is my big chance.


  296. The first thing this new career will mean for me is a shift from speaking out loud to speaking on paper. For 30 years I have stood in front of a classroom, and I have loved every minute of guiding my students. I have taught them how to use their voices in writing, how to speak on paper. Now I will make this shift to speaking through the written word. This feels natural to me.

    Since I am also a traveler and a photographer, my writer’s life will be intricately involved with those passions. You must write what you love, and what I love is to see and experience new places.

    So what and where will I be? Somewhere by the sea. Writing. Every day.

    Guest (Mary Kay)

  297. I've started two Yahoo groups, moderate two more; then I started three Facebook groups, and eventually transferred one of the Yahoo groups to Facebook; and through all of this, people keep telling me - or asking me - if I write for a living. And if not, then I should. Hmmm. I've never particularly liked writing, but I admit, it does seem to flow off my keyboard, often quite by accident. Time to harness this skill! So what does a writer's life mean to me? I know not. The journey has just begun.

    Guest (Sam Carlson)

  298. A writer's life to me is fascinating. The fact that I can make money through writing, makes it more awesome.Simply Amazing!

    Guest (TeeFaith)

  299. Amazing work, being a good writer is important to me. I have so much to write about I don't know where to begin and when to stop.

    Guest (Cam)

  300. It means doing what I love with no pressure. It means traveling and learning. It means staying up all night expressing myself. It means freedom.

    Guest (Nwabisa)

  301. Would love to make my living on the road or from home. The appeal of being your own boss isalso very motivating.

    Guest (jeannine)

  302. It means being home with my family and taking vacation with them. Earning a living doing what I love!

    Guest (Kimberly Thompson)

  303. For me the writers life would mean the ability to be proud of myself in making my dream come true. It would mean that I would be able to provide a very good life for my daughter and be in control of my destiny, not under the thumb of a "j-o-b." No longer will I have to perform a task that I abhor, that brings me no joy, that sucks the life out of me, and not even make enough to rent a one bedroom apartment.

    Guest (Glenda Johnson)

  304. Living the writer's life mean-I will have to spend more time myself and my work,i will see it as a longtime freedom i want to be granted.
    I will have full concentration om my actions,also be in control of the things i do,what i want,however,how i want the story to go.
    Eventually when money started coming,i will have to go on a vacation to spend quality time on my writing and get a perfect visions.

    Guest (Jeffie)

  305. Living the writer's life is to manage my own time doing what is interesting to me while earning some extra income

    Guest (memsalem)

  306. Living the writer's life means I will no longer feel like a mermaid trapped in a fishbowl. I will no longer be part of this rat race or the 9-5 illusion of "reality" and what we "must" be doing... I yearn for freedom to grow, explore and express myself - a writer's life for me!

    Guest (Christina)

  307. Living the writer's life means having the freedom to do what I love. It means that I can share a part of me with my clientele. I have much to offer, and I look forward to guidance and assistance toward this end.

    Guest (Kathleen)

  308. To me,it's all about having a steady income ,having time for further studies, travelling round the globe, meeting interesting people and touching lives.

    Guest (Victor)

  309. For me, the writing life will be having the ability to pay my way through college and afterwards, until I get hired in my chosen career. I have plans to become a Firefighter, and dreams to become an Author. The road to becoming a firefighter involves years of education and after that, there is the volunteer work I would have to do before a department thinks about hiring me. Funny enough, I still have to eat even if I won't be making money. ;P

    Once I've settled in, I plan on writing fiction.

    Guest (Stefan Latimer)

  310. As a retired person with many grandchildren I would like to spread some, of my at present non-existent, wealth around !

    Guest (Eileen)

  311. Living the writers life for me means : following my calling. My first calling off course is being a wife and mother. But since I had to quit work as a teacher assistant due to MS, two months ago I have been struggling to find purpose. Our children are 16 and up, they have their own life. I love to write, in fact in junior high I once was punished by having to write a story, five pages long. Well that was not a punishment at all. I had to read my story in front of the whole class and everyone was doubling over from laughing .

    Guest (Jannie Beyer)

  312. To my understanding,Writer's life is living in your own house freely, have your own time with family,friends and studies. And end of poverty.

    Guest (faith)

  313. The writer's Life means a way of expressing my feelings for something I love to do, which is sewing for myself and my girls. I've always loved watching my Grandmother at her sewing machine when I was young, but I never learned how to until now. When I am at my sewing machine, I am in my own world and when I complete a project I feel happy and proud


  314. We are all role models. And writing in different forums is, I believe, a wonderful seed to plant in our young population. So, I find myself on this new adventure in plain sight of my darling daughters for my growth, but also using this opportunity to insert doors and windows into their world. Who knows what beautiful seeds will grow from this exposure.

    Guest (lise)

  315. Because I have written my first book and published it, I find that this may very well be my calling and wanted to continue in this vein and explore all possibilities that will be an opportunity to serve where I fit in the area of writing and inspiring others.


  316. A writer's life means being observant of human behavior and the environment

    Guest (luba sadnytzky)

  317. Being a Writer to me means opening up a whole world "of imagination" and truly becoming a Wordsmith. Stop being the "Walter Mitty" and start becoming the Writer...and follow your passion on a primrose path to unimagined treasures..hitching my wagon to a bright star of writing success..be what you want to be as a Writer!

    Guest (Big Chuck H)

  318. Writers life to me means being able to make a living not only doing what I love but doing it for myself. Not having to fight rush hour traffic to go to a job I don't love then to fight to get home to be to tired and discouraged to do anything else but go to bed to get up and do it all again. I want a life well lived not a job.

    Guest (T Webster)

  319. I have always loved the feel of words at my fingur tips. The ease the words come to me give me a thrill all the time. Now I think I am ready to write.

    Guest (Elisabeth)

  320. Simply being able to enjoy my later years with my husband and kids ... becoming totally debt free really appeals to me!

    Guest (Dianne)

  321. I love to write, it would be great to pay off my credit card etc. Move nearer to my grandchildren, watch them grow and be part of it. To be independent, travel,or stay at home whenever I want. I would like to help my not so well off friends, so they would not have to struggle so much.

    Guest (meggy)

  322. Being a writer to me means impacting to people what/things that i imbibed, through writing.And also an avenue of passing to people of what i have.And i enjoy doing it.

    Ayodele Fiyinfoluwa

  323. Being a writer to me means impacting to people what/things that i imbibed, through writing.And also an avenue of passing to people of what i have.And i enjoy doing it.

    Ayodele Fiyinfoluwa

  324. My writer's life means being able to share my experiences with others through my work. It means being able to write the book I've always longed to write and be my own boss. It means freedom.

    Guest (Gina)

  325. To me being a copywriter means I finally get to be myself, live my live the way I want to live it. The 9Am to 7Pm as a business administrator was suffocating me. I felt like I was losing to much. Especially with my husband and children. Now I am free and make money doing what I love to do.

    Guest (Laura)

  326. Living a writers life, to me, means being free to do something I actually enjoy and getting paid for it. It's always been a dream of mine to be a writer.

    Guest (T Bales)

  327. Living the writer's life means taking my passion and talent for writing and using it to elevate myself from the lower class I grew up in and into a life of abundance. It means never having to be stuck in an office and obligated to show up every day or call anyone boss. It means freedom to pursue different projects without having to fit them in around static work and commute hours. The writer's life means freedom to be the person I was meant to be.


  328. I've lived a writers life forever, but never got paid for work I love and do daily. I'm a visual journalist combining words with visuals to create a message. I want the freedom this life offers; freedom to explore ALL that I can do as a visual artist and journalist. I want the freedom to travel, to spend time doing what's important to me; seeing family and friends more often, making new friends in the process of traveling and networking. I only pray the promise is as good as it looks.

    Guest (BD Walters)

  329. To me living the writers life means having financial freedom. And most importantly spending time with my family, travelling, enjoying life and most escaping away from the 9-5 rat race, and limited income.

    Guest (Salma Miskeen)

  330. I have been a published gardening, special topics and more for most of my life but I'm getting serious now! I have had MS for 27 years, learned to eat right, organic foods, and more. Now I will be able to have the writer's life I want, staying home and writing!!

    Guest (Kimberly Childers)

  331. To live the life as a writer, for me would mean finally escaping the constraints of a 9-5, dead end job. I love to write. And its also important for me to spend more time at home with family.ma

    Guest (John)

  332. I have a degree in English Language & Literary studies but have not started earning income and making a living through my career. Thanks to AWAI for this opportunity to actualize my dreams.It is really amazing.

    kaycee uleh

  333. What does a writers life look like? An avenue for my creativity,and stroke my inner passion to create and make myself fulfilled and tired with the emotional release of conveying thought.

    Guest (lee)

  334. I have been writing for years now, especially using my writing gifts to inspire and communicates ideals to others.though the cash is not yet flowing as I expected, but am happy when people stop to congratulate me and tells me how my books have bring changes to their lives. And my writes life is to share my thoughts and knowledge to upcoming writers in Africa and the world through my new program called "bookprenue. Thanks for awai becoming part of you have inspired me and birthed bookprenuer.

    Guest (Janet ejere)

  335. I am not a Writer as yet but I write to fulfill my passion. Words to me are the magnificent tools that shape the ideas, culture, history of my life into a page or pages that please me and might please others. After all every Writer's page is an excerpt of his or her life woven together with the fantasy of words.

    Guest (Chandra Loess)

  336. The writer's life means being able to be productive, in spite of health issues, and creating fiscal security such that my husband can pursue the fulfilling work he wants, as well as being able to buy a farm. Then we can raise our own grass-fed beef, drink healthy raw milk and make our own dairy products for fun and hire people who need work to help me with the parts I can't do.

    Guest (Kat)

  337. Hi, the Writer's Life to me would mean, the freedom to be around and be about!!


  338. To me living a writer's life means using the power of words to make an impact/transformations, to be able to contribute to giving a voice to issues/things in a way that reaches everyone and brings about a positive change, to express a point of view about something that many others/nonwriters too could relate to, to bring out the beauty of things, people, nature, relations, st al through the magic of words, ........and yup getting my freedom and financial security are of course the icing on the cake...yummm ;)

    Guest (Hina)

  339. To finally be self-employed as a Writer means I can work from home, arrange my own work schedule and be there for my grandchildren (who live with me)--instead of missing events because I'm shackled to 9am - 5pm and coming into work when I don't feel well physically and emotionally.
    On Monday: Boom! My ex died of a heart attack! We were making plans to get back together and be one happy blended family. Right now I'm an emotional wreck but I have to suck it up because I'm self-employed as a Project Manager and I'm shackled to Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm.
    If I were self-employed as a Writer, I would be at home grieving right now in private but instead I'm here crying on anyone's

    Guest (Dana Owens-not Queen Latifah)

  340. I am a visual artist and I have always dreamed being a writer. When I was in high school and college I wrote articles for newspapers in English and Spanish. In 2015 I wrote a novel in English and in 2016 I wrote one in Spanish, as my first step into writing novels. However, selling novels is not easy since readers do not know who the writer is. Through the internet I learnt about AWAI and My Travel Program and I hope to complement my passion with copy-writing as a source of income.


  341. Living a writers life for me is, impacting the world from the comfort of your home!

    Guest (Lois Peters )

  342. To me living a writer's life means doing something creative during my free hours and make money through it so that I can take care of my parents. Also I want to spend time with my family. But how do I find employment?

    Guest (Sujata)

  343. I am 82 years old, I have enjoyed writing about relatives, Christian articles, pets, mostly dogs, and practical ideas. I am not tooooo creative in fictional stories. Mostly short stories is where I fit in. I would love to submit articles or short stories to magazines etc. I have written letters to the Editor in several newspapers but that is all ever published.

    Guest (Martha West)

  344. Living the writer's life is not something I've given a lot of thought to. I've been journalling and essaying since I was a kid and I'm now partially retired. I can work hard or I can work smart and why not do something I enjoy?

    Guest (Jim Odell)

  345. To have the freedom and flexibility to know that I am able to earn a great living, no matter where I am in the world, through something I love!


  346. All my life I have loved writing, and was told I should be a writer. Life got in the way, but I always thought when I retired I would have the time to do my favorite hobbies and hone up on my writing skills. I have managed to turn all of my hobbies into daily activities, but I have not started writing again. I love to travel, have many dreams still on my "bucket list" and would love to make enough money to cross some or all of them off!

    Hope for the Dream

  347. I am adding a comment as a guest and have yet to become a member but after reading thru some of these members comments I can certainly see many pluses of becoming a writer. I actually joined this to boost my creativity as i feel like it needed a little help but I might give writing a try as well.

    Guest (marty)

  348. Greetings! My desire and hope is to turn my passion for writing from a hobby into a profitable business that allows me to spend quality time with my 84 year old mother. I live in California and she resides in NYC. We would cherish the time together and embrace the changes that come in her golden years. Much of my personal development and strength has been nurtured by my mother. My writing is my life and an echo for her that has planted itself next to the bank of a river. We sustain one another and nurture the difference that arise with the dawn of each new day. SJ Wallace

    Guest (Sheila Juanita Wallace)

  349. There are a lot of "I wants" in these comments. I suppose I have them too. But firstly, I want to thank Poetrypoem dot com for providing the advertisement for Barefoot writers. Through poetry, children's stories and opinion editorials I feel compelled to give of myself to better the life's of others. Writing is a gift. I see this business in the same light. In most any situation I can help others by providing motivation, enthusiasm, and creativity. That's what I want most from being a writer. Even if no one knows who I am. Sure, I need a new car, I would like my wife to be able to retire... and I would like to be responsible for making things like that happen. Especially, by doing what I love most; writing.


  350. The "writer's life" I want is to submit magazine articles. I feel my strength is in simplifying an idea or vision into a magazine article that would interest yet not bore a reader, making them intrigued to know more.

    Guest (Judy)

  351. Living the Writer's Life, has giving me my "Shout" back. It challenged my fears and ignited spirit. It's another Dream come true. Once again," I'm Riding the Wave", for the second time. This time, bigger, better and with self purpose. Today, financially I can spoil myself, my family and friends. I am no longer considered, "Your a Joke when your Broke". I'm connected into a world of supportive writer's, that share their wealth of information. Most of all, I get to Express my writing passion in words, emotions and drama.
    Thank You, AWAI

    Guest (Irene Trematerra)

  352. To write for me is not only a way to earn money to live, but also, is the freedom and independence I could experience being able to handle my own time; to have the opportunity to express my own ideas. I like written communication because I have limitless time to think what I want to say, to examine it,to make the needed corrections in order to be assertive on what I want to convey.

    Guest (Maria)

  353. Writing means a full expression of my thoughts and feelings towards life that's filled with experiences and desires that I can pass on to those who really need them to inspire and empower their own lives ~ LaNelle (that's me)

    Guest (Nellie )

  354. living the writters life to me simply means an outpour of purpose in written form

    Guest (madugba prosper)

  355. For me, “the writer's life" means living life just the way I want and being myself, doing what I love most.
    It means “creativity". To create something from my thought, making it look real.

    Guest (Beth Bethy)

  356. Hopefully it will mean that my husband will not have to drive 90 minutes to work and back every day. I have just started this process and I have hope that I will succeed

    Guest (Madeline)

  357. Well,it is said that well begun is half done.
    I don't know, my beginning is under this category or not.

    Guest (Ali Azfar Imam)

  358. I signed up for Accelerated Writing to get some tools to help my 3 clients. I retired last year from a very hectic and loved marketing career to relax in the Philippines on my Social Security check. These clients pay my airfare back to the US each year.
    After starting the course, I found that my “blood is flowing” again.
    The money will allow me to live better, but the challenges will help me live happier and longer!
    There is more to life than just relaxing and getting by. Let’s get busy!

    Ron from the Philippines

  359. The writer's life means a whole lot to me even though financial success and security happens to be my primary objective. I will like to engage myself in this noble profession for the purpose of the love I have in mind for it,and that I may write to educate the reading public in the future.
    To have enough time for myself and my family while I engage myself in doing the job I cherish.I also appreciate the peace of mind it will create for me to be around my family.

    Johnny Morrison Konneh

  360. For me the writers life is FREEDOM! Something that you can do wherever you want, without pressure. I lost 4 jobs in 3 months since I came here in USA, I still can't find a job, somewhere I need to learn to menu or etc. I don't want to do that, I can't. I want to have time, sit and write. My dream room is always with table, paper and pens.The most important thing I learned lately is that I don't want a boss, I don't want a pressure, I don't want a fear that I might be fired tomorrow. I want a freedom, more time and do the job I'm dying to do.It's short comment, but I can write a book of how much passion I have for writing. I'm glad I can find a people who can understand me.

    Guest (Melani)

  361. As an avid reader I have always wanted to try my hand at writing. A writer's life would allow me to work from my home and not have to fight the traffic, weather, and stress of a full time job! It would be great to have not only freedom of time, but freedom from money worries!! As I approach retirement, I fear I will have to continue working to make ends meet. The writer's life would give me peace of mind, which is priceless!

    Guest (Therese)

  362. The writers life will help me to be a famous inspirational writer I always wanted to be. And as well relieve me of the intimidations and politics in my job. I will be able to manage my time myself and as well have time for my family, so also make every necessities of life with ease.

    Guest (Doris)

  363. This mean I won't have to drive to work I can't drive anyway and I can also help pay the bill while I'm at home. I would feel bad letting the bills be payed by one person when they also have to pay for gas going to work

    Guest (Nobody )

  364. Freedom to work from anywhere in the world; that is my goal.

    Guest (Mercy)

  365. Living the writer's life for me would be aside from the obvious financial advantages to: see the life I esnt to live in writing as well as life I actually live and to above all else be a witness to and a voice for the glory of God to this generation.

    Guest (Linda Bell)

  366. Living the writer's life for me would be aside from the obvious financial advantages, to see the life I want to live in. writing as well as the life I actually live and to above all else be a witness to and a voice for the glory of God to this generation.

    Guest (Linda Bell)

  367. CJ’s Ideal Writer’s Life…
    …Being able to do what I do best to help other people accomplish their goals. That makes me part of something larger than myself! This lifestyle will ideally enable me to be there for my family at the beautiful and critical times in our journey without compromising my ability to make a living. For me, this is a passion, a ministry, and a way to use my diverse life experiences and interests in a way that is productive and fun.

    Guest (CJ)

  368. I love writing, and always have.I teach ESL/EFL 7 days a week, both online and in person to people worldwide. But I was docked 2 weeks' salary for not watching a 5 min. video recently, so I decided it was time to quit. (only one of my 5 jobs, that is...)

    I've always wanted to retire on Vancouver Island, and own a waterfront house w/ a deck, where I can watch the orcas swim by in the morning, and write all day long, my passion.

    So, it's time to make some money to buy that house!!! ;)

    Guest (Susan Branyas)

  369. I have just received your second mail to me since I signed up.The first came with a video which watched and was the more encouraged to dream on with what the writer's life means to me. Since my college days, I hoped to be a writer one day.I went into the Arts class but was later moved into the sciences.Yes, I am a Chemist but the crave for writing has been burning in me.I stumbled on your site on the net a few days back and I have not rested since then. My dream "what the writer's life means" is to live a life free of debts, a life of financial freedom, a life of working from anywhere in the world with my PC and choosing the type and the range of pay.

    Guest (Augustine)

  370. Living the writer's life means I can work in my house without having to have a tiresome routine and move me every morning. Having money to pay off the bills and not worry about it, and be able to have a good life with my wife, traveling and working where I want to work. To realize my dreams and have the house I want without worrying if I will be able to pay by the end, change my country. And in all, could take time for me to study and take care of myself, to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed.

    Guest (Adrieli)

  371. To me, living the writer's life dreams means I won't have to scrape when age 62 gets here. Being a newly 59 yr. old divorcee and not having worked in 10 years can be eye opening. I've journal Ed all my life. Written silly poetry. But I love to write. To me it will bring freedom from financial stress and possibly travel and do things I've always dreamed of doing.

    Judy Keeling 57

  372. To me, living the writer's life dreams means I won't have to scrape when age 62 gets here. Being a newly 59 yr. old divorcee and not having worked in 10 years can be eye opening. I've journal Ed all my life. Written silly poetry. But I love to write. To me it will bring freedom from financial stress and possibly travel and do things I've always dreamed of doing. It also will be fulfilling my purpose in life! Freedom is writing- writing is freedom.

    Judy Keeling 57

  373. I've often dreamed of being able to focus solely on writing as a career. To achieve success in this area would give me the freedom to eliminate several part-time endeavors that take my energies in divergent directions without fear of putting the family at risk financially.

    Words have the power to transport you, inspire you, even heal you. I dream of having the ability to help others move from a place of darkness into a better space because of the picture/images/world I created with words.

    Guest (TFLaws)

  374. Living the writer’s life provides the opportunity to do what I love: travel and have multi-cultural experiences, which demonstrate the commonality of humans. The writer’s life allows me to thrive in freedom and with choice.

    Guest (Ghosha Maffei)

  375. At the tender age of 8, my skinny legs trembled, and my head went fuzzy when asked to speak in front of the class. I begged, "I can write anything, except please, no speaking!" Today, as a professional sales person, the verbal presentation is inevitable, and anxiety is relentless. Writing however, is invigorating, pleasurable, artistic, interesting! I will always have a need to solve others problems, but as a writer, my passion is satisfied to the 10th power. A magnificent future awaits!

    Guest (Marta)

  376. I write because my head is full and my mind works faster than my body. It sends me back to all the places and people in my life at one point or another. I cannot stop it would hurt too much!

    Guest (Sharon Lafond)

  377. When I was a little girl I aways dreamt about someday being an author and in 2013, I was able to test the waters and took the challenge to self publish the first children's book and ready to publish five more that I've finished. To me being a writer means inner peace, spending more time with my two kids, fulfillments, exicitements, and being able to write allows me to open another window of opportunities for others as well.

    Guest (Alexandra Bickley)

  378. For two decades, I helped my life partner run his business, and made great money, but we worked 24/7 365. It was his business, but I acted like a business owner. I supervised 50 people, and was "on-call" all the time. I can remember leaving the house every day and crying because I wanted to stay home and be with my dogs, and write. My partner passed away a year and a half ago. I am still running the family business with his kids, but I work part-time in the office now. That is the first step towards living the writer's life.
    I see myself finally being able to stay home, with my current dogs lying at my feet while I write. Don't use the word "retirement". This is long-overdue a career change.

    Kathy Mueller

  379. At 70, I look at the choices I made and those made for me. As a child, my imagination was my best friend, yet I had to get a “real job”. So, I tried many mind-numbing “jobs”. Now, retired, disabled and caring for my beautiful bride of 48 years, my mind still spins.

    On our fixed income we struggle to pay bills; the largest being health. When I stumbled on AWAI, I thought just maybe these imaginings could be put, on paper, to ease our fiscal burden. With AWAI, I am sure I can make it happen.

    Guest (Bruce Roberts)

  380. My husband is a Vietnam veteran and we are both retired now. I thought I would like to try to write children's stories or commercials or motivational books. I would love to try and see if I can actually call myself a writer and earn some extra money as well. We love to travel and with extra money we can and spend some extra time with our family.

    Guest (DHouston)

  381. Being a professional writer is my goal. I'm not there yet! I'm maybe "practicing" at this stage.

    Living the "Writer's life" would mean that I could do what I enjoy doing most, but right now I do it for free, and when I'd get money for doing it, I'll be able to continue doing it and not have to worry about whether I can make my rent for the month.

    Being disabled after suffering a major stroke, and only having the use of one hand, prevents me from being employed at a 9-5 M-F type of job. Typing comes easily, if not slowly. Being a writer just makes sense at this stage in my life!

    Guest (Michael Curtis Hesterberg)

  382. I need a little extra per month and would like to see if I have the skills to write for a few extra pennies.

    Guest (Jackie)

  383. Living the writer's life means freedom. I can support my family while managing my family obligations, I can nourish my dreams by not being tied down to a 9-5 job and I can do something I love to do which is write.

    Guest (Kandi Crowe)

  384. The writer's life is about getting back to my first love. It was my dream in high school But life, work, and a slab of procrastination has drowned out what would not be work but sheer freedom. Finally, in 2016 at the age of 42, the Lord has brought me back to my gift.


  385. A writer's life means to me-- bringing the words out that I lost and putting it on paper, financial freedom, making sure my boys have, and the poems I have written and get them out. I have always wanted to write my life story and how I survived without taking my own life away and now I will be able to to just that , thank you.

    Guest (Sonja Shane)

  386. Writing for a living would mean being self employed. Not hitting the clock and having someone on my back 24/7, taking humiliation just to keep a job to pay my bills and buy food; to take care of myself.
    I always dreamed of being a writer, of short true or fictional stories. I know if I can wing something like that it is possible I could write in the big league some day.
    Write a variety of subjects. Confidence is my biggest fear(how much do I have). I practice at home but soon get away from writing to work at jobs I hate. I am 14 credit hours from a degree and don't have funds to finish college right now.
    It is worth it to me to give this alot of attention.

    Guest (Gigi Wright)

  387. I woke up to get ready for work. It was 2:30 p.m. I had slept this whole fine fall day away to get ready for 5, 12 hour nights. Great pay but long hours. I heard someone start up their Harley for an afternoon ride. I was jealous. I love to ride and soon it would be too cold. I am looking forward to working MY optimum time when I'm more functional...days. Not really a night person. To travel when I want and not when I can. To bring my husband home too. He works for the same company.

    Nancy Haun

  388. A writer’s life will give me back my freedom; the freedom which will make me what I originally was, unique. They say that people give their best under pressure. I disagree! I say that, yes, people do a lot of work under pressure, but not necessarily good work. Freedom brings out the best in you when you actually can experiment, think and then do whatever you want to do.
    And after all these things, it will give me the power of telling the story I want to tell the world.

    Guest (Archit Shorey)

  389. I think its good to tell my story for the first time in web. I feel like am decreasing something stressing my mind and also telling new story that everyone can learn from that.yes also i want to get paid that's good thing also i want to start my own program like this one day i will and giving for students the chance for making there pocket money. Most student's here in ethiopia got many stories. So when they tells us that story's also learning from others and getting paid that is good for all of us also it decrease the parents monthly giving moneys

    Guest (yemane)

  390. Living the writers life - While I'm not technically a writer yet, I look forward to the day I can describe myself as one. Freelance writing will allow me to explore different areas of interest, provide a forum to express creativity and opinions, and begin to enhance expertise in specific focus areas. I will also be able to build a more flexible and sustainable lifestyle with my wife and canine family somewhat "off the grid" in southern Appalachia. I'm anxious to learn more from this group!

    Chip Bailey

  391. t means freedom to do what I've always wanted to do--WRITE!!

    Guest (Jacqueline Cyr)

  392. I want to inspire and inform people with my writing. I enjoy writing and want to earn money doing something that I enjoy. I also want to have more time to spend with my family as well I as have more time for other things I enjoy.

    Guest (Daryl)

  393. I have always loved to play with words and their creative power. I am beginning to plan for retirement and have been pondering what I might do to fill my time and earn some extra income. Being a writer would give me the opportunity to do something I enjoy, work on my own schedule, and earn extra income that would allow me to have more financial security to enjoy my retirement.

    Guest (Leah Elrod)

  394. Living he writers life means being FREE! Free to do what I want when I want , travel to places I have viewed nightly on the travel channel , having better finances without worry. Not waiting to go visit my daughter during certain times of the year but, when I feel like it. To be unchained and unapologetically FREE!

    Guest (Nancy )

  395. I love to learn and do research on topics I am interested in. Thinking about the combination of research and sharing the information with persuasive writing is an exciting prospect. It's the journey that matters...

    Mountain Laurel

  396. To me living a writers life mean that I can write my feelings down and no one knows it about me. Write about how other people live and when people read it, I watch how they relate to it. Also, putting smiles on people faces.

    Guest (QveenGenni)

  397. The very idea of Writer's Life appeals to me. What I want to know is what do you charge to get started. The details, no beating about the bush.

    Guest (floyd)

  398. The writer's life means spending more time with my family. Another means of expressing my thoughts, feelings, observations and opinions about life, love and world events. Financial freedom to enjoy life and travel with no worries about economic downturns and corporate downsizing.

    Guest (Linda)

  399. It is to earn a living ,be able to take care of my family. I believe will available when ever my family needs me and do other things of my interest.

    Guest (Joy)

  400. Living the writers life is tobe involved in a careerthat gives me the opportunity to have a well paid job in every corner of this unbelievable world, using just only, a tablet, computer or whichever device, to provide professional services to all the customers around several commercial areas.

    Guest (Gabriel Guillermo Pitrelli)

  401. A friend gave me the book The Right to Write several years ago, and it was the first time in my life that I felt an affirmation for my writing. The kind of honest writing I've done on Facebook the last two years, about my bold life change, uprooting from East to West Coast ... I've received consistent feedback that I should write professionally. I've always journaled, written hand written letters, observed life, and my most sacred space is when I write. I want to follow this.

    Anne At Sea

  402. Living the writer's life means that I will be able to live debt-free and be able to pay for any expenses (medical or otherwise) that come up unexpectedly. It means I will be able to travel without worrying about the expense and I will be able to visit with family in other parts of the country. It will mean I will be able to spend some time with a fur baby that is longing for a chance to find a forever home!

    Guest (Mona)

  403. The writer's life means doing something I enjoy, having time for family and friends, making a living and actually contributing to my family's needs in a meaningful way among other things

    Guest (Virginia)

  404. The Writer's Life to me means not having to struggle to transcribe medical reports for non-English-speaking doctors or for surgeons who garble words and speed through dictation, and being paid 8 cents a line to do it while maintaining 98% accuracy and a daily line count quota. The stress and pressure of that job, even though I do it at home and have no commute, no office politics, no water cooler gossip, is still stress and pressure. And somebody else is making the big money!

    Guest (JoJo)

  405. Living the writers' life means possibly finally having unlimited earning potential.

    Guest (DJ)

  406. Writer life be like no more hard work great pay vacation when I like give people some words they like to read.


  407. Writer life be like no more hard work great pay vacation when I like give people some words they like to read.


  408. Writer life means to enjoy quality time,not to work long hours lots of money and to be a good writer.


  409. The life of a writer is a life of freedom. The ability to going places, without the worries of money. The chance, no, the choice of see new and wonderful places, or to sitting on the front porch watching the world go by. Putting my fantasies in print and knowing others can enjoy them as much as I do.

    Guest (Delberta O-Pethke)

  410. Being a writer means embracing part of my artistic destiny. To be a creative writer as well as free lancing, etc., means freedom in work, and freedom in speech. I took a few diff. personality tests online (funny ones) but one said I am similar to J.K. Rowlings personality and another one said I am the fearful but at the same time very brave Katniss from the Hunger Games. Knowing this shows me the variety I can offer as a writer, but having the personality of J.K. shows me challenges of her life made her one of the best and top paid writers.

    Guest (MJ)

  411. It means living "The Beach Life." Freedom to earn a multi million dollar life and to work at your choosing and enjoy life!

    Guest (Kevin)

  412. The writer's life for me would look like a warm cup of "joe" with a favorite chocolate delight on the side while relaxing in the open-air, enjoying a warm breeze, while absorbing the sun rays of the perfect 80 degree temperature in whatever state or country I desire to be in. It means I am bad-debt free, able to meet all of my obligations and 70% of my desires, and provides me the freedom to write, inspire, grow, and learn more without reservations of any kind.

    Guest (Yolanda B )

  413. Living the writer's life for me is putting life into words the places I go, the people I meet and the things I do and see.All these experiences I can express and share in words.

    Guest (Ethel Davis)

  414. What writer life mean never have to fight rush hour traffic again,I can work from home have time for my grandbaby & family have control of my life do not need to ask permission for doctor appointments,I can spend more time Kingdom Building for God!
    And make money in the meantime.

    Guest (Eva Moore)

  415. All the benefits that I've read about on your site such as: having the freedom to work when you want to work, having the extra income, that is wonderful, but to me it's icing on the cake. If I write, I have to have a purpose other then selling a product or selling in general. I am sure selling would be more lucrative and I do need the income. However, I have this internal desire to inspire those in need on an emotional level and possibly help others open a door to a brighter way of thinking.

    Guest (Elizabeth Gower)

  416. I am brand new to AWAI, but I know what the Writer's Life means for me:
    It means I can buy a new home; pay off my car; go on vacation to California! It means that the skill that I was most proud of is going to help me become a GREAT writer...even publish a novel. I am excited about my journey with AWAI!

    Guest (Star Carrington)

  417. Living the writer's life to me is an answer to prayer and a realization of a dream. I'm looking forward to many years of writing success with hopes of one day resigning from my job and living the dream full time.

    Guest (Zaynah)

  418. It was so encouraging reading all the comments by members and soon to be members of AWAI.You know the ole cleche your never to old.Well thank God here I am at 65, and looking foward to the best and most prosprous years of my life. I know with all the help available at AWAI success is mine.My wife and I are raising our grandkids. And they deserve the best, and thank God he has directed me towards AWAI.I'am really excited to learn all this awsome program has to offer.A brand new life. Thank you

    Guest (Erminio Silva)

  419. For me is to spend time with my kids. When my girl left to college I realized thatlife is passing me by fast and I missed out on the little thing.i want more freedom to be with my kids. That for me is my new writers life.😇

    Guest (Mayra Martin)

  420. What does it mean to live the writer's life? Freedom. Freedom to enjoy the things YOU value most in life. Family. Travel. Adventure. Music. Photography. Anything you want. I am inspired by reading the comments in this thread and can't wait to truly get started down this path. I have written novels and screenplays in the past that were never purchased. I thought writing would forever be a hobby. I was ready to be relegated to my day job when I found this group. I am energized again!

    Guest (Clint Feuerbach)

  421. The writer's life to me is being able to write about things I believe in and enjoy. I also need to know what it feels like to not have to worry about how I am going to be able to pay for things that are needed for me and my family.

    Guest (Christine McBride)

  422. Following the extreme life changing series of surgeries, loss of networking connections, and home I will be able to move back into a personally productive part of my life and make my retirement work for me.

    Guest (Jeno)

  423. To me living the writers life means that I can do what I love to do from my heart & the heart of my home!

    Guest (Becca)

  424. I've been presented with an opportunity - I'm ready to run with it!


  425. The writer's life for me means more time for ministry, travel, and financial freedom.

    Guest (Rana Cooper)

  426. To me the writer's life would mean fulfilling a dream of being a writer,and becoming financially independent of working for someone else. I love to write and have wanted to do this for sometime. I do have a little history in journalism.

    Guest (Phyllis Bowman)

  427. Living the truth is written,one man done many things unexplainable. Living with the understanding has enabled my walk as the writer to shine bright.How to Jam - part 1 by T33ZYWAY

    Guest (T33ZY3WAY)

  428. Writers life make me stop to look at others problems their different lifestyles. I tend to focus on what goes on around me. From there I tend to try to piece together what I am imagining their lives to be. I am one to write the self help inside of a novel. Quirky? Yes it seems to be but it works for me.

    Guest (NRtoxic)

  429. Living the Writers Life ~ I have always loved writing. What started as an outlet has become a passion. It’s difficult to comprehend how satisfying life would be if I were Living the Writers Life. Writing full time would put my life on a whole new level and set an entirely new path to explore. Just the possibility excites me.

    Guest (Pamela )

  430. Writers life makes me escape the nonsense around me and helps me accomplish what I've always wanted. It calms me down when I am frustrated and it helps me organize my feelings in a way I've never before. It helps me becaoem who I am and who I want to be. It helps me imagine a life beyond my reach, an imaginary life that barriers keep me from reaching.
    But in writing, there are no barriers and that is what makes me me.

    Guest (Malak Alwawi )

  431. For me the writers life means being able to not have to go to place where I have to punch a clock and deal with a boss that may or may not be someone who has my best interest at heart. It's being able to express myself creatively in such a way is to help someone else achieve their dreams as well. Ultimately I want to be able to provide for my family.

    Guest (Detrick Cornelsen )

  432. What living the writer's life means to me is finally taking the risk - doing what I have always wanted to do, and not letting others tell me that I am too old, no-one else will hire me, so I have to stay in the same job that makes me so miserably unhappy. For years, all I ever wanted was to be a staff photographer for National Geographic. Well, I can pretty much assume that that ship has long since sailed. But, with this course, I feel that maybe I do have a chance to at least follow my dream. I am so excited about getting started.


    Guest (Bev)

  433. Writers life and what it means to me is just being able to be a stay at home wife and focus on opening a business as a hairsylist...I want my money to work for me and not struggle to start a family barely making ends meet.

    Guest (Dominique Mitchell)

  434. I like to write fictional short stories, books and research anything but my income is horrible so the writer's life means being able to do what I love to do and making a better income. I love to travel, observe people, funny and serious situations and events. By making more money by freelance writing at first I'll be able to travel and I'll experience more about life and draw on these experiences in order to make me a better writer which is my goal; that's the writer's life to me.


  435. I want writing to take an important income generator in my life. I have actually written alot and l still write daily but l want to profit from my writings, at least something​ that can make my pockets smile while l make people's mind better through multidimensional writing style. Honestly, l love to write .

    Guest (Femi OE)

  436. It's a bit awkward for me because I've been working a 9 to 5 job for 30 years, but always thought that I would be better doing something else.

    For all that long years I never really know what I should be doing until the last couple of years - freelance writing.

    My writers life would meant extra money on the side and eventually leaving my day job so that I dont have to rat race and face the unnecessary pressure from bosses and colleagues (they like to point fingers at us do they?) And to have more time with family.

    Guest (Afendi)

  437. "I love bringing the alphabet to life". As a publisher, songwriter, published author and freelance writer, I can proudly say, my mind is no longer of individuality, but consists of many multitudes!
    I look forward to the journey I am about to embark upon with like minded Quantum Leapers!

    Guest (Billie)

  438. My writer's life would mean to me that I wouldn't have to work at a boating job watching dementia patients who calls me names and uses the Lord's name in vain. It means having incom to finally be able to move out on my own, and to not be a burden any more. It means to be able to pay off my debts. It means to be able to travel the world. That's what it means to me.


  439. Writing to me is more than words on a paper. More than a 9-5. To me it's a place where I free my thoughts weather it be good or bad, it feels good to let them go.

    Guest (Raul Chalin)

  440. Years ago when I worked for a magazine publisher, I learned a lesson. That lesson is that there is a progression of power from the world of ideas to that of the written word. First there is the "idea" which has fundamental power but when that "idea" is spoken it gains more power...a reality. Then when the idea is finally written down, it has its greatest power. To quote someone it is "the power of the written word."

    Learning to write, then, is my attempt to bring ideas to life and into their own power.

    Guest (John Lysdahl)

  441. Every since I was a little girl in elementary school I always had a desire to write. I did write some things and put them away through out my life. I believe this opportunity would be a great time to move forward in learning more and doing more. The writers life would allow me to help myself and those much less fortunate. I would love to help homeless young boys. I mean just to get them off the street would be a blessing.

    Guest (Dorcas Stalling)

  442. the writers life to me means doing something i love getting paid and be able to spend quality time with my family able to work when i want.being able to have enough money to do so.

    Guest (jmun32)

  443. Mostly, living the writers life will mean that I will become the provider of necessities for my wife that cannot work anymore. As she becomes less mobile I will be able to care for her and prevent the outside world from mistreating her.

    Guest (SDavenport)

  444. My inner desire to explore, think about, describe, and feel, all can be well expressed through writing..It shiuld start with an idea of something you believe in and you believe that how you will convey it to people makes them maybe not totally believe in you but somehow may say " how can i come up with such a wonderful idea", I am not a professional writer yet i feel and i believe my inner self tells me i can do it..

    Guest (Emma)

  445. To me, the writing life would mean that I am enjoying my hobby of writing, but also making a living from it! I also don't even have a car yet, so working from home is very convenient, rather than taking a city bus to go to work everyday. Also, I can really just be myself with writing, imagination has no limits. And I will not be limited to when I work and don't work, there will be no set schedule!

    Guest (Jessrules23)

  446. my writers life is having enough time to inspire others while i make money for my family, helping them to climb ladders to success at the corner of my room.
    I also want to be able to go on vacation with my family.

    Guest (Toyin A Griffin)

  447. I began writing in my early twenties. I wrote articles for small local newspapers. My family and job became more important than my writing. I am now 79 and in a nursing home, my wife of 60 years died last February in the same home. I'm hoping my writing can help people in the same situation.


  448. To live the Writer's Life to me would mean freedom and joy. I would love to able to make my living writing. Writing comes fairly easy to me, but I need to have "assignments" in order to make myself write. I often write just for fun when time permits (which is not often), so that writing--which should be a grand career utilizing my gift has become something like to a "guilty pleasure" for me. This should not be!

    Guest (Mary StVrain)

  449. I know I will never reach my goals swapping hours for dollars because brains are always worth more than brawn. I am searching for a better financial situation but with the freedom to do the things I like whenever I choose. I don't have to write the great American novel; I just want to see my grandchildren grow up and not from the distance of a time consuming job. I'm quite capable of being a productive writer so I will.

    Guest (Sheila Kendall)

  450. There is such an excitement deep in my soul! I am chomping at the bit to get started-Yeehaw! I am experiencing a new season in life, distant grandchildren, empty nesting and a new adventure developing before me. Make a viable living doing what I love to do?! Where do I sign up!? I have had a children's book rattling in my head for years, just bursting to come to life. My research in building my VA business brought me to AWAI. As a child had several penpals, journaled my journeys and is known as the "Card Queen". Love sending blessings in cards for all seasons of life, This site,upon discovering it two days ago,has given me clearer direction of my dream of writing and earning a substantial living.

    Guest (Terri Lauri)

  451. Writer's life to me is the constant communicating thoughts to better improve life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to all. News. stories, events, discoveries and the discipline to put these ideas together that will gain attention to others to enhance their time experience with ideas rarely conceived before so much so that they'll comeback for more. It will no doubt be a mind expanding experience for all.


  452. Writer's life to me is one I am just starting. It is my way to share my thoughts and experiences with others. It is a way to hopefully help others work through issues in their lives. It is a way to promote my DS businesses and to hopefully reach my dream of being able to fully work from home. I want to become stronger in being able to openly communicate with those around me and to express my feelings easily. I have always loved to write but have not put it to practice until now.


  453. Being a writer, to me, means being both big and small at the same time. One gets to be a small fish in big waters- learning, exploring... becoming bigger. The only way one navigates this world of black holes and bright colors is by putting language to what we've seen. When we give our experiences language, the unknown world becomes a new discovery- a known wonder! I liken it to the Alice in Wonderland or a Dorothy in Oz story where we leave ourselves, entering an unknown land within our imagination, and must write our way out! It is most exhilarating!

    Guest (Tiffany Fields)

  454. Donna I am looking for a fun rewarding career I can take with me thru retirement. II have always been drawn to the idea of writing

    Guest (Donna)

  455. Putting what you know into words anyone can understand...and enjoy reading.

    Guest (Lorili)

  456. Has anybody had any success breaking in as a book reviewer? If so, how?


  457. The writer'S life? A life of wonder. A life of freedom. A life with no boundaries. That is the writer's life. Writing is just like reading. It can take you to so many place that only you could dream of. By putting words to paper you start to open door, for yourself and others. The writer's life will make you live on forever. No one can take the words away from you. When someone read what you have put down, you and your words live on. If you are lucky enough they will be taught to someone and then they will in turn teach someone else. Writing allows you to live forever.

    Guest (Shanecaron)

  458. For me,the writer's life means being able to pay all my bills without any sweat,no longer borrowing any money,and above all putting up or buying my own house so I can live there with my family. Generally to live a stress-free and happy life.


  459. I think that the what the writers life means to me is that you get to do what you want, when you want, and how you do it and there may be more things besides the main goal that you can accomplish when you write which can be anything, to impress someone, to get money for the long-run, to express your feelings, and to get famous. So the writers life can be anything and it will be focused to one general area.

    Guest (IsaaqFinnie)

  460. To me, the writer's life is doing what you love to do each day, basking in it even when it seems challenging.
    Your love for what you do overrides the challenges and propels you to eagerly, yet patiently, comb through the nitty-gritty, with great expectation and fulfillment.

    Guest (Marlene)

  461. Living life as a writer to me means being able to share my thoughts with others.

    Guest (Revship)

  462. I am retired, but like most of us, we could use a little money to buy a car, pay off our house, and most of all to support my hobby of wood working. Tools and all hardwood are always becoming more expensive. I love to do it but need more money to keep do it. I have written word all my life, I wrote sermons for 42 years and even won a Pulitzer for a newspaper article about 10 years ago. So I think I can do it.

    Guest (Lynn Evans)

  463. I love to travel, meet new people and experience new things. At the same time, I want to be able to write for living. I am a passionate person. Being stuck in an office drives me crazy.

    Guest (Lewis Stockham)

  464. What does the writer's life mean to me? I don't know yet! But I've taken AWAI's message to heart - I'm a writer because I write, and I write because I must. Not being satisfied with that, however, I want my written word to flow as naturally as my speech. This can happen to the point of professional caliber - I'm certain of it. I've been a musician for years & I know enough not to be disappointed if results don't come quickly. Nevertheless, if I may paraphrase here, "if you write it, they will read it, if it's worth it". I think for me, the writer's life will be achieved when my ability is worth someone's time..

    Guest (Steven Avitabile)

  465. Writing professionally means that my wish came true. It means freedom and creativity. It means working for myself. It means giving my own voice a priority.

    Guest (Sylvia)

  466. The Writer's Life for me, is writing fiction stories that can entertain and inspire like the many that have fulfilled this purpose for me as I grew up. I would like a job that can make a change in the society, but I want to write just as much, let my thoughts flow into a book till it connects with a mind and inspires them, the same way the various books have done for me.

    Guest (Sowmya Vunnam)

  467. I volunteer with a youth group for MANY hours a week. I always struggle with having the time (and money) to volunteer because of work. A big part of my "writer's life" is to make the money I need and adjust my schedule freely to volunteer as much as I want without losing money, having to take vacation time, or feeling guilty that I'm not at work.

    Guest (Chris)

  468. I am a 7 year survivor of a bone marrow cancer known as multiple myeloma. As a patient of this cancer I have found the strength and beauty I never thought I possessed.
    This cancer can not be seen so my voice and words are the only way I have of letting others know that cancer is only a word. Words can not hurt you if you are well informed and have other survivors to lean on.


  469. I am so excited to become a member. I absolutely love to write about anything and everything. I enjoy making short stories, and telling about myself. I simply cannot wait to make extra money, so that away I have no worries about being broke all the time.

    Guest (Michelle)

  470. what the writers life means to me is that I will be in charge of my own life and be able to make the living that I want. To finally be creative, the way I want. since I have been a widow for the last two years I have not been able to grasp that this is my life now. I'm in charge, no one else has a say. With certain health issues I can not work for many places, I used to be a teaching assistant for ten years but now unable to do that too. I need to build a foundation so I can start over again


  471. Perhaps our strongest impulse urges us on to seek our own happiness. For me, a writers life is a wonderful tool to get me on my feet and going there, and eventually serve others. That's what it's all about. I'm tired of sitting on the sidelines. Thank you AWAI for being there to help.


  472. To me The Writer's Life Means working wherever and whenever I want. No more early morning shifts or working jobs I hate. I can make my own schedule and spent time with my family. This will eliminate the stress of daycare and babysitting costs and other issues.

    Guest (Tiwanna Jennings)

  473. After a successful career as an ad agency writer, producer and creative director, which I left 10 years ago, I find myself in need of an income stream. Writing is what I know. Due to an aging spinal cord injury,my mobility is suffering. I want to be able to work from home, coffee shop,or nearby table in the woods...wherever I choose. The Writer's Life can help me achieve those goals.


  474. To me, Writer's life is living the life we desire, I never stopped writing something that will just bring me some inner peace and eventually help me grow as an individual.

    Its always wonderful to share our thoughts and keep us occupied with the skills that we possess.

    It helps to get inspired and be an inspiration as well.

    Thank you AWAI for being there to help.

    Guest (Ranjani)

  475. Doing something so successful and enjoyable that I never want to retire.

    Guest (Mrs K)

  476. To control my life and time. I want the abilityto be free and not under the guidlines of some corporate inity.

    Guest (Randy Owensby)

  477. I dare to dream of a place and time in the near future where writing for a living is what and where I will be. I long for that freedom which allows creativity, spontaneity, and gives me the ability to live comfortably, in my own way. I desire my writing to be appreciated and valued by others, and I would love to just be who I know I can be, do what I know I can do, and have all the time in the world to share with my family, friends, and friends yet to be. That is what this means, Freedom.


  478. Becoming a well-paid writer would allow me flexibility. It would make it easier to schedule other things (like volunteer work). Being able to work from anywhere is also desirable as I do like to travel and visit with friends living around the U.S. I would like to challenge myself to go beyond earnings made in the past. I have always felt I would continue doing something well beyond the age of retirement, and since writing is something I enjoy, it is a perfect match!


  479. When I imagine a writer's life I imagine enjoying the work I do and looking forward to it every morning. I imagine being able to spend more time with my family and go on vacations and do more important things that will last a lifetime. To not be held back my finances or scheduling and to take control of how I'd like my life to go.

    Guest (Maacutercia Cave)

  480. To live a writers life...will be to use all of me, self, my creativity, passion and personality, all of the God-given talents that are me to the fullest extent possible and enjoy every minute of it. To have an income that reflects my true marketplace value. But above all else, to actually be happy about what I do.

    Guest (Jerry Johnson)

  481. To become a writer is a dream come true I had so many experiences in my life and writing would allow me to share some of my experiences and maybe help someone else to better their life I'm married with two adult children and also grandparents of three grandson it really was amazing to see how they all grow up so fast I worked with the Navy Dept and I'm a Air Force mom and I feel really blessed and I enjoy writing about all of my blessing

    Guest (Ann Bascom)

  482. FREEDOM,Peace of Mind, No More Money Worries--For Now

    Guest (joni luse)

  483. How easy life could be writing and earning real and quick cash

    Guest (David Abbott)

  484. For me what living writer's life is about trading in ideas, sharing experience, and making some money to increase my family income to support my budget.

    Guest (Abdul Nayaru Froko)

  485. The writer's life means absolute freedom on my part to do want I love doing without being bug down by the daily rat race.

    Secondly to be able to make a decent living in this life of bless.

    Guest (Paul Molokwu)

  486. The Writer's life to me will mean the opportunity to take the life long passion of writing and use it to gain the freedom to live life more securely and independent. I want to be able to answer the question of "am I in my situation because I have to be or because I want to be?"

    Guest (Jonathan Coach Bostick)

  487. I Love writing and looking forward to Writing as a copy writer.


  488. The writer's life to me means having the freedom to write anywhere in the world, since I can take my computer with me.

    Guest (Kathleen)

  489. Living The writers life means,moving to any where I want and be able to make a living doing what I like writing, I am writing a Book about, Growing up in Trinidad in the war years,Especially the struggles my mother went through, Bringing up, Three little girls my two sisters and Myself.

    Guest (Matilda Washington)

  490. Enjoying a better way of Life,Travel to places YOU never dreamed you will be able to before, How nice it will to be able to sit on a Beach anywhere in the world and let your imagination run wild and free in its own imaginary world.


  491. Hello, so I've been writing all my life, and at the age of ten, I win a reading rainbow contest for 10k, and from that I knew I hand something inside of me that is powerful, and to become apart of AWAI is a long time waiting goal. I believe that I can and I will accomplish all my writing goals with this new life, I well deserve. This is such a blessing. I will be able to share a part of me and influence others to share as well. I'll be keeping a close watch and reach out as much as possible. I'm already feeling free in my thoughts of letting my best work show for itself! I can't wait, I'm so excited to be apart of this world of writers! 🤗

    La Verne Campbell

  492. I'm looking for extra income I can earn from home.

    Guest (Cathy)

  493. I can spend my day doing something I love while helping to pay off my debt and enjoy an amazing quality of life

    Guest (Cheryl)

  494. From, Matilda, I have Three Books I hope to write, Awai is the Gate am, About to open to Accomplish my Dreams,


  495. Living the Writers life too me means being able to express myself though creative writing. I have wrote poetry, miniseries,quotes and autobiography of my own life. I live to express my thoughts though my over active imagination. I will love to make money doing something that I have been doing for years and never got the opportunity to show nor publish writing that I can say I enjoy doing and being proud of my work. Becoming part of the Writers club will allow me to not only continue what I love to do, But others to see and benefit from. Thank you again for a great opportunity to open my horizon again.

    Guest (Beatrice Fields)

  496. Living the Writers life too me means being able to express myself though creative writing. I have wrote poetry, miniseries,quotes and autobiography of my own life. I live to express my thoughts though my over active imagination. I will love to make money doing something that I have been doing for years and never got the opportunity to show nor publish.Writing Is something I can say I enjoy doing. Being proud of my work. Becoming part of the Writers club will allow me to not only continue what I love to do, But others to see and benefit from. Thank you again for a great opportunity to open my horizon again.

    Guest (Beatrice Fields)

  497. The Writer's Life to me means pulling my own weight financially to provide the extras that we can't afford. It means affirming my worth as a writer without having to go to a job. It means spending 6 or 7 hours a week doing something productive that is possible even though I am disabled. It means making a difference.


  498. Ever since I was a seven year old child, I was told to write. It was my daily "chore" that my mother gave me. She knew I had a passion for art and writing. But, she also knew that I was lazy. The more I wrote each day, the more I loved it.

    Now, as an adult, I find myself always writing new topics and new ideas. Even becoming a mom has made me want to write even more so. That's when I found AWAI. I know with them, I can do anything I put my mind to and work the way I want.

    Emma Tune

  499. For me a writers life will be my Dad's dream come true. He was a writer himself and I always admired him for that. I learn't a lot from him and always wanted to write like him. Yes, Money is important but it is also important to discover new things about yourself. I am really looking forward to this and want to share all my experiences with the world. And if these experiences help anyone in anyway, I will be the happiest person.

    Guest (Kailash Gandhi)

  500. To me living the writer's life means that I'll finance the gospel in a bigger way, help lots of kids go back to schools,put smiles on their faces and be a blessing to many I come in contact with all around the world (This has really been my dream).

    Guest (Love Stellamarris Uche)

  501. Living the writers life would work perfectly with the lifestyle I want to live. I want to live a simple minimalist life every day while working for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My plan is to get a high top van and convert it to a house on wheels with everything I need to live inside. Living the writers life would enable me to have a means of income no matter where God sends me. I'm so excited about my future as a writer and being a traveling Evangelist for God.

    Guest (Melissa Mills)

  502. Joining the AWAI means i can work from home and make the income i have always desired so i can spend more time with my boys and my finance. Not having to work long hour shifts.

    Guest (Erika Mantalban)

  503. Living the writer's life means getting paid to do the thing I love. It means freedom to work as many or as few hours as I want. It means that I can quit my 8-5 job and focus on writing my novel and becoming an author, while still earning money and honing my writing skills. It means being able to contribute to my husband's income while having the flexibility to follow my dreams. It means not having to worry about maternity leave when we start a family. THIS is the life I'm dreaming of, and I really hope AWAI can help me achieve it!


  504. My first sales letter was to Donald Trump before I joined here. Then yesterday I nailed a copy so bad that if the reader does not make the best choice, a lot of respect for him might be lost. You know, because I’m someone they pay attention to because I’m an activist who also saves the world. If the client agrees to public display of the copy, you might find it on my websites or social media. I don’t advertise right now as I deal with global powers. Just make sure when you copy you make sure the overarching directive guiding your work is creating something that produces positive effects on those who are in it’s receipt. The hell with a trillion dollars if I have to sell invisible armed robbery.

    Guest (Craig Bank)

  505. I was a teacher and alternative school principal for years and have taught all kinds of writing. I love writing. But, in 2008 I lost everything including most of my retirement. Been living in poverty ever since. Now, health restored, and I want my life back. That's what I see this program going for me. I'm so excited.

    Guest (Patricia Patzer)

  506. Love the interesting stories that people write and why they love writing.

    Guest (Vicki)

  507. This would mean finally being able to retire, and enjoy traveling this beautiful country. Get me an RV and live in it, full time, and get me a companion dog, Boston Terrier.

    Guest (Sandy P)

  508. This should go well. Light source, source of life

    Guest (Ahmed Tijani)

  509. Writing is like music to my ears. When you start hearing those sounds in your ears and you feel as though nothing is impossible, that's when you start to write or sing. A writers life should be adventurous, like cats they're calm and easy but extremely curious, that's where motivation lies. It never killed the cat, it was enlightened.

    Guest (Tijani Ahmed)

  510. Writters life means i can spend time with my baby and watch him grow.

    Guest (Fir3yPho3nix)

  511. I have started writing poems and would like to start. Unfortunately, I dont have the money to start.

    Guest (mchllderby)

  512. I have always had a hidden desire to work as a writer and my 11th grade English teacher spoke words over me that she felt i would be a good one. I never envisioned the vision she saw for me those few years ago until i ran across AWAI. I look forward to this journey and tapping into the creativity of my mind. I am currently unemployed and ready to get to it.
    Grateful I ran across your site.


    Guest (Azure Jean)

  513. The writer's life for me would be one that would allow a little more time in my day to do some of the things I want to do.

    - leaving the commute to and from work would be fabulous
    - not being directed by others
    - doing something that I do enjoy doing - writing.
    - plus, if I were to make more money doing this than the job I currently have - great.

    Guest (Michael Keigan)

  514. The writer's life would mean taking pride in doing something I actually enjoy doing, and having the freedom to do it in a way that works for me, for my family, for the lifestyle I'd like to live - traveling overseas, fun family vacation, being home for my kids and not having to pay daycare/babysitter, financial freedom from debt, enjoying life to its fullest!

    Guest (Patti K)

  515. I can write. I love to write. I can put myself in someone else's shoes. I need extra money.

    Guest (Sophia)

  516. I see the opportunity to tap into your own ability to use your creative talent; and realize that quality of life.

    Guest (alp69)

  517. The Writer's Life means that I'll be able to finally have the financial and time freedom for which I have been searching. It will also allow me to spend more time with my Mom. I'm her caregiver, and although I have a full-time job and work out of my home, the job is very demanding on my time. It is time to do something new, and this is IT! I don't mind working hard to learn what I need to learn so that I can be successful. "Right here, right now..there's no other place I'd rather be...."


  518. I LOVE to write and this would enable me to live a writer's life I've always wanted. Financial freedom, vacations, and more family time.

    Guest (Joya)

  519. The writers life to me is something that I’ve longed for as a child. It’s something that will connect my vision and dreams to an audience who has the same creative mind as I do. I can travel, spend time with friends and connect with people on a level that exceeds greatness. I love story telling and I love the ability to express myself through writing. Making a living is just a bonus that I don’t mind having everyday.

    Guest (Shebah B)

  520. To me,it means having freedom to do what you love to do at your pace and time.

    Guest (Temi )

  521. A writers life to me means being able to express all my thoughts, experiences and dreams to others on paper.

    Guest (Malinda)

  522. The writer's life to me would mean being able to do something I like to do while keeping my mind sharp and my imagination alive.

    Guest (John)

  523. To Me, living the writer's life means that I will be able to pay off my debts, retire from the corporate rat race, have enough money and time to enjoy my grandkids and spend more time with my wife.

    Bill Dudgeon

  524. The writer's life for me would mean financial securities, do some traveling, and spend more time with family.

    Guest (Guest C White)

  525. One day I was employed full-time at a job I loved, earning $50,000+ a year. In a split second my life changed forever after a devastating injury that left me permanently disabled and struggling to exist on disability of less than $15,000 a year. I've always been fascinated by the written word, and if I could actually earn money by writing (something I always wanted but never thought possible to do), I would truly be living my dream life.

    Guest (Paulette)

  526. In my opinion. living the "Writer's Life" can only be accurately commented on by those who have become successful writers, not those of us who aspire to writing and its successes. We do not have the experience to accurately describe what it has meant, individually to us. We may have aspirations but they are not based upon experience.

    What do we aspire to as a writer may be a better question.

    Guest (RALPH)

  527. Writing has always been s passion of mines, and by joining the writing club I’m gonna make my dream of writing a reality and get paid to write. I’m gonna learn all I can from this club and write for money so I can take vacations whenever I feel like it financially comfortable enjoying life with my family.

    Guest (Rosa Hovatter)

  528. I have always enjoyed writing and now I am ready to pursue it as a vocation . . . finally.

    Guest (Jan White)

  529. For me, the writers life means making money doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. I’d love the extra money, but it’s more about following my passion.

    Guest (Jan Epperson)

  530. When I was in English class taking journalist course I always wanted to be a writer. My story was about my little sister struggles with soft bones grow in up with 4 other silibing without a handicap.A delightful story got me A+

    Guest (Pamela Boyd)

  531. to inspire create define a sense of wholeness with my auduiance and provide motivation goal setting boundairys and enlighten those who are stuck in a rut to overcome oppistion and strive for a true humbling expericense through creative writting and metaphoric linguinstics

    Guest (Neven )

  532. No longer having financial concerns and having enough to live worry free and able to take my family on a trip.


  533. I have always wanted to be a writer not because of money or fame. I love putting how I feel down on paper and expressing what I want to say out loud but never have been able to.

    Guest (Crystal)

  534. Living the writers life to me would be spending more time with my two year and being able to save up money to do fun thing with him.

    Guest (RainirShineGirl)

  535. being able to write, work from home, and become financially sound to me is the difference between leaving my small children for someone else to raise, with values that see fit, or having the ability to be present and raise them myself.

    Guest (Rahil)

  536. I would like to make $50,000 or more being a full-time writer. My dream is to work from home!

    Guest (Beth)

  537. My writers life mean being able to have financial security, live where I want to, take vacations when I want to, get out of debt and not worry about having enough money.

    Guest (Jacqueline)

  538. I love to write,and the writer's life for me would help me get to become financial stable,to be debt free,and have freedom. I can go and travel,and enjoy vacationing. The thought of not having to work a few hours,and the five days out of the week anymore to punch in and out at the time clock at my current job.

    Guest (A A)

  539. I write to have a purpose

    Guest (John Thomas McCormick)

  540. In 2015 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Technical and Professional Writing, and have had great difficulty finding appropriate employment. Living the writer's life for me would be learning perpetually and always taking courses. I plan on writing self-help and/or computer manuals for those who don't know how to effectively use a computer. Living the writers life would just flow for me and I would be living a grand life. I would be self sufficient and not depending on Other People's money.

    Guest (gch233)

  541. Getting out of debt and into some thing I can do without having to commute.

    Guest (Jayesin)

  542. Doing something I'm good at and making a contribution.

    Guest (Drew Mitty)

  543. means working from home, making my own schedule

    Guest (Tressa)

  544. Living a writers life means making a difference in people's lives, having a viable living without having to sacrifice myself, my well being, and waisting on something not worthwhile.
    But to spent quality time with my family, while having that joy within knowing you are doing something you love that is inspiring and a motivating factor to many

    Guest (Jossette Stewart)

  545. To me a writer's life means spending time pouring your heart out the way you see things, expressing it all on paper so as to convince the reader.

    Guest (Portia Ndhlovu )

  546. My writers’ life means financial freedom and being in-charge of my time

    Guest (Grace Charles)

  547. Living the writers life to me means I get to spend more time with my kids, we won't have to worry about whether or not we will be able to afford certain things, we can do more things as a family, and it means that we can start buying a house.

    Guest (K-Lynn Bennetti )

  548. I'm 37 years old and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. While I'm not a published writer, I can say that Ive been a writer since the day I was born. Why? Because I believe it is my destiny to put pen to paper and inspire people with my words.
    When all your life you hear "you have a gift, you should be a writer" it would be a shame to not strive for what may very well be (your) calling.

    I'm here! I'm taking the first step towards what I hope to be a dream come true. I have no idea what AWAI really is, how I came across it, or what brought me to this page and leaving a comment... but. I am here and I am hopeful.

    Guest (DVolare)

  549. Writing for me is living out and doing what I always wanted to do such as be my own boss and making my own decisions and doing something that I love and get paid for it.

    Guest (Taucha)

  550. Living a writer's life gives me the opportunity to get all necessity of life

    Guest (Adeoti)

  551. The writers life to me would be pursuing and thriving in a career I had given up on a long time ago. It would eliminate debt and most importantly free my time.

    Guest (Dan Pawloski)

  552. My writers life is so I can release pent up anger I know I cannot get out otherwise

    Stay at home and take care of all the stuff I need to with flexible work hours yet a solid income to make my living on

    As well as the fact to inspire the youth to do good as well as have fun

    Guest (Gryphon )

  553. For me, having a writers life means being able to do what I enjoy which is writing, but it also means making some extra money and maybe even being able to replace my full time job with writing. I have always wanted to be a writer but have never known how to start!

    Guest (Bostongirl)

  554. AWAI, and the Writers Life is Heaven sent! I had asked God to open to me a very well paying job where I would make the money, I suddenly now needed, that would leave me with the time I would need to minister to the people He had placed on my heart.

    One day, soon there after, I turned on my phone, and there was an ad from AWAI! When I read the ad, and further investigated AWAI, I was in awe of His provision! It was truly a confirmation to all that He had spoken! Our God is an Awesome god!

    Carolyn Jeanette

  555. For me, living the writer's life is about having peace of mind that I am financially stable doing something I thoroughly enjoy while still able to turn my lifelong dreams into obtainable goals.


  556. This is one of my passion. I love writing but never thought that I could get paid top dollars for doing it. This is what a portion of my duties consisted of when I worked a 9 to 5. I reviewed all documents that had to out for final decisions. I posted jobs for classifications. I wrote resumes for others that landed top jobs even at the White House. I assisted others in preparing their families obituaries when it came to funerals of their love ones. I wrote a bio for a Director of a Head start program that received Teacher of the year award. I assist my daughter when she writes books for kids and teens. Therefore, I am very excited about getting started in this program and to know that I will be doing something that I passionately love.

    Alberta Benjamin

  557. Living the writer's life, is just that - living. No more thinking without creating, nor more asserting with out motivating. Writing is the ticket to dig deep while expanding the horizion of my own possibilities. A writer starts a journey, may not know where it will go, but is so willing to take the risk, pursue the unknown, that the journey becomes a dream or tale that must be shared with others.

    Guest (MetaphorME)

  558. A writers life means everything to me! The freedom to choose the projects, how much to be paid, working hours and place and moreso developing my skills is awesome.

    Guest (Isaac)

  559. The writer’s life to me means that I can spend my time with my daughter, and that I will be in a financially stable point in my life where I can take care of my mom for a change instead of the other way around.

    Guest (T M Furgason)

  560. A writers life means extra money to travel and really enjoy a full happy retirement for my wife and myself!

    Guest (Richard Christenson)

  561. I've always wanted to be a professional writer because I love to write and enjoy doing so. I wanna write and still be able to spend free time with my husband and kids. I wanna make a career out of writing I wanna be able to go on vacations and enjoy life without the financial burdens.

    Guest (Loretta )

  562. Living the writer's life is just like heaven on earth;making money with ease at your own convenience time. I love writing and am very grateful to AWAI

    Guest (Iheukwumere )

  563. I am eager to learn something new, to keep my mind engaged with new experiences. I am retired, living on a fixed income and being able to earn again would be fun and a blessing.

    Guest (Darlene)

  564. To me living the writer’s life means that I never have to wake up dreading another day at a job that I don't love. Having more time to write novels and enough financial freedom to rid me and my husband of that particular brand of stress. Really hope this program pays off.

    Guest (Jen)

  565. A writer’s life is one that gives me the financial freedom to pursue my masters, take care of my child, and the freedom of time to balance being a mother while chasing my own dreams. All while doing something I’m already passionate about-writing!

    Guest (Shelby)

  566. What the writer's life means to me is a life where I don't have to be on a set schedule.

    Guest (Maura)

  567. What the writer's life means to me is I get to do what I love on my own time.

    Guest (Maura Werre)

  568. Freedom to move around and engage.

    Guest (Fazal Miles)

  569. Being a writer is life - a forum of self-expression and creativity; a means of explanation and understanding; a blank palette in which to paint a picture and share.
    I have dreamt of sharing my writing for many years and am actively seeking a suitable opportunity. As appealing as the revenue driven options AWAI offers are, my underlying question persists - is this a legitimate opportunity...as real as my desire to write?
    AWAI has piqued my interest, hence, my contemplative journey continues.

    Guest (Kristi G)

  570. The writers life for me is the dream of living out of a custom built teardrop trailer that I'm in the process of building. I want to travel the US and visit all of the National Parks. I want to live a writer's life so I can earn an income from anywhere!


  571. Living a writer's life will let me exercise my brain and use my gifts of persuasion and precision and get paid for it. Life is a continuous stream of adventures, and I'm excited to create more chapters in my story. Not to mention, it looks like a great way to make money without having to go back to the corporate cubicle.


  572. The writer's life is one that is intriguing to me. It would mean improving my income to finally get out of debt. If I can accomplish that, then I may dare to dream and reach farther! I have nothing to lose, so let's get started!!

    Guest (Jenn)

  573. A writer's life means,to me,that you get to work from home and you do't have to exhaust ad stress yourself. You get paid well for writing,how fun is that!

    Guest (lamia)

  574. The Writer’s Life serves as a foundation to create and build my desired lifestyle. To have the time and space to create what I want to manifest, meanwhile making a positive impact in the lives of others through my writings . No matter the content , bringing in a unique perspective into life .

    Guest (Queen Kady)

  575. For me the Writer's Life is the ability to earn money to support my growing fiction writing career.

    Guest (Jim R)

  576. The writer's life is probably very much like the artist's life, which I have been living for years. I am looking forward to trading my brush for a pen, at least from time to time, because I do intend to continue doing art. Do I want to write about art? Of course! And also travel. Words or brushstrokes: they're meant to be expressive and informative. And that's what I love to do! I can write anywhere, anytime. Writing is portable, art is semi-portable. Sounds like the best possible life!

    Guest (Christine Noah-Cooper)

  577. Aunt Mike always told me I'd be a writer. Since I was 7 when she started that, of course I believed it. After going through a period of time recently that I refer to as my own personal "shit-storm," I've been blessed to take some time off from teaching to heal. In so doing, I've realized that I could--and do!--relish being my own boss, and that "shit" makes great fertilizer. For me, the writer's life is reaching out to the world through words, & allowing my own healing journey to aid others.

    Guest (Teresa M)

  578. Living a Writer’s Life means freedom to live life, enjoying my family by providing help and hope to others. Doing so keeps my love for writing a method to greater involvement with those we love and cherish while exploring the world! Abundance is sweeter shared with others, providing greater opportunities for personal and professional exploration! Life is not boring in a Writer’s life! It is open interactive, inclusive, responsive, vibrant, and fulfilling! I can hardly wait ‘til I possess it!

    Guest (Doris Ricks-Lankford)

  579. Living the writer's life means having the privilege to spent quality time with my aging Mom. Helping to make the latter years of her life meaningful. To travel with her to visit her children and grandchildren in different parts of the world.

    Guest (Carmel )

  580. To me writers life means to earn for myself being at-home and simultaneously enjoy the writing also. I am looking at a new opportunity to become a good writer also.

    Guest (Nalini)

  581. I have lead a very interesting life. Could only image people laughing and crying the whole story

    Guest (Tracie )

  582. Freedom to work anywhere and anytime I like. Having more time for myself and family. Not having to worry about mounting bills. Ability to work how many hours in the week I choose. Not having to commute long distances to work. Not having to work under a bossy manager.

    Jamie Sax

  583. Writing will give me the life I want.

    Does it make sense to study and learn instead of getting a "day job" - especially when money is so very tight right now. YES, IT DOES! I do not want a 9-5 job. I want freedom and opportunity and success more than immediate cash.

    I want to teach, reach, and encourage others, through the written word, in the areas that excite, inspire, and satisfy me, and also learn new things to fuel my curious nature. That's what the writer's life will give me

    Judy Mangle

  584. To me the writer's life would mean living a dream without thinking about the stress of living from check to check.

    I had always admired writers and the thought of being able to achieve that goal means,to live a dream come true.

    Guest (Magali Bosch de Monserrate)

  585. It means I can spend more time with my Grand children, and afford vacations for them and my kids!

    Guest (Tanya)

  586. Having extra income to help the needy, assisting those in need and having time for myself.

    Guest (Susan)

  587. For me, living a writer's life is a beautiful opportunity to express yourself, through stories of inspiration, curiosity and growth.

    Guest (Autumn)

  588. How did I get to be 60+? My life has flashed by while I have worked sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. My boss is now retiring in 3 months - a millionaire. Not me. My dream has always been to be a writer - a really good writer. I am a good writer, I just need to earn a living while doing what I love and living my dream. So, now that I am at a crossroads and critical time in my life, I have decided to take the plunge. It looks scary - and exhilarating. I can't wait to see my name in print!

    Guest (Reinventing my life)

  589. To: Reinventing my life I know how you feel. 60+ and the light at the end of the tunnel is a train...fortunately I found AWAI and the light has turned into someone leading the way.

    Tommy S

  590. I am at home because I had gotten a little ill. I have not work since January. I stumbled upon the barefoot writers program. My goal is to began to enjoy life, taking vacations and travel to places that I have never been. My birthday is May 8. So I look at this as a great birthday gift to myself.
    Im doing a lot of reading and would like to give this a try.


  591. My version of the Writer’s life allows me to write positive, inspiring stories giving me financial security and the freedom to spend more time with family. My brain is full of stories. It is time to put everything in writing. The pandemic opened my eyes in directions I did not think I would be interested in going. I have been working in the legal field for over 20 years and now is the time to build on it.

    Luiza Miller

  592. Being able to live beyond my basic necessities. To reward myself and my family the abundance of life's luxurious nature offered to all of us to enjoy. No worries of bills, no limits of food, or clothing. Being able to take a deep breath and exhale.


  593. The writer's life means financial stability and more time with my loved ones. Peace of mind/better health. Ability to help my sons financially.


  594. I really enjoy the relaxation you have shown me over this last year. I am 70 years old now and I have no intention of slowing down. This part of my life is a gift and I fully intend on repaying God for it. I have a wonderful wife of 50 years, four fantastic kids, 10 rambunctious grandkids, and even 3 great grandkids. And every single one of them is worth spending a lifetime for. So look out Copywriting...here I come!

    Guest (Richard A Barnett)

  595. I have a short story almost finished and I am writing on on long story.

    Guest (James Carman )

  596. To me, the writer's life means telling stories about the world inside of your head and expressing how you relate to everything around you. It means showing everyone a world beyond their own.

    EV Winters

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