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Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Paul Hollingshead

Paul Hollingshead on how he went from drudgery to the kind of lifestyle most writers only dream of

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Lynn Biederstadt

Lynn Biederstadt discusses the opportunities and advantages of life as an agency copywriter

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Pam Neely

Author and Internet Marketer Pam Neely talks candidly about her freedom-filled, entrepreneurial-driven writer’s life.

How Great Songs Illustrate This Basic Copywriting Principle

Copywriting seems far from songwriting. Or is it? COS member Rebecca Schwab explains how songwriting helped her understand a crucial writing secret.

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

The Story Behind The Highest-Paid Copywriter Today and What He Can Tell You about Achieving The Writer's Life

Today’s “highest-paid copywriter” didn't start out that way. In fact, if you'd asked his high school chemistry teacher, he would've said Clayton Makepeace would be a failure.

Top Tips on How to Become a Copywriter From Carline Anglade-Cole - One of the Top Names in the Industry Working Today

If you’re serious about learning how to become a copywriter, you must meet top copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole at Bootcamp this year.

Secrets Gleaned from Copywriting Legend Leo Burnett’s Greatest Campaigns

Five ad campaigns that helped make Leo Burnett one of the most influential people of the 20th century.

Writing for the Health Niche Provides a Path to Freelance Success for this Circle of Success Member

After struggling with his own health, COS member David Tomen discovered the natural health niche - one of the hottest niches in copywriting right now...and AWAI's program, Secrets of Writing for the Health Market is available for a $200 discount now until April 25!

Want to Be a Good Writer? Read Widely. Read Wisely. Read These Books.

Over the years I’ve read many books on copywriting. But two fiction books have taught me more about effective writing than any of these.

An Inside Look at a Working Copywriter’s Journey

Get an inside look at working copywriter Rae Robinson’s journey from earning $12k a year to $120K … and how you can follow in her footsteps.

Effective Self-Marketing Gives an Early Boost to this AWAI Member’s Freelance Career

With the skills acquired through The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting The Pro Resume Writer Program, this AWAI member landed herself speaking gigs and has brought in extra income. Read her story here!

Effective Self-Marketing, a “Go-For-It” Attitude, and Hard-Earned Copy Skills Helped this New Copywriter Get a Great Start to His Copywriting Career

In his first six months of copywriting, this member landed three big clients that have given him a great income and an even greater sense of accomplishment.

Helping Those in Need – and Finding a Life’s Calling – with the Power of Copywriting

Read how this member used her copywriting skills to raise more than $3,000 for the veteran's organization she founded.

Best-Selling Book Just the Latest Success for this AWAI Member

An AWAI member just became a best-selling author on Amazon, and says AWAI played a big role in helping her succeed. Check out the full story here.

Use Your Writing Skills to Preserve Knowledge for Future Generations

As AWAI member David Guthrie discovered, a website is an easy way to use your writing skills to preserve knowledge and information for future generations.

AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Member Lands Two Projects Before Completing the First Installment

Katie Yeakle shares Tim McAuley's excitingly quick copywriting success story and explains how you too can get your copywriting business moving.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: Copywriter Slays Fire-Breathing Dragon

AWAI Member Laurie Cauthen explains how she used the persuasion skills she’s learned from AWAI to accomplish something important to her.

Congratulations … Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Consultant Cheryl Malcham Is the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Congratulations to freelance copywriter and marketing consultant Cheryl Malcham, who launched her career shortly after Bootcamp 2007 and is now getting paid to do what she loves.

An Interview with Alternative Health Copywriter Donna Doyle

Alternative health copywriter Donna Doyle gives advice on landing assignments and writing successful promotions.

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