Casey Hibbard:
Using Customer Stories as a Powerful Marketing Asset

““These days, organizations sell expensive products and services to people they never meet face to face. They need new ways of building trust with buyers, and customer case studies have emerged as one of the strongest marketing assets they can leverage. Businesses are hungry for writers who can capture these stories in a compelling way – and will pay handsomely for it.”

— Casey Hibbard


CASEY HIBBARD and her company Compelling Cases Inc. works with leading B2B, B2C and technology companies to create success stories and case studies that earn trust, land million-dollar sales deals, and earn major PR in industry publications.

Since 2001, Casey has written and managed more than 1,000 customer stories that have delivered powerful results for clients. The author of the first book on creating, managing, and leveraging customer stories, Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset, and a champion for the cause of organizational storytelling, Casey has crafted compelling stories for dozens of companies, such as Acxiom Corporation, Avaya, AWAI and LANDESK.

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