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Living the Writer's Life: Eddie Stephens

Eddie Stephens had enjoyed fulfillment in his first career as a pastor, but after more than two decades in the field was ready for something new. When the allure of freedom through writing called to him, he dove in headfirst with a determined plan to succeed. Even as he made headway, a greater plan was in the works, and his niche eventually found him. Read on to discover how it all happened...

The “GOMP” Framework for Choosing the Best Writing Opportunity for You

There are so many different writing opportunities to choose from. And with limited time and resources, it’s not possible to pursue every single opportunity. No matter how great it may be. In this article, G gives you a simple, actionable framework to help you take any writing opportunity and quickly decide if it’d be right for you. Here’s his framework…

Why Tuesday, May 23, Will Be a Landmark Day for AWAI Writers…

Join Katie Yeakle, and Rebecca Matter to see what all the buzz is about this landmark day for AWAI writers...

Living the Writer's Life: Jerry Bures

Jerry Bures didn’t hate his job in engineering, but the lack of control when it came to work hours and the time away from his family grew taxing. He was ripe for change the day a letter showed up in his mailbox that completely redirected his trajectory. On the other side, he found joy, freedom, and a revived ability to be there for the people who mattered most to him.

Living the Writer's Life: Jill Wright

After trying different career paths and taking an extended break for family, Jill Wright is finally poised for massive writing success. But it’s the fulfillment that matters most to her, now that she’s found something she can really dive into and profit from while still maintaining her other interests. Read on to discover how she made the slow-and-steady path to writing work for her.

Living the Writer's Life: Shameka Volkers

Shameka Volkers is a rising star in the world of writing with nowhere to go but up. Ever since deciding she needed a new path, she’s taken on the task of launching her copywriting career with the kind of grace and speed that wins clients and grows income. Discover what led to her writing for a living and find out how she’s excelling every step of the way.

Use These 7 Editing Tips to Make Any Copy Stronger

Copyediting is the art of making sure the copy works — that it’s effective, polished, and will achieve its goals. Here are seven tactics you can use to improve any copy and take it from good to great.

How to Monetize Your Writing Skills (Without Writing a Word)

If you want to take your writing to the next level, copyediting will actually help you become a better writer. Plus, copyediting is a fun and rewarding way to monetize your writing skills — without writing original copy! Find out more about the copyeditor’s role and what you need to succeed.

Why AI Is Driving Demand for This Specialty in the Digital World

AI is going to be a worthy competitor in the world of content generation, especially when it comes to short copy or idea generation. But as a result, there’s a freelance position that’s actually going to be more in demand than ever, and that position is copyeditor. Learn more here.

Living the Writer's Life: Cris Johnson

Cris Johnson’s life was nothing but fun from the outside looking in. But the reality of life as a magician kept him on a grueling schedule, away from his family, and chronically exhausted. The upside was that it led him to copywriting. Discover why pursuing the writer’s life won out in the end, and how he’s kept some “magic” in his life.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Advice for Tough Times

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Marcella Allison talk about Marcella’s top three tips for surviving tough times. When you try these tips, you will notice a shift from feeling anxious to feeling grateful.

Living the Writer's Life: Brian Whitaker

We first interviewed Brian Whitaker a decade ago, right after he’d left a successful career as a marketing manager for life as a Barefoot Writer. At the time, Brian reported corporate life had been keeping him from his family, community, and other interests. He wanted balance. Find out how, 10 years later, he not only found that balance but said goodbye forever to the feast-or-famine cycle and is thriving with new projects and tools (including AI!).

6 Steps to Writing a Successful White Paper and Raking in Nice Fees

Writing white papers can be a very lucrative specialty for copywriters. Here is why white papers are important cornerstone content, and why they are ideal for certain business missions. Plus, the six main components of a successful white paper.

Living the Writer's Life: Latifat Abifarin

In Latifat Abifarin’s words, “I’m one piece of evidence that there are talented and good people from Nigeria.” Over the years, Latifat has struggled at times to connect with potential clients who judge her or assume she can’t speak English. But, she’s persevered and built a successful writer’s life working as a content writer, ebook designer, and scriptwriter.

How to Use AI Writing Tools and Become a Better, Faster, Higher-Earning Writer — Part 2

AI can be a very helpful, high-level writing assistant. Here is a deeper dive into how writers can use AI effectively, along with real examples. For content and copywriters, AI tools can handle several key tasks, banish writer’s block, and save a lot of time and effort.

How to Use AI Writing Tools and Become a Better, Faster, Higher-Earning Writer — Part 1

AI has opened a world of possibilities when it comes to writing. In this overview of how you can leverage AI in your writing career, you’ll discover six ways you can use AI tools. AI can be the ultimate writer’s assistant and offer a huge productivity hack once you know how to use it effectively.

5 Steps You Can Take Right Now If You’re Worried About AI Copywriting…

Writers fear AI is coming for their jobs. After all, if AI can write an article in seconds, why would a client need to hire a writer? Discover why AI won’t replace human writers. Plus, five steps you can take to future-proof yourself against AI and increase the value you bring to clients.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Starting Small

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, and Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, show you the power of smaller actions … as well as the emotional impact quick wins can have on you. By starting small you can experience success faster, and create a sustainable life that you enjoy.

Living the Writer's Life: Jessica Vine

When Jessica Vine first entered the world of paid writing, she wanted to be a travel writer. But she strayed from that dream for too long, writing $10 articles on a topic she wasn’t passionate about. Then, she did something profound… She decided she wanted to be paid more. It was a turning point where Jessica started to see real success, especially with her RV blog. Today, her goal is to exceed $100K per month! And, you know what? She’s going to reach it! Here is her story.

FREE Event: Is AI About to Replace Human Writers?

Join us Friday, February 3, at noon ET as our panel of experts share their thoughts and insights into AI and how it will impact your career as a writer.

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