March 2023

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Advice from a Top Copywriter

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, is joined by special guest, Marcella Allison. Now a top copywriter and mentor, Marcella reveals what she wishes she would have let go of earlier in her writing career… perfectionism.

Living the Writer's Life: Shameka Volkers

Shameka Volkers is a rising star in the world of writing with nowhere to go but up. Ever since deciding she needed a new path, she’s taken on the task of launching her copywriting career with the kind of grace and speed that wins clients and grows income. Discover what led to her writing for a living and find out how she’s excelling every step of the way.

Use These 7 Editing Tips to Make Any Copy Stronger

Copyediting is the art of making sure the copy works — that it’s effective, polished, and will achieve its goals. Here are seven tactics you can use to improve any copy and take it from good to great.

How to Monetize Your Writing Skills (Without Writing a Word)

If you want to take your writing to the next level, copyediting will actually help you become a better writer. Plus, copyediting is a fun and rewarding way to monetize your writing skills — without writing original copy! Find out more about the copyeditor’s role and what you need to succeed.

Why AI Is Driving Demand for This Specialty in the Digital World

AI is going to be a worthy competitor in the world of content generation, especially when it comes to short copy or idea generation. But as a result, there’s a freelance position that’s actually going to be more in demand than ever, and that position is copyeditor. Learn more here.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Overcoming Fear — Tips from a Professional Paraglider

In this week’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Jade Trueblood and her special guest, “A-list” copywriter and mentor, Marcella Allison talk about Marcella’s best tips for overcoming fear, including a tip from a professional paraglider! Follow these tips the next time you need to overcome fear so you can continue to live your best writer’s life.

A Single LinkedIn Connection Launched This Teacher’s Freelance Writing Career

Middle school teacher Yvonne Audi landed her first freelance writing client (in the education industry) through her LinkedIn profile. Find out how that single LinkedIn connection launched her freelance business, and how LinkedIn can pave the way for your writing career, too.

Living the Writer's Life: Cris Johnson

Cris Johnson’s life was nothing but fun from the outside looking in. But the reality of life as a magician kept him on a grueling schedule, away from his family, and chronically exhausted. The upside was that it led him to copywriting. Discover why pursuing the writer’s life won out in the end, and how he’s kept some “magic” in his life.

Write a Sample of This Short-Copy B2B Project… And You Could Earn $200

Practice is a good way to improve as a B2B copywriter. Follow the project details to do this practice exercise, using tips about this B2B short-copy gig.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Advice for Tough Times

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, and special guest, Marcella Allison talk about Marcella’s top three tips for surviving tough times. When you try these tips, you will notice a shift from feeling anxious to feeling grateful.

How a "Caged" Employee Made the Leap Into Online Writing Freedom

For nearly a decade, Steve Maurer juggled and built his freelance writing business around a demanding manufacturing day job. He finally made the shift, and is enjoying online writing freedom today. Here's how he went from part-time writer to freelance B2B industrial copy and content specialist.

How to Become a Successful Ghostwriter Like This CPA Has Done

See how CPA Liz Farr changed careers and became a successful ghostwriter for clients in the accounting industry. Her quick momentum will fascinate you, especially if you're interested in ghostwriting. She offers her top advice for writers interested in becoming freelance ghostwriters.

A Fun, Lucrative Way to Get Paid Writing Books

Earn top dollar for your writing skills when you help busy executives, thought leaders, and celebrities tell their stories. Here’s how to get into ghostwriting and set yourself up for lucrative paydays.

Monday Morning Jumpstart: Are You Being Helpful or Are You Trying to be Right?

In today’s Monday Morning Jumpstart, AWAI Chief Success Officer, Ted Capshaw, and Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, talk about navigating when you need to be right and when you should be helpful. They offer a key piece of advice that will help you determine what to do. This technique will not only help with client relationships but also with personal ones.