September 2021

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Hungry Client Alert! Affiliate Managers Need Help Now — and Even Beginning Writers Are Welcome

To help you get clients in one of the hottest markets today, check out affiliate marketing. Read this so you’ll know who Affiliate Managers are, what they do, the niches and copy projects they like, and how you can land your first clients.

How This 133-Year-Old Marketing Tactic Gets Consumers Buying

Creating an incentive to take action, such as a discounted rate, gives your prospect a reason to act now rather than later. Here are some motivational tactics writers can use to increase urgency and make a huge difference in sales.

Sometimes Quitters DO Win… Especially Now During The Great Resignation

A record number of people are quitting their jobs to pursue opportunities that offer more freedom, fulfillment, and financial payoffs. Here are five steps to make writing a new career.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Your First $1,000 Writing

Magic occurs when you get specific about where you want to go with your freelance writing career. To stay focused on your next steps to success, ask yourself these five questions and build momentum toward your first paychecks.

No Bites on Your LinkedIn Profile? 3 Simple Things to Try

Marketing is all about timing. Your ideal clients need to be in their moment of need in order to find you and engage you for a project. Here’s how to put yourself in the right place to be found when they need help…

Using Common Sense to Start Your Copywriting Business

When you connect the dots between the need in the market and the services you provide, you set yourself up for great success as a well-paid writer. Ilise Benun outlines what you need to do…

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