September 2016

How to Have a Successful At-Home Workday

If you dream about working at home, make sure you know all the tools and tricks to make for a successful at-home workday.

How to Tell the Difference Between Good Sales Copy and Bad Sales Copy

Using this “A-list” proven 12-point copywriting checklist will help you write winning sales copy every time.

Questions to Ask Your Social Media Clients Before You Begin Work

Understanding your social media client goals and expectations will make every project go smoother and establish you as a true professional.

Mark Twain, Copywriter? Here’s What You Can Learn from Him

Mark Twain is one of America’s most influential writers. But does he have anything to teach you about copywriting? Surprisingly… a great deal.

The Golden Thread that Pulls Your Prospect Toward Saying “Yes”

Your prospect buys when you capture his emotions with a powerful promise/benefit combo that follows a “golden thread” through your entire promotion.

If You Want a Reliable Income as a Writer, Go Where the Growth is

What can a notorious bank robber teach you about achieving the writer's life? More than you may imagine. Social media expert Nick Usborne explains.

How to Use the Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google

Investing in yourself: The Success Secret of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Google, and one you should apply to your freelance writing business.

Free Webinar: Becoming a Copywriter

If you’ve been thinking about copywriting but still have some questions, you’ll want to check out this FREE webinar with Katie Yeakle and Sandy Franks.