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7 Ways to Make More Money as a Writer

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Unlike most professions, as a writer you have choices …

You choose what to write about.

You choose which clients you work with.

And you choose when — and how — to make more money.

Now, if that comes off a little too simple …

I get it.

You may not feel like you have a ton of choice in the beginning …

But you will.

And when it comes to money, you need to get comfortable making choices … IF you want to make more.

You’re the one in control.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 ways you can start making more money as a writer …

#1: More clients.

It might seem obvious, but this is one of the first things you can do quickly to increase your income.

More clients = more output = more money.

This is why we recommend keeping your marketing machine going, even when you’re having to turn away clients.

It safeguards your income by having backups. And it gives you choices when you want to make more money.

#2: Better clients.

“Better” can mean a variety of things. But when we’re talking about more money, better usually means …

  • Higher-paying
  • Faster-paying
  • Easier to work with
  • Clearer communication
  • Higher level of trust
  • Ability to grow

I recommend evaluating each client you work with at least once a year – if not once a quarter. (You’ll sometimes find the one taking the most of your time is paying you the least amount of money!)

And if you’re just starting out, you’ll likely outgrow your first clients rather quickly.

Evaluating each one is a necessary part of running a successful business. And again, sets you up for the next lever …

#3: Increase project scope.

This is one of my favorites — and it often happens naturally if you take on clients where there is room to grow. There are so many ways to do this, but let’s say you’re hired to write a weekly blog post …

Offer to spin it into a series of ads to drive traffic, a video script version for YouTube, a Facebook post, and an email teasing the new content just published …

And charge them extra every month for this new package of content.

Look for the missing pieces of content in their marketing and fill in the holes. (Remember, we have a training program that will teach you how to do any possible project you identify as a hole!)

You’ve already proven yourself, so don’t wait for them … take control and keep offering to take on more and more.

And then move on to the next lever!

#4: Increase your output.

At first glance, it may look similar to lever #3. But with this lever, you’re using speed and efficiency, so you’re able to take on more.

Developing methods and templates that allow you to do consistent work faster means a higher $/hour, and more hours spent earning.

You can also set up an agency, or outsource some of the work and finish it up before sending to the client.

#5: Take on higher-impact work.

Writers typically start with lower fee writing projects because they’re in their comfort zone. But as you grow into your career, and gain more skills and experience, you should consider leveling up your assignments to ones with bigger impact. Things like …

Some of these are longer, but none of them have to be scary. All you need to do is learn the basics and offer to do one for a current client.

#6: Start up a passive income stream.

This one isn’t as quick as the above “levers,” but it IS long-lasting. And every writer should have at least one.

A few of my favorite ways to build passive income are:

And finally, what is probably the most obvious lever …

#7: Increase your fees!

You can’t keep your rates the same forever … just like an employee, your knowledge and experience eventually increase your value.

And if you’re investing in your skills, and getting better as a result, your fees should reflect that as well. (Grab our free copywriting pricing guide here!)

So, which lever will you pull first?

Keep in mind, you can pull any — or all! — of them, at any point in your writing business.

The key here is to see the control you have over your income as a writer. And if you want to change it, you have options!

And one more tip, before I go …

Skills and experience will always increase your value and what you can offer clients … which influences many of the levers above.

So commit to learning … both learning new skills so you can offer more, and deepening skills so you’re always increasing your value to clients.

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