12 In-Demand Copywriting Projects You Should Be Offering Clients Today

In Demand Copywriting Projects

The idea of making a living as a writer is appealing in so many ways. You get to work from home. You determine how many hours a day you want to write. You even get to pick your clients.

The truth is, today there are more opportunities to live that dream life, especially when you make the decision to become a well-paid copywriter.

If you’re not familiar with the term, copywriting is just another way of telling people you earn a living as a persuasive writer. This means you help clients sell their products and services. And you don’t even need much experience to get started. It’s a teachable skill. Once you learn it, your clients will reward you with handsome fees.

But it gets better …

Not only are there several different types of copywriting, there are literally dozens of projects you’ll be able to take on. (We identified 75 at last count!)

But today, I’m going to share with you 12 of the most pressing copywriting projects that marketers and publishers need done to keep their businesses thriving.

These projects are so in demand right now, you could build your freelance writing business in a very short period of time.

So what are the 12 projects that could launch your freelance writing career? They include:

In-Demand Project #1: Revenue Boosting Insert Ads. These are the little ads in online e-letters and newsletters. They can turn a percentage of readers into potential new customers. They’re a great way to test new headline ideas, but are also a great training ground for writing Pay-Per-Click ads, website banner ads … even Facebook and Twitter posts. These types of ads are short, usually around 150 words, which means you have to know how to get the reader’s attention with very few words.

In-Demand Project #2: Eye-Catching News Items. In short, a news item is a lot like a sales letter, only instead of a product, you’re selling an idea … But doing it in a very special way. Your objective is much the same: Get a passive reader — who may not have any predisposed interest in reading your story — to read it.

In-Demand Project #3: Highly Coveted Newsletter Articles. A newsletter article is a longer, more research- and proof-intense piece of writing, and “sells” a more sophisticated idea. Newsletters that have a large circulation of readers and high retention rates are a publishing company’s bread-and-butter. But not everyone can write benefit-driven newsletter articles. This is a powerful skill; one your client can’t get enough of.

In-Demand Project #4: First Touch Welcome Letter. Also known as a “Stick” Letter, they’re the email message you get shortly after you buy something. In the world of information publishing, they’re a crucial element to the sale. They overcome what is known as buyer’s remorse, where the buyer changes their mind and cancels their order. A good Stick Letter keeps that from happening.

In-Demand Project #5: Raging Hot Advertorials. An advertorial is really a sales letter disguised as an article. It delivers useful and interesting content like a good article or news story does. Its main job is to move the prospect toward an idea, promise, or benefit you really want to drive home — and to get the prospect to click over to the sales promotion. Advertorials can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. Needless to say, there’s an art to writing an effective advertorial that gets viewed by millions of people.

In-Demand Project #6: Response Generating Sales Emails. Also called “lift” emails — they’re short “teaser” emails, typically sent to your client’s in-house list of customers. But don’t be fooled by the word “teaser.” There’s more to them than teasing. And they’re important because their real job is to get the reader interested enough to click on a link that will take them to a sales letter. They are a crucial part of a sales campaign, which is why writing an email lift note that “breaks through” is a very special skill.

In-Demand Project #7: Email Autoresponders and Funnels. Autoresponders are a series of pre-written emails that automatically continue the dialog with your customer, offering valuable and useful content on subjects you know they’re interested in. They build trust and goodwill, creating a relationship with the prospect so they are more likely to buy more of the goods and services your client offers. This is a must-have copywriting skill.

In-Demand Project #8: Revising a Successful Control Sales Letter. Take an existing control and “freshen it up,” and you can have a brand-new, high-performing sales package in just a few days. That not only keeps royalties flowing for you … it means your client can be marketing new and relevant copy rather than having to wait for new sales packages to be written. But it takes a special kind of know-how to revise a control without killing response.

In-Demand Project #9: Captivating Landing Pages. The landing page is the place all your ads … all your email lifts … all your autoresponders drive your potential buyer. It’s also the place you send the prospect to sign up for a free report or free e-letter. It’s got to be great. In an instant, your prospect must see the immediate benefit of staying on the landing page and settling in to read the sales copy you’ve written for your client. You can’t be a great copywriter without knowing how to write landing pages.

In-Demand Project #10: The Long-Form Sales Letter. One of the most coveted and prized forms of copywriting is the long-form sales letter. Starting with a good idea and overflowing with proof, long-form sales letters generate the highest responses. But there are a lot of moving pieces that must go into every successful long-form sales promotion, including in-depth research, the headline, lead, the close, and the offer. Master these elements and you’ll jump to the top of your client’s list of copywriters to call.

In-Demand Project #11: Video Sales Letter, the Ultimate Money Maker: Skillfully converting a sales letter to a successful Video Sales Letter (VSL) can double, even triple response. For you, the copywriter who gets paid royalties … it can mean hundreds of thousands more in income each and every year. VSLs are so powerful because they have the potential to engage your reader on a much higher level. But they have to be done just right or else you risk the prospect hitting the delete button.

In-Demand Project #12: Online Webinar Scripts and Hotlist Emails. All online webinars lead to one thing: a sale. The webinar itself can be in the form of a PowerPoint-style “talking” promotion, or an interactive webinar, or an actual live video. But what makes them more powerful is the hotlist emails. The sole purpose is to get highly qualified prospects excited for the webinar. This means writing content-rich emails that ratchet up the excitement for the webinar and the sales letter that follows. Knowing how to blend sales and rich content is key.

Here’s something else to keep in mind about these 12 in-demand copywriting projects …

You don’t have to learn every single one of them to get started earning money. You could pick the ones that best suit your skills or appeal to you the most.

Some copywriters earn a living specializing in writing emails or webinar scripts and hotlists. Others like to write only long-form sales letters.

That’s one of the benefits of being a copywriter. You can pick and choose from this list of in-demand projects and still make a great living. Or you could learn to do them all. The choice is yours.

Either way, you can’t go wrong. And you’ll be one step closer to living your writer’s life dream.

Which of the 12 in-demand projects intrigue you? Why? Are you ready to jump-start your learning? Share with us in the comments below.

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Published: June 26, 2017

1 Response to “12 In-Demand Copywriting Projects You Should Be Offering Clients Today”

  1. So how do I enroll for In-demand Projects #2,3,and 9? What is the cost for those? I am having a difficult time finding clients. It is not as easy as AWAI depicts in your emails to me. The clients just don't come out of the woodwork.

    I need a mentor.

    The Write Stuff

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