July 2015

Jay Abraham’s Key Secret to Copywriting Mastery

Developing empathy for your prospect will make you a much more successful copywriter. Empathy is broken down into three heartfelt parts.

A Simple Template for Faster Content Writing

Writing content is a great path for becoming a freelance writer. In this article, discover a template for writing faster and keeping writer’s block away.

Look Over Dan Kennedy’s Shoulder

Get behind-the-scenes knowledge from Dan Kennedy with his monthly Look Over My Shoulder experience. From raw copy to results, you get to see the copy his is writing for his clients.

How to Start Any Writing Project

These three steps will make it easy to organize your ideas, and ensure that your writing flows.

How to Make Every Sales Letter a Blockbuster

Of every tool and technique copywriters use to write copy, implementing the Big Idea effectively can have the strongest impact on package performance.

5 Strategies to Identify Keywords for White Papers

Don’t forget SEO when you write a white paper. Including the proper keywords will help your white paper get found and read.

Just Announced! 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop Let Our Dream Team of Top B2B Copywriters Train YOU to Write the Eight Most In-Demand B2B Copy Projects You Need to Know — In Just Four Weeks

Join us for the first-ever 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop and learn how to master the most in-demand B2B projects from some of the world's best B2B copywriters.

Effective Self-Marketing, a “Go-For-It” Attitude, and Hard-Earned Copy Skills Helped this New Copywriter Get a Great Start to His Copywriting Career

In his first six months of copywriting, this member landed three big clients that have given him a great income and an even greater sense of accomplishment.

The “Storytelling” Niche for Writers That Brings You $1,500 to $2,000 Per Project

Meet Casey Hibbard and discover the writing opportunity where you help companies tell their stories—plus, pocket $1,500 to $2,000 every time!