Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Try a Before-and-After Approach

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

This Write Now! practice exercise will help you become a more convincing writer.

This video prompt from Heather Robson reinforces the concept that in order to write persuasive copy, you need to convince your reader that your product will change his life. (Or read the transcript below.)

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When you’re writing persuasive copy, you really want to get to the heart of how the product you’re writing about is going to change your reader’s life for the better. If you can convince your reader that their life is going to be better after buying your product, then the buying decision becomes easy.

So here in my hand, I have a basic corkscrew, like you might see a waiter use in a restaurant. And your writing assignment is to write, in five sentences, what a waiter’s shift is like without this corkscrew. And then, in five more sentences, how much better it is, with this corkscrew. Have fun.

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Published: July 5, 2017

96 Responses to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Try a Before-and-After Approach [video]”

  1. Karen had a problem. She had 12 bottles of Dom Perignon waiting to be served and no way to extract the corks. She tried pulling, twisting and pondered breaking the bottles' necks. It seemed hopeless. She could lose her job if it went unserved.

    Then she found the ACME Wingspan. Its dual-lever action allowed her to insert the shaft into the corks and pry them out. The Dom soon flowed freely. Karen became the hero of the banquet. She also earned a promotion, thanks to the ACME Wingspan!

    Detrick Cornelsen

  2. Tim loves to serve fine wines. But uncorking specialty bottles was frustrating with ordinary corkscrews. The cork split or got stuck midway. What a mess! What a waste!
    Tim went online. To his delight he found the corkscrews he needed. Our company, Specialty Kitchen Accessories, sells all kinds of corkscrews. Now Tim uses a range of corkscrews for bottles of specialty wines, olive oils and salad dressings. The diners love his confidence and winning smile.


  3. Ferrell returned to the table with the red wine for the couple; he described the red wine so eloquently that the couple could not wait to taste it, reaching into his apron pocket he pulled out his corkscrew. He began to remove the cork but the corkscrew was failing him. He twisted, he pulled but nothing and now he’s sweating and embarrassed. Suddenly, Dante grabbed the bottle and said to him “Here, you need the Rabbit; no twisting, no pulling and certainly no sweating; just insert, lift the lever and pop!” Then Dante said to him “Keep that one I got two,” “Thanks” said Ferrell, thinking my day just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Rabbit!!!

    Guest (VeeJay24)

  4. Do you ever feel unease when opening a bottle of vine in front of customers... where you really can't afford any hiccups. Where your reputation as a waiter is at stake!
    It's one thing to have trouble opening a vine bottle with your friends – where you can all just laugh it away. But its a different story entirely when it happens at work... it's outright embarrassing!
    I don't know about you but I just can't take that chance anymore. And that's why I am using the new WaiterMax CS. Unlike your regular run-of-the-mill corkscrews, this one is designed for professionals. It uses a revolutionary “dual-grab” hook that opens even the most locked in place cork on a first try, guaranteed! WaiterMax CS truly has boosted my confidence... and tips!

    Guest (Kendrick)

  5. James leaped for joy upon hearing the restaurant owner said, "You're hired!".

    Ready to create the first impression on his first day, he welcomed the first guests with full excitement and led them to their reserved seats.

    He offered them the best wine and the couple nodded for approval.

    He groped for corkscrew from his pocket but found none. His heart started racing and his palms began to sweat.

    Then he heard footsteps approaching, getting nearer. Is it his boss to shout at him, "You're fired!"? Good thing it was Jim, his co-waiter, to hand him Saverr's Corkscrew! The best corkscrew of all time because it saves future and saves life.

    Guest (Rowena)

  6. Nice to see examples as I just start out.

    New Path in learning

  7. It was unexpected, exciting and frankly, terrifying. The elusive Gianni Torino and family, with notorious mob ties had just entered the restaurant. No one had told him. Now made sense that no other patrons were there. Shaking, he wondered if he would make a fool of himself, opening their wine bottles.
    As politely as possible, Jax excused himself. He just remembered! Only yesterday a distributor gave him a commercially designed corkscrew. He knew he would not fail. Bring on the art of crime!


  8. Thank you for this challenge it is my first one. Writing the one I chose I know will help me in writing persuasively

    Mary Myers

  9. Imaging you are celebrating your first anniversary, and decided to chart a yacht for celebration.You hire a chef and a waiter to serve you.Your dinner is an specialty of the chef and is going to be served with wine.The waiter is ready to serve you, when he noticed that he forgot to bring the corkscrew!You get mad, the waiter try to apologize, but you don’t accept it.The discussion was heard by the Chef, who decided to show up and ask what was going on.After you explain, he shows you “a corkscrew”.

    Barbara Vazquez

  10. The Tale of 2 Waiters...

    Customers were always not in a good mood when attended to by Mr. Paul.

    He's seen as a time-waster when trying to open bottles for customers.

    Why? His corkscrew is always missing.

    He once spilled wine on someone's shirt, while trying to open a bottle using his teeth when he couldn't find his corkscrew. (It was unhealthy, and the customer was angry.)

    Most customers don't like his service.

    His colleague noticed that. He advised him to get the new (XXX Corkscrew) with a bracelet attached to his hand, so he never forgets or misplaces it.

    Now, most of his customers are happy with his new way of treating them, that they always tip him for a job well done.

    Guest (Saifullah Fateh)

  11. It’s a busy Saturday and you want to make the most tips tonight. Your goal is to serve 15 tables and at least 25 bottles of wine.

    You have one challenge - opening the wine bottle corks takes you too much time – the back and forth to the kitchen reduces your efficiency and ruins your customers dining experience.

    Hurry now and get the new True-Tap redesigned, compact cork screw which has been rated top corkscrew by ‘Restaurant Inc.’ magazine.

    With its quality precise sharp tip, its balanced metal worm and a comfortable handle, you will pull out the wine corks with ease, and speed up your service.

    Without the True-Tip cork screw it will be a challenge to meet your goals and of course take home some good tips.


  12. Sam started his shift unable to find his corkscrew. Of course the very first table asked for a full bottle wine. The pit in his stomach made an appearance.

    Frustrated and upset Sam needed a solution. His night was long and filled with more customers.

    Then he found the smoothlift 2.0 behind the bar.

    He was able to open more bottles quickly making him look like a real pro.

    His presentation and confidence had him floating on air. And so did all the tips, because of the NEW smoothlift 2.0.

    rockeys copy

  13. Hi Heather,

    Your beautiful and made me think of a wife.

    The potential Business Owner without Net Penny Stocks will not be able to easily invest. Most Investment Management Companies like The New York Stock Exhange cost thousands of dollars just to get started with very high risks. You'll lose alot of unnecessary finances that quickly won't pay your rent forcing yourself to be homeless because you lack Shared Investments. Forget buying a Two Family Home not being Independent the way you want without a Wealthy Retirement Strategy. The flexibility and financial freedom you always wanted is at a long distance.

    Internal Intelligence 1

  14. Marco’s first day in the mob restaurant was quite bad. You see he wanted to make a great first impression on the family. He got up earlier, made sure he was on time. All he had to do was set up, help bring in the food and help pour the booze. When it came to booze he grabbed a bottle and then panic set in, he had no way to open the wine. BANG…no more Marco.

    Lara was away for the summer in Paris. Her first day at her job at La Jules Verne went great. Lara was always a stickler for being prepared. Well that paid off, and she had brought a notepad, a pen and a corkscrew in her pocket just in case. Turns out that someone had stolen all the corkscrews so Lara was the only one able to serve the wine. Promotion!

    Sean F

  15. A corkscrew is especially used fo drawing corks from wine bottles.
    The Reverend Samuell Henshall patented the first corkscrew in England around 1795...
    Since then there have been several versions of the corkscrew.
    The well-heeled group, from the investment firm across the restaurant just walked in and Flo’s heart skipped a bit... She knew they did not have a corkscrew and these guys drank very expensive wines and tipped like ...
    Luckily there was a convenience store around the corner and that saved the day. She got her “huge” tip.

    This guys tipped big time and they drank very expensive wines.
    As he rushed to get their wines, she looked around for the corkscrew and it was nowhere to be f


  16. Hillary raced to the bar on a hectic Friday night. She was behind on placing food orders, the hostess had just sat her another table, and her regulars were wondering where their wine was. The bartender was busy, but what could she do? Without his help and trustee corkscrew, she could only wait. Hillary saw the tips she so desperately needed slipping away by the second.

    Saturday was full of promise. Hillary wouldn’t be held back tonight, she’d be the creator of her fate. No one would wait tonight. As diners filled the restaurant and placed their orders, she patted her very own corkscrew in her pocket. Hillary smiled knowing she’d go home with enough money in tips to provide for her family and her future.

    Aspire Kerri

  17. Just a tool

    Imagine that you are a waiter in a prestigious restaurant, your first-time working tables alone. However, you are missing one small tool. As you approach the first table you are immediately gripped in fear. You stumble over a simple introduction.

    This small tool is just a corkscrew. You say just a corkscrew, it is so much more then that. Yes, it can open a bottle of expensive bottle of wine and so much more. Knowing that you are prepared with the right tools gives you confidence and peace of mind that anything that happens, you can handle.

    Guest (Bill McCraney)

  18. The restaurant was packed! Many of the tables were ordering bottles of wine. Robby was frantic! Because he left his corkscrew at home. He didn't know what he was going to do!!

    As luck would have it; he remembered that he had a spare corkscrew in his locker. Robby made more money that night than he had in weeks. The night was a complete success.

    New to the Game

  19. You just started your shift and you can already tell it’s going to be a long one. Guests are pouring in through the door. It’s getting towards evening and most guests will want wine with their dinner. One problem though. All the restaurant’s corkscrews are broken and the order was never sent in for new ones. It was going to be a long night.
    You just started your shift and you can already tell it’s going to be a long one. Guests are pouring through the door. It’s getting towards evening and most guests will want wine with their dinner. But no worries. You’re restaurant uses the Big Baby Corkscrew, guaranteed for life to never break. You take a relaxing breath in because you’re all set.

    Guest (Morg)

  20. Imagine you are hosting a large Christmas party. The hall is decorated like a royal castle, lights are strung on the walls, and the tree is decorated Christmas balls that shine like beautiful gemstones. The delicious smell of the holiday dinner wafts through the room and everyone takes their seats. The wine is about to be served however the staff cannot find a corkscrew to open it. Panic Starts to set in, then your realize that you bought a Pop It corkscrew. You retrieve it and save the party!


  21. Get ready to earn more tips.
    No more fumbling in your apron pocket for the wine key.
    No more awkward moments struggling to pull a long French cork or a stubby Italian stopper.
    No more angry guests complaining how long your take.
    Forget about wasted spillage.
    Now you can have the confidence of a qualified Sommelier.
    Your co-workers will be envious of the quick and easy way you open a bottle of wine. Imagine returning guests asking for you by name. And think of how to spend all that extra tip money.
    I invite you to check out the latest openers seasoned professionals use at www dot modern dot corkscrews dot com

    D Kirby

  22. Imagine, two hours into your night shift, that awkward moment when you have to make small talk during what is clearly a first date with two uncertain strangers. You’d love to leave this couple in peace, but the cork...won’t...budge.
    With the Corel corkscrew, you’ll never have that problem again. Quiet and sleek design with a solar panel just like a calculator, this corkscrew looks like a standard wine opener, and requires no batteries, but will complete the task for you 2.79 times faster than a standard corkscrew, so you can get back to making your money without the awkward small talk.


  23. The waiter sets the tone for the restaurant experience. The diner orders an exquisite wine: An $80 Bordeux aged 20 years. But the waiter can’t deliver a quality service. She doesn’t have a cork screw to open the bottle of wine. Her eminent ratings and income as a hospitality provider now cease to exist.

    Now imagine if she had that cork screw tucked away in her work apron. With a suave retrieval the waiter reaches into her pockets and harnesses the wine in to the crystal. Voila! The diner’s delight is served. All due to the presence of a handy cork screw.

    Guest (A Rubin)

  24. You come to the restaurant ready to wait tables...and rake in the tips! You smooth your apron, flash your best smile, and cringe as they order a bottle of wine. Oh, no! You feel your tip sliding away as you pull out your Swiss army knife to open a fifty dollar bottle of wine. It's gonna be a long shift.

    You need SmoothPop! This elegant and efficient corkscrew will ensure that your patrons' glasses, and your tip pocket will stay full. Let the amateurs fiddle with gadgets and waste time borrowing corkscrews from the bar back. Don't lose another tip because you weren't prepared. All you need to be the smoothest server is SmoothPop!

    S Wallace

  25. It was his first waiter shift that night in this fine-dining restaurant. His first clients ordered a high-end Bordeaux to have with their dinner. He brought the bottle to their table and realised he did not have a corkscrew. Oh how embarassing! He quicked hurried to the bar to borrow one.
    Tomorrow he would remember to bring his own Pulltap's professional hinged double-lever system corkscrew with a serrated knife blade. He had had it for a almost ten years, and he had never broken a cork.


  26. Another shift at the busy restaurant. You love to serve your customers - but not the embarrassment of keeping them waiting as you run around frantically, trying to open that bottle of wine!

    New shift, new day - and a corkscrew!
    (compliments of a customer).
    Now your floating around from table to table as you effortlessly open each bottle of wine. Life just got better..

    Guest (Fidel)

  27. All Because of A Corkscrew!
    My gig as a waiter in a fine restaurant was quite memorable when my cheap-a** corkscrew broke and corked a very expensive bottle of wine.
    No tip.
    Boss said I would be fired IF that happened again.
    I searched to find best corkscrews! The best are called WINE-KEYS! I bought the best, 100% in charge as I easily extract corks from finest wine for the most refined clients. Now, easy tips coming in!
    P.S. My boss eventually saw the improvements and gave me a raise!

    Karen Chadde

  28. I lost my corkscrew at work the other day, let me tell you that was a nightmare. I tried to pull the cork out to no avail, and even got another waiter to hold the bottle while I pulled. No dice. Next, I tried my teeth, that did no better, and now I think I need a filling replaced. Then I had the idea to try a fork, which left cork floating in the wine. It just wasn’t my day.

    When I do have my trusty corkscrew opening the wine is a breeze. I just screw it right into the top of the cork. With a wiggle and a tug it comes out with a POP. It’s so easy to use, and no dental work needed!


  29. Joe really enjoyed working at the winery, he had a real passion for wine and dreamed of becoming a winemaker someday. Today was wine tasting day and Joe had been given the assignment of opening the bottles of wine for the patrons. He was so excited, but Joe had a problem, he could not find the corkscrew to open the bottles of wine, what was he going to do?
    With little time left before the patrons would begin to arrive, Joe frantically searched everywhere for the corkscrew, finally, with minutes to spare, he found a corkscrew in the boss’s office. Now, armed with the confidence born of the knowledge that he possessed the one tool needed to do a good job, Joe entered the tasting room ready to do his part to make the day a success.


  30. "WHERE IS MY CORKSCREW?!" I just started my first shift at La Mer, a 5-Star restaurant in NYC, and I'm about to look like an absolute Dunce!
    I have three tables waiting for my attention, one of which has just ordered a $500 bottle of wine to go with dinner.

    T-Minus five minutes before a perfectly caramelized Porterhouse arrrives on the table..Without a glass of wine to accompany it.

    Do I ask one of my new coworkers to borrow theirs?..and risk looking unfit for my job.
    I smooth down my apron and try not to look as frazzled as I feel..but wait, could it be?! Rushing to the server station I reach under my apron and into my pocket.
    My ACME Wingspan! My greatest friend! My prized possession! The key to my success!..For the night.

    Erin Frank

  31. Waitress Lia relies on tips. Upselling is key. Appetizers, desserts, & alcohol all make her more money; selling bottles of wine can line an apron in $10s & $20s! Lia avoids this because her corkscrew's cheap. She struggles with every bottle, peeling the top open with her fingers. Lia lacks confidence, and always has some sort of mishap.
    A wine vendor gave the staff corkscrews embossed with their logo. The CLEVER COIL is an easy-to-use, continuous screw, complete with foil cutter. For 1.5" - 2" + corks, the longer than standard screw on this tool ensures slow & gentle removal, with no breaks or fragments. Lia's confident and ready to sell. The CLEVER COIL is compact and lightweight, so the only thing weighing down her apron'll be the CASH!

    Sara Scribes

  32. These examples reminded me that I was writing for a company instead of myself, which is a new style of writing for me. The arrow will now point in the "write" direction from now on. Thank you.


  33. Are you a bartender that's tired of wasting time twisting and pulling corks?

    Do have trouble pulling the cork out in one piece?

    Want to be able to pull the cork, and then insert the cork back into the bottle, keeping your wine fresh, from the first glass to the last?

    Isn't it embarrassing having so much trouble pulling corks?

    Want to pull corks over and over without any trouble?

    Never worry again with our newest design that has a screw, twist, pull method will leave you speechless.

    Never struggle with corkscrews again.

    Screw the cork screw in as you get a better grip with every turn

    Twist it back and forth as you pull the cork out with ease.

    Visit www dot CorkScrewHero dot com today and you'll get 20% off with promo code GIVEME20.

    Guest (Jdstoutdigital)

  34. This exercise was my first with this course. It really put my mind in a place to explore ideas. I think I'm going to enjoy the growth. It may be a little difficult at first. My writing has been stale for a long time. I love these "prompts", just what I need!


  35. Michael está em um dia com o restaurante lotado e um casal que chegou cedo estava esperando há horas pelo vinho que haviam pedido enquanto michael estava na cozinha desesperado pela demora sem encontrar o saca-rolhas, decidiu então tentar com uma faca, conseguiu tirá-la mas fico boiando no vinho, o medo dos clientes reclamarem para seu chefe era enorme e a pressão só aumentava, até que os clientes cansaram e zarparam.

    Michael recebeu as melhores gorjetas e foi notado pelo seu chefe, foi ágil e não ficou perdendo tempo e não deixou cliente esperando, em menos de 15 segundos abriu o vinho especial com o saca-rolhas power que permitiu ele se tornar mais ágil nos atendimentos e receber um aumento salarial pelo seu desempenho.

    Guest (joao jaques)

  36. Man, you folks are Incredibly talented writers. It is so great to be a part of a community like this where I can learn from other people who have been through what I am choosing to now go through. Thanks to all of you who commented here, it's obvious most of you did it for the exercise... I Love it.


  37. This is my first time here and really taking my writing seriously. You guys are really incredible writers! I wrote mine out, but exceeded 750 characters. I'm going to keep writing and strengthening my skills. I love it here. Very motivating and inspiring.

    Maya Lanski

  38. Now life without this corkscrew, can cause cramps in fingers. You may resort to using the lighter effect, that may crack some glass in your eye. Wasted time happens. Using a sharp knife may result to a stab in the hand. Wine will be wasted on floor. Frowns will be seen. But, when you use a corkscrew, time is saved. Smiles will be seen. Delicious smells you will have once poured in your favorite wine glass. You can open multiple bottles. Using a corkscrew will make you look cool and professional.


  39. It's all fun and games until you are about to get embarrassed in front of your favourite coworker just because you are having way too much trouble pulling corks.

    Well, not today. With our brand new handy Corkscrew, you will be able to smoothly open any wine bottle you can get. Get that TIP coming in !!

    Guest (Sam)

  40. using a corkscrew helps prevent domestic accidents the cork could possibly give your face, saving you the stress of having to buy plasters from the drug store.

    it helps make your work faster and easier thus saving you time.

    it helps you save energy( how much energy do you have to give off to get that bottle opened up when there's something better and faster to do the work for you?)

    Guest (Gracie)

  41. A Bartender should have the right corkscrew in his arsenal.
    Imagine your customer has been at work all day; comes in the bar to drink his favorite champagne.
    The bottle can only be opened with a corkscrew!
    Your customer depends on you to pour him a glass of champagne!
    You search for a corkscrew, but doesn't find any. You feel awful!
    In another instance, your customer walks in the bar, looking stressed about his work day; he would like a drink.
    You pour out his favorite champagne, put in some ice, and gives him his drink.
    The champagne bottle requires a corkscrew; you find one in the drawer.
    He is more relaxed as he anticipates feeling better after drinking his champagne.
    Having the corkscrew to open his champagne bottle makes you a hero!


  42. This is definitely a great platform to learn

    Guest (Shola)

  43. There aren't too many tools a waiter needs in their tool chest, but this small, hold in my hand, fit in my pocket, easy to use corkscrew is a must. It has increased my income as a waiter in my 5 Star restaurant by 35%. I know, to increase my tips I not only have to provide 5 star service, but I have to sell more of the menu and more of the wine. With this easy to carry corkscrew I can suggest the perfect bottle of wine and open it faster than my guests can change their minds. It's not fancy and it's definitely not expensive, just a good tool for a waiter to have on their tool belt.

    Kris O

  44. If another person orders a wine bottle tonight, I will lose my mind.
    If you are a waiter that's tired of having sore arms from opening wine bottles, this is the most important letter you'll read today.
    There are certain things that you only know if you've waited tables, and manually opening wine bottles is one of them.
    You have to go in the back and struggle for a good 5 minutes to open EVERY single bottle.
    That's why this single thing has led me to being promoted.
    Remember the time I was wasting in the back? Now it's more time I have to actually wait on tables.
    I was no longer behind on my orders.
    This led to me being promoted to a manager position. This tiny corkscrew will really change your life.


  45. The Relief In A Corkscrew

    Are you fed up with wrestling with corks when opening a bottle of wine?

    Do you have cork crumbs or even the whole cork fall into your bottle from trying to open the bottle?

    Your Problem Is Solved.
    We Have The Solution!
    A Corkscrew!

    It’s a relief to relax and enjoy your favorite drink with no worries.

    With a corkscrew, you can remove the cork in seconds with no mess and you csave time.

    There’s no danger of wasting wine on your clothes, or champagne bursting out of the bottle from moving the bottle around too much.

    Whether it’s just for you or a restaurant of many customers, our corkscrew is the answer.

    For more information, call or click the information below

    Guest (Dr-Jan)

  46. I am a server in a restaurant. My job is to give you the comfort of service. My few but important tools give you a satisfying night. But I lost my corkscrew and you, a bottle of wine. This tool I need to pour you wine that would have complimented you meal perfectly, is gone. You leave.
    Upon return, you sit and have your choice of red or white. My tool is ready to open the wine. You watch as the sound of the wine falls into the glass. The hero of your night is a simple twisted piece of metal.


  47. Picture this, customers faces are red with anger, you sweating, unable to do one simple action. Your customers let out a loud sigh and roll their eyes, wondering what is taking so long. You smile nervously, unable to open one little wine bottle. You packed your corkscrew in your apron when you brought the bottle to the table, but where did it go?

    Our new product, the beedrill, makes opening wine bottles easy. The beedrill makes opening wine bottles easier. Your customers get to enjoy the wine they crave. The beedrill will make your night easier and your customers happy. Making you the man of the evening because you came prepared. The customer may even leave your restaurant an excellent review and you a tip.

    The Stoic Copywriter

  48. As a server at a 5-star restaurant, my presentation to my diners is important, including the act of opening a bottle of wine. My old corkscrew detracted from my interactions by being inefficient and messy. But when I tried the CorkyMaster corkscrew, I found a new table-side lifesaver. Now, opening the wine is helping me earn better tips while taking special care of my diners. This has been the best $69.99 purchase I have made for a necessary tool of the trade.


  49. I don't know about you, but I love wine. And as a waiter at one of the best restaurant's in town, I've come to know a thing or two about it. I take pride in educating guests on the dries and the sweets, the body and the finish, and giving them a positive fine dining experience. But no amount of expertise will keep a cheap corkscrew from breaking off into the wine cork, and for a waiter there is nothing more humiliating? That's why I never enter the restaurant without a WineSavvy Corkscrew. Created by the best engineers in the industry, the WineSavvy Corkscrew's cutting edge design makes in the most standout product of its kind. When your dignity is on the line, why take a chance? Invest in the WineSavvy Corkscrew today!

    Guest (writerAMA)

  50. Just imagine with me for a moment. You are serving a great table, who by all accounts seem to be the type of people who tip well. They have ordered dinner fit for a king, and top shelf wine, by the bottle. You get to the table with the bottle and glasses and are ready to pour this pricey wine and realize-YOU CAN'T OPEN THE WINE BOTTLE! You hang your head and kiss your tip goodbye.
    Or do you?! If only you had this RELIABLE, TRUSTY corkscrew you wouldn't be in this pickle! With this corkscrew you open the bottle and enjoy your return of investment with the tips you earn using the corkscrew! Satisfy your wallet and your customer with the Corkscrew today! Order now, and you'll never find yourself red faced at a table unable to open the wine.


  51. You know the feeling – the bread and water has arrived, and the customers have menus in hand – it’s time to take the drink order. You describe the latest hot vintage, but how will you open the bottle?

    Introducing the corkscrew. This simple, elegant tool makes opening that bottle as simple as a twist and a pull. While you’re describing tonight’s special, you’ll easily remove the cork and pour for the host without spilling a drop. And let them know the next bottle's ready when they are.


  52. What if you were an up and coming waiter tasked with serving your most valued customers a bottle of your finest wine?

    You'd be excited about the chance to get some hefty tips.

    Now imagine this same scenario but without a bottle opener. How would you possibly quench the thirst of your wide eyed customers?

    You'd be a wreck trying to figure how to open the cursed bottle.

    Luckily, you can leave this tragic scenario in your imagination. With our patented cork screw you can open even the toughest of bottles. The cork screw is tried and true with many of the world's most successful restaurant owners attributing their restaurant's success to the usage of it. Do you and your customers a favor by ordering a pack of cork screws today!

    Trevor T

  53. Would an acceptable style be to start with the successful ending, and then inject the story that led to the success, and then close with the ending that wraps to the opening sentence?

    Serving Veterans

  54. Having the right equipment is an important part of doing a good job.
    Take opening a bottle of wine for instance. It is almost impossible to pull a cork without one as any waiter could attest to. Actually it would probably be a nightmare. But with the right tools and the right wine the waiter can expect a very happy customer, and that means good tips.

    Guest (Everett)

  55. A beam of sweat could be seen dripping down poor Seán’s face as the impatient couple watched him struggle to open their 89’ Dom Perignon. If only they would stop gawking at him with such unforgiving eyes. If only his manager would stop lurking and evaluating his performance at every split second of stressful service. If only he had an Ikea corkscrew.

    Guest (Eve)

  56. How would you do without a Corkscrew!
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    Kosiyae Yussuf

  57. Compared to your coworkers you may have the best knowledge of the wines you sell and know best how to pair them. But with a faulty corkscrew you’re sent into embarrassment when the cork breaks in half, gets stuck inside the bottle, chips the glass or worse, pieces of the cork fall into the wine. All of these frustrating moments can be forgotten with our new Specialty Corkscrew, specially made for even the finest of bottles. You will no longer have to deal with the possibility of corkscrew mishaps when you purchase a Specialty Corkscrew from Wine Connoisseur. Serve your guests with confidence and buy now!


  58. Jane works in a very prominent Italian restaurant as a waitress. And the most popular beverage to pair with any Italian meal is wine. But Jane’s problem is, she can’t open the bottle. Her boss won’t be pleased if she can’t serve the most expensive thing on the menu. He will lose money, customers, credibility, and Jane will lose her job! The solution? A pocket-sized corkscrew from WaitStaffHelp! Now Jane is opening and serving more wine, getting bigger tips, and her boss is selling more wine! All thanks to a simple call to WaitStaffHelp, Jane gets to keep her job, and everyone gets their wine!


  59. Pedro, a waiter at Acme restaurant, prides himself as someone who doesn't like wasting time needlessly, but today's going to be different.
    Four persons have placed orders for wine, Pedro's in full panic mode frantically searching for his corkscrew!
    The voices of customers can be heard complaining angrily.
    Some of the customers are already leaving.
    Pedro will be getting an official query.
    Pedro, a waiter at the Acme restaurant always delivers on time, and today's not going to be any different.
    Having received orders for wine, Pedro's at Table 3, deftly un-corking bottles of wine.
    Pedro's quite popular he always receives the most tips.
    The manager is watching the proceedings with a smile on his face; surely he'll be giving Pedro a raise.

    Eugene Efe Odobor

  60. Casey loves customer service. He loves providing quality service that makes everyone’s eyes light up. Casey chose to get a job as a waiter so he could make everyone’s special days even more magical.
    Casey was on the job giving 100% when customers ordered some wine. He struggled to open it, and the customers just watched him in disgust. Their night was ruined, and they wouldn’t be coming back in the near future.
    The next evening Casey decided it would never happen again. This time he was equipped with the ScewSaverXI. That evening when he served wine the customers didn’t have to give it a second thought. They appreciated his courtesy and laughed together until they walked out the door. Casey nodded at another job well done.


  61. Tonight’s the night; I’m going to propose to my girlfriend. I selected her favorite beach to serve as the backdrop to the proposal. I want everything to go perfectly. I have brought a beach blanket, the ring and the wine and glasses. Don’t be a doofus and forget the corkscrew!
    The night is going perfectly. We found a secluded spot on the beach, set down the blanket, set up the glasses, pulled out the wine bottle and my new turbo charged corkscrew. All of this planning and execution is proof that I am worthy to be her husband.
    By the way she said YES!


  62. Alicia checks in for work and gets ready, she makes sure she has everything she needs. The customer for Table 14 arrives, it's her crush Josh, he always comes in every Tuesday but it's her first time serving him.

    She's amicable and eloquent, Josh is interested. She tries to open the bottle of wine but can't so she struggles. How embarrassing! Her colleague walks up to her and hands her the Rachel2.0, your trusty corkscrew to help you avoid embarrassing situations and leave a great impression.

    Winner Shoniran

  63. Johnathan is upset with opening things manually with no alternative. His hands thrive in pain each shift, and his heart filled with displeasure. It was as if part of himself was missing. It troubled him mentally. To the point he thought about quitting. He was one day presented with a corkscrew that put a big smile on his face. Using it to open any and everything, he didn't see things as bottles or boxes. They were adventures to him. He felt...completed. For now he had the help he's always wanted.

    Guest (Hakeem McDonald)

  64. <h1><strong>What Should be in Every Waiters Arsenal</strong></h1>

    If you didnt know by now what i am talking about. It is a much needed tool that every waiter should branish in his line of defense when making a unhappy guest more unpatient then he already is for not filling his wine glass up and throwing his glass against the wall or at you. Its a corksrew that much needed life saver that all waiters must carry on them besides a pepper box, eating utensils, and napkins. To make that unhappy guest happy.

    Guest (Michael Jay)

  65. Joseph was in a pickle. Working 12 hour shifts as head waiter at Capital Grille was just the start of it. Seemingly every table wants to drink wine with their meal, but Joseph forgot his corkscrew! Picture him running around borrowing corkscrews, only recommending bottles of wine he knew were uncorked, falling all over himself just to function. Joseph couldn't keep up.

    Now picture Joseph feeling cool, calm, centered. He has a corkscrew which he remembered was in his employee locker. Joe grabbed it and said goodbye to running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Serving wine was so much smoother, and guests were really enjoying the attention Joe was able to give them. Look now! Joseph is headed for big tips tonight!

    Guest (BrandonG)

  66. Caught without a Corkscrew? Catch this!

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    Guest (Hapapino)


    Andrew and Peter had been hired to work in a high-end Manhattan restaurant called DreamHouse and had been there for almost 7 years. Andrew and Peter have been friends all through their childhood and both attended the same university and graduated the same. These 2 men were happily married and both had 2 children.

    Andrew had been appointed chief staff, Do you know what made the difference? The Prime corkscrew

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  68. Big Party!
    Kevin has to carry the bottle to the main table and open it.
    He’s excited!
    He goes in front of the crowd, stands at the main table, shows the bottle to the crowd.
    People cheer more!

    He reaches for his pocket.
    Uh oh.
    “Where is the corkscrew? Not now!” Imagine him sprinting for the corkscrew as everyone else waits.

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    Guest (Hussain)

  69. What a treat! I learned some important lessons right from this first writing prompt and the examples. Telling a story, creating a picture, asking a question, and showing the promise and possibilities are all helpful techniques.


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  71. We've all been there, you bring home a date, you got the music on, the mood is good. You go to the kitchen to get the bottle of vino you deliberated for hours over in preparation for this moment. Disaster, the cork has split and no amount of trying will free it. How embarrassing.

    With corkies dual hinged corkscrew say goodbye to wine corking troubles. It's dual hinges allow for a much smoother more effortless cork removal using leverage over force, making you look as smooth and sophisticated as a restauranteur

    Guest (Nathan)

  72. You’re working in a restaurant where no corkscrews are provided to you. And you have to open the bottles by using some other ways. Remember your girlfriend/boyfriend had left you because you had lost your teeth by opening bottles by your mouth. Now you’re doing it with the help of a knife, which leads to regular deductions of salary caused by complaints of customers that have to wait.
    Here’s the single solution to your messed-up life that would save both, your teeth and your salary. A Corkscrew. Now you can instantly open the bottles without any hustle. It is explicitly designed for you. And don’t worry it won’t deceive you. Because its guaranteed elegant design and material used won’t allow it.

    Guest (Amna)

  73. Barbara finally got approved to sell wine and twenty orders before the doors opened. Her excitement went to frustration and worry when she realized the kitchen knife would not open the wine.
    Fortunately, Tommy showed up with his glimmering silver corkscrew and opened all the wine with panache, bringing smiles and laughter all around.

    Clyde Plyler

  74. Unless you've devised some hack you will have prepare for battle for each requested bottle of wine. Your not an amateur but you look like one.
    Worst case, you'll appear to be a patron fumbling to pop the cork. Once you've finally got it loose who knows where it will go or into whom. Your job is a hazard to your career and others.

    The use of a cork is professional. You will look professional. You will provide a professional experience. You will save time. You will save energy. And, if you secretly despised the wine orders you will soon appreciate them all with a cork screw.

    PT Barnum

  75. Its a busy night at Crown Roya`le. Eliza has a big group that just came in. The table puts in their order along with the patrons finest red wine.

    Eliza rushes to get the orders in. As the orders are being prepared, Eliza notices she misplaced her cork screw. Panic starts to set in as presentation plays a big portion in the amount of tips she receives. Just as worrying began to consume Eliza the manage comes in with new cork screws for everyone.

    Thus saving the night...and Eliza's BIG tip.


  76. I love amazing my guests by memorizing the entire menu.
    After taking the food and wine order, I returned to find my AAA corkscrew had escaped my pouch, so readily excused myself.
    I used the reasoning it was because I not only was honoring my guests and wine but also the cork.
    My guests were desperate to learn what I was talking about.
    I explained it took years to develop my corkscrew and age the wine but also over 40 to grow the right quality of cork. You see, cork for such a wine takes over 40 years to harvest from the 3rd generation bark of a cork tree.

    Robert Ontko

  77. You were called asked to open a bottle by your VIP guests? You impressively approach to open the bottle only to find out you cant open it with a butter knife tonight. You start to feel nervous and anxious at every level of your body. You fear loosing your credibility and the big tip.
    Well we have the right solution for you; Ronalds clippable corkscrew. Designed to open the corks smoothly,tag it in your keychain/clothes, so you don't have to worry misplacing it all the time. Live stressfree, impress clients with your prompt service and become a highly sought waiter in your restaurant.Order our corkscrews directly from our page.


  78. Do you know that pit in your stomach when you realize you don't have a corkscrew?
    That moment to keep customers relaxed is slipping away.
    Your tip is probably decreasing.
    Panic sets in as you go to find a corkscrew.
    Your wondering why you don't keep one?
    When your shift is over you purchase a corkscrew.
    Feeling immediate relief knowing that you're ready for next time.
    Your first customers order a bottle of wine and, in your pocket a corkscrew.
    Success, you have opened their wine.
    All is good.

    Marsha Woods

  79. Before, a couple celebrating their third anniversary when a waiter sets their favorite bottle of wine on the table. The waiter looks for something to pull the cork. The waiter leaves the growing impatient couple to find something to open the bottle. The couple leaves no tip for the waiter and writes a poor Yelp review.
    After, A couple celebrating their third wedding anniversary when a waiter arrives, sets their favorite bottle of on the table. The waiter not wasting a minute reaches into a back pocket for a corkscrew, pops the cork with the corkscrew and pours the wine. The couple smiling when they leave the restaurant leaves the waiter a 22% tip and write a glowing review about the restaurant, mentioning the waiter on Yelp.


  80. “The Dildines just got seated, make sure you grab the chilled Scarpetta from the bar on your way to their table.” Of course - I should have been prepared for their regular wine order when I saw their reservation in this evening’s guest list.
    Crap, where did I leave my wine key?
    I shove my hands in every pocket of my black slacks and apron as I head toward the bar to retrieve the bottle. Only feeling my pens and some stray receipts, the dread sets in of borrowing the ancient, gritty, corkscrew the country club keeps on hand for forgetful servers.


  81. “Muchas Gracias, Alejandra - Thank you very much!” Jose graciously slides my sleek silver Bervivo across the granite of the bartop, his mustache crinkles as he winks and pats me on the shoulder. A cheerful yelp escapes from my body as I snatch it up, relishing its satisfying weight in my palms. Owning the most ergonomic wine key out of all the servers often comes with the task of lending it out in times of need.
    “Perfect timing my friend, Mrs. Dildine needs her Sauv Blanc!”


  82. Attention Bartenders! Are you looking for a corkscrew that can make your job easier and seamless?

    Introducing the Vintorio Waiters Corkscrew, designed to make the process of wine opening a lot smoother. You no longer have to worry about your corkscrew breaking while opening your wine. With its nonstick stainless steel worm, you can now open the trickiest corks. But wait, there’s more, it’s not just a corkscrew, it’s also a bottle opener and has a built-in foil cutter. It’s a game-changer. Click below to buy yours.


  83. Tom is a waiter who is facing a dilemma. He thought he can cruise through his shifts without a corkscrew. Little did he know, his employer was about to shift the focus of his establishment to a "wine with dinner" concept. When it came to having the need to quickly and efficiently open more wine bottles, Tom just didn't have the right tool. Tom knew what he needed to do.

    Fastforward and Tom now has his corkscrew. You know how Peter Parker felt when he realized he had Spider powers? Well that was now how Tom felt. As he glides from table to table popping corks like a superhero, clients were dazzled. Tom was now equipped with the right tool for the job.


  84. Sometimes I have nightmares. As a waiter, my worst dream is serving the Saturday morning book club their little glasses of wine, and finding that I lack a corkscrew. You don’t know embarrassment until you’ve faced the scowls and whispers of eight women while you desperately try to pry the cork out of a 2014 Zinfandel. If any fragments fall into the wine I must replace the bottle from my own measly paycheck. It’s enough to keep me awake at night so I don’t dream at all.
    Fortunately I always have my corkscrew with me. I turn the metal worm into the cork, then ease it out with practiced finesse. Removing the cork is part of the experience, and I want to impress my customers. Now I have one remaining dream. I’d really appreciate a nice tip.

    Duane Porter

  85. Amelia was just hired as a waiter in her nearer restaurant… She was enjoying her job, serving wine and food.
    suddenly ..
    While serving wine..
    her corkscrew snapped in two pieces She was panicked and full of sweat Then from her behind she heard some footsteps coming towards her She became anxious and nervous Thinking its her boss..
    then someone patted her back and gave her another corkscrew and saved that night.

    PS- No one knows who was the person who gave her that corkscrew.

    Ripughna Tikre

  86. The waiter couldn’t open the wine bottle for his customers. He tried all his might to get it open, but it was no use. He then asked his much more muscular manager to do it, but it still wouldn’t open. The waiter then tried to use gloves to screw it open, but still no luck. Lastly, one of the customers used his knife to attempt to open it, but it still wouldn’t budge.

    The next day, the waiter back to work with a corkscrew. He was told by an ad that not only does a corkscrew open up wine bottles, but anything you want! When he used the screw to open up the wine bottle, it opened! When he used the screw to open a hot sauce bottle, it opened! Voila, the corkscrew does wonders!

    Leslie Loo

  87. Jenny comes out with this bottle of wine and takes it to the table by the window. She has a hard time using the wing corkscrew. She didn’t realize it at first that this is not the correct corkscrew. She kept trying to get it opened by using what she can in her path. Until the boss came over to help.

    After trying and trying the guest from the table pulls out a corkscrew and says to Jenny I think this is the one you need. They looked and smiled cause now they can have that bottle of wine.


  88. Jen was meeting several friends for a picnic, a long overdue, and she was in charge of the wine. It was good to see everyone, they chatted happily as they set up the picnic table. Jen pulled out the wine and her corkscrew. It was a disaster; the corkscrew shredded the cork. Jen suggested getting a screwdriver from her car to push the cork in, but Lane came to the rescue. She had The Right Corkscrew in her car, it is compact, ergonomic, strong and easy to use. The cork was extracted with ease, and the chatting and laughter continued. Jen vowed to pick up The Right Corkscrew on her way home.


  89. Sometimes I break wine bottles or spill wine on my guests. One time I even had a guest even go get a hammer and screwdriver so I could “hurry up” and get the wine open. I know how to pair wine with food, but avoid it at all costs. There must be a better way to store wine than a corked bottle.
    I had a guest come in and order a bottle of wine, nothing more. I began to struggle with the wine how I always had, then he presented something that changed my life. Once he offered to give me what he called a “corkscrew” I paid for his bottle of wine myself. Since this saint changed the way I open bottles of wine I won’t let my guests drink anything else. I have seen happier guests, and more tips.


  90. You're serving as a professional waiter at the restaurant for a group of VIP guests.
    Everything seems to be fine until they'd like to drink, and there's no wine opener in the backroom.
    Will you using a knife or a bite to open the corks? Don't let that behavior ruin your career.
    Fortunately, Daniel - your colleague knows what happened. He takes out from his pocket a corkscrew, open the wine bottles in front of you. He saved your job.

    Next time, be prepared with a corkscrew in your pocket.

    Guest (Phuong)

  91. Sierra understood economic travel. She knew to book safe rooms in compelling locations, and to manage her finances wisely.

    But she had a problem. After vacation, she realized that she'd been so focused on her wallet, she hadn't embraced LIFE.

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    Now she truly enjoys her vacations, and she knows that her finances are being managed wisely.

    Sara V S

  92. Al was the laughingstock of the event. Who shows up to cater a wine sampling without a corkscrew? Even the guests were snickering when he walked by. Until his hero walked up. He was a rep for ABC Corkscrews.
    He gave Al a corkscrew because he noticed what was going on. Al soon discovered ABC had unique corkscrews. He just had to get it started in a cork and then push a button. The corkscrew did the rest. He was instantly surrounded by others, all wanting their own.

    Crystal Burton

  93. As a server, uncorking wine bottles is a big part of creating an excellent experience for my customers. But my previous corkscrew constantly caused broken corks, took a lot of time to remove and was hard on my hands. My customers’ dissatisfaction was reflected in my tips.
    This ergonomic corkscrew answered my prayers! No more awkward moments fighting to uncork a bottle of wine. No more hand cramps. No more anxiety. I confidently deliver a high quality of service, and my tips reflect it!

    Copy By Melissa

  94. Bursting through the front doors with confidence, Nate was ready for his shift shift waiting tables at el loncombre. Customers flooded the restaurant as rush hour begun. It was time to get to work. nate arrived table and took note of their order, which include a glass of port. arriving back with the bottle, Nates heart dropped to the floor... "The damn corkscrew", he had forgotten. Nervous he could get fired, he searched everywhere until he found it, the corker. rushing back to the now frustrated customer, he put on a show seamlessly prying open the cork of the bottle in his hand and pouring a nice big glass for the both of them. By the end of the night, Nate was drowning in tips and cheers from the satisfied customers, a new born hero.

    Guest (Cakeb)

  95. 3 out of every 27 bottles had some cork loss.
    3 out of every 27 customers were, at the very least, inconvenienced - either because the wine had traces of cork, or because the cork broke in the bottle and the "Pop" moment was replaced by "Sorry, I'll be right back with a new bottle!".
    Now, all corks come out of the bottles intact, without leaving a trace! Corkie sucks the cork at a constant pressure of 0.7 bar, preserving it intact from the beginning to the end of removal.
    Since using Corkie, every "Pop!" is followed by a "Clink!".

    Guest (Rita)

  96. Waiters must-have!

    Do you know how unprepared and unprofessional a waiter would appear without having a corkscrew? It would also reflect on the bar and restaurant as a would lead to loss of client and your job. Do you want that?

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