Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts:
Decide When You Really Like to Write

Practice your copywriting skills with this prompt from The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

With this Write Now! tip, you’ll be encouraged to choose your favorite time of day to write.

After viewing this video by Casey Demchak, medical and B2B copywriting expert, you’ll understand the importance of choosing a regular time of day or night to do your writing in order to build a strong writing habit. (Or read the transcript below.)

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When you read about the writing habits of other copywriters, you’ll find that many of them enjoy writing very early in the morning as the sun is rising and the birds are chirping. Others love doing their “heavy lifting” in the middle of the day – while others are notorious night owls.

You may want to imitate them. But do their habits really work for you? Always be authentic and always be yourself.

For this writing prompt, give thought to the time of day or night during which you do your very best writing.

Next, write a few detailed paragraphs about WHY you’re committed to building a writer’s life that enables you to write when YOU do your very best work! Write with confidence and write with certainty.

Anchoring this commitment will keep you on track. And, learning to write with certainty and confidence will make the copy you write for clients that much more compelling.

Now, get after it and make it happen.

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Published: June 14, 2017

7 Responses to “Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Decide When You Really Like to Write [video]”

  1. They say that no one fails overnight and no one succeeds either. What causes people to fail or succeed are the habits that they have. Writing on a set time is one of the best habits you can develop. It helps you to stay consistent. It also helps to set yourself an end time – because it trains your mind to finish tasks faster – or so I've heard.
    If I want to be a copywriter (and I do) then I have to be committed and the best kind of commitment is the one that comes with a structure.
    But what is a structure?
    Well its a set of daily activities, my non-negotiables – the tasks that I perform no matter what. And daily writing is one of them.

    Guest (Kendrick )

  2. To be an early riser to write can be helpful. The head is full of thoughts, dreams and chaotic ideas after a nights rest.
    A good way to brainstorm a thought cloud for an article or email.
    Even in the afternoon the thoughts still grow and you write a quick outline.
    By the time you have reached the evening you have given your writing the fuel it needs to spark the imagination to the topic at hand.
    You have already written a lot in one day. Keep writing, it will flow like a river.

    Chris J

  3. Writing as the world awakens, the sun rises and life emerges to start the day anew, holds its own clarity and inspiration. Typing in rhythm with tweeting birds can help keep focus & the words flowing.

    Afternoons I've been away from home and found inspiration in the ordinary, somewhere out in the world, and can't wait to put to paper whatever has me so passionately stirred.

    I'm a notorious night owl in my volunteer world. Creating in the still & quiet of the night holds its own beauty and presence.

    For me, the most optimal time to write is anytime. I believe I do my best writing when I don't feel pressured or stressed by time. I want the freedom & flexibility to show up and write whenever the spirit strikes me.

    Sara Scribes

  4. I find that I am most productive and clear minded when I can begin riding around 10am onward. However, if I begin later in the afternoon, around 2pm, I tend to have a more clouded mind.
    I am committed to building up the habit of writing good copy simply because I enjoy learning and researching topics as well as wanting to build up a side hustle as a copywriter. I imagine this side hustle turning into a love for the craft and ultimately a career path. Since graduating from college one year ago, I become excited to have something to wake up to, knowing I have goals to hit and added structure to my day.
    Continuing my learning through research, hands-on practice and extensive learning on a new high-income skill is amazing.


  5. I have become committed to the writer’s life for a few reasons. One is because I have really found a comfort zone in being able to write and create content/copy. Another reason is that it seems to be a more “carefree” career where you own more of your time and can do your work when you feel is best and not feel like a “clock puncher” while making a good living. I’m still finding the right time that I feel is my most creative time to write, but the process has been fun, nonetheless. I’m writing this prompt around noon, and it feels like everything is coming to me quicker and I can get my thoughts to the keys with better ease so even though I’m not traditionally a daytime person, I might have found my best time to get my best writing done


  6. I like Chris J's idea of writing a bit in the morning and letting it incubate throughout the day, and then coming back to it in the evening. It lets me look at what I wrote from different angles.

    Lynda P

  7. I used to work around 10 or 11am, but lately I’ve decided to do it around 1 to 4pm because I’m doing writing sprints. They keep me motivated and help me engage with others. They've also helped me to write more.

    When I write, I feel free, but it depends on what I write. Fiction is my strongest suit right now. Of course I want to work on other varieties of writing such as blogs and articles, but I was always drawn to fiction.
    I’m not great at knowing what my audience is, but I’m working on it.
    I always wanted to base my career on fiction writing, but since nonfiction, even copywriting, seems to earn you more money, I'll have to practice more on that. That’s why I decided to join this club. I’m hoping it'll help me with this skill.

    Guest (Leslie Loo)

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