Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
3 Ways to Make Money Blogging as a Freelance Writer

Woman at home sitting on couch in front of fireplace using notebook, pen, and laptop at coffee table with text overlay Blogging is bigger than ever!

Blogging is experiencing a resurgence … a transformation like never before!

It has to do with the way people are making buying decisions these days …

In fact, according to a recent study, 84% of Internet buyers made their buying decision based on information found in blogs.

We’re taking billions of people.

And get this …

The same study goes on to say that blogs are considered better at influencing purchase decisions than opinions found on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, on forums or in online magazines.

During this Inside AWAI session, 3 Ways to Make Money Blogging as a Freelance Writer, Pam Foster, AWAI’s Director of Training, and special guest Heather Robson, Managing Editor of, show you THREE exciting ways to make money with your blogging skills. Here’s a hint at what you’ll discover:

  • Why blogging is enjoying a resurgence now
  • What that means for you, as a freelance writer
  • Three big ways to make money blogging (they may surprise you!)
  • Examples of blogging success stories
  • What you can potentially earn and how to get started

They also opened the session for a live Q&A with listeners.

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