November 2016

Let Me Introduce You to My Mistress

Writing is more than a career. It’s a source of great pleasure. Here’s how to get the pleasure and without having to chase around after clients.

How Long Will it Take? Six Tips for Estimating Your Project Times

When you take on a project, both you and your client want a solid idea of how long it will take. Use these tips for accurately estimating project times.

It’s Official! AWAI Headquarters Has Moved

AWAI's headquarters has moved - here's all the details about our exciting new location!

The Six-Figure Copywriter’s Slacker “Crib Sheet”

The simplest and most obvious way ever invented for making a six-figure living online and in just minutes per day.”

Discover the Hidden Gold in Your Background

There’s copywriting gold in your background! Discover how to find it and leverage your experience as a successful B2B copywriter.

To Market Your Freelance Business Effectively, Try Being a Little Provocative

Has your quest for the writer's life come to a grinding halt because you’re not using a strong self-marketing message? Try Nick Usborne’s strategy.

AWAI’s Brand-New Mentoring Program through Circle of Success

Not only is Circle of Success AWAI's highest level of learning, with a mentor and personalized plan, this could be your fastest path to copywriting success. And it's not too late to register for the upcoming session. Get all the details and sign up here!

Use this “Secret Weapon” for More Successful Writing

An essential lesson Circle of Success members learn is to “write tight,” which is all about keeping your writing simple.