Ben Settle:
The 6-Figure Slacker


“Whenever I go to parties and people ask what I do, I always say, ‘I’m like a bum, but who gets paid.’ And it’s true. A bum rattling a paper cup full of change on a street corner works harder than you will if you know just a few direct response marketing principles and combine them with email marketing correctly. This powerful combo lets you create any kind of lifestyle you want — including reducing your work day down to as little as 10-minutes, if you choose.”

— Ben Settle

Over the past 15 years BEN SETTLE has written ads, created email campaigns, and cooked up marketing strategies for clients (when he did client work) that have collectively earned tens of millions of dollars in sales in hyper competitive, “cut throat” markets such as:

  • Golf
  • Weight loss
  • Business opportunity
  • Self defense
  • Home business
  • Dating
  • Prostate problems
  • Internet marketing
  • And more …

His methods have also gotten rave reviews from the world’s top A-list copywriters, marketers, and designers, including:

  • Mark Ford (Co-founder of AWAI), who said Ben teaches, in very arresting ways, things he’s been trying to teach marketers and copywriters for 30 years.
  • Brian Kurtz (former Executive VP of Boardroom INC, and Target Market Magazine Marketer Of The Year), who called Ben “the gold standard” for email, said of all the people he follows Ben’s emails are as good as it gets.
  • Bob Bly (the man McGraw Hill calls “America’s Top Copywriter”), who says Ben’s emails are “stunningly effective.”
  • Richard Armstrong (writes record-breaking control ads for all the big direct mail publishers), who says he starts his day reading the Bible and Ben’s daily email (and not necessarily in that order … )
  • David Garfinkel (The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach), who called Ben the “hottest f’in email copywriter on the web right now.”
  • David Deutsch (Freelance copywriter with multi-million dollar controls for the best and biggest mailing houses in the world), who says Ben’s emails are PERFECT examples of how to sell with email … how to be a welcome guest in someone’s inbox rather than a persistent pest … how to sell with story … and how to create a persona that draws people to you like controversy to Donald Trump.
  • Lori Haller (A-List graphic designer who has worked on control ads for Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Oprah Winfrey, and more), who said she reads and studies every single one of Ben’s emails, wakes up to read his words, and studies how he combines words + feelings together.
  • Nick Usborne (A-list copywriter and “founding father” of Internet copywriting), who called Ben an “email copywriting poet” after he spoke at AWAI’s prestigious 2016 Web Copywriting Intensive event.
  • Gary Bencivenga (Often called the “World’s Greatest Living Copywriter”), who says he has long enjoyed Ben’s website.
  • Clayton Makepeace (Called the “World’s Highest Paid Copywriter”), who told Ben in a phone conversation he has a real gift for writing emails. (And had Ben train his wicked ways to his private mastermind of copywriters.)

Ben has taught methods he’s pioneered to some of the world’s most prestigious direct marketing companies — such as Agora Financial … AWAI’s 2016 Web Copywriting Intensive event & also their Wealthy Web Writer series … professional radio producers at Entercom (one of the largest radio broadcasting companies in the United States) … Real Dose’s (one of the world’s biggest and most respected health supplement companies) Health Profits Summit … various seminars and events where people paid up to $10k just for a seat … and the annual Oceans 4 Mastermind — where 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses pay him and his colleagues to put their emails on the “hot seat” — transforming their sales overnight.

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Ben publishes a monthly print newsletter (called “Email Players”) that costs $97.00 per month and is read by hundreds of people in over 30 countries — including by some of the most respected copywriters and marketers on the planet, such as A-list copywriters, publishers at prestigious direct marketing companies like Agora Financial, leading auto-responder & email trainers, world class copywriters … and more.

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