Rebecca’s Cheat Sheet of AWAI Copywriting Training Resources

Start here to find expert resources on how to become a copywriter, the best careers for writers, and how to find freelance writer jobs and great clients.

Inside AWAI Webinars:

Getting Clients and Freelance Writer Jobs

Answers: How do I get copywriting clients? How do I market myself?

Picking a Copywriting Niche

Answers: What is a copywriting niche? How do I pick a niche? Can I pick three?

The Best Copywriting Retainers and How to Land Them

Answers: Best retainers deals. How retainers work. How to safely transition from a full-time job to high-paying freelance writer jobs.

Copywriting Opportunity

Answers: What is the copywriting opportunity all about? How can I be sure copywriting is for me? Where are the biggest careers for copywriters?

Creating Your Personal Roadmap for the Best Careers in Writing

Answers: How to quickly become a well-paid copywriter: what steps and programs to take – and when? How can I be sure to move forward?

Make a Living as a Writer Without Clients

Answers: How to generate a passive income stream from writing? I’m terrified of getting clients – can I still make a living?

Helpful Business-Building Programs:

Essential Business Templates for Copywriters

Contracts, proposals, invoices and other forms that are totally customizable for all types of freelance copywriter jobs – you have permission to use them as your own.

Build Your Copywriter Website in Four Days

I literally walk you through how to build you own copywriter website, from writing content all the way through the technical stuff. No technical background required.

Marketing Confidence for Copywriters

This program walks you step-by-step through building a freelance business, creating a marketing message you love, and promoting yourself to clients. You just follow each step before moving on to the next. And before you know it, you’re marketing yourself – and loving it. Takes away all the “mystery” and fear.

AWAI’s Simplest Program for Pricing Freelance Writing Jobs/Projects

Pricing projects can be intimidating. This program makes it as easy as possible.

Free Articles:

The AWAI website has 1000’s of copywriting training and business success articles you can access for free. Just type in a single keyword related to what you need help with. Here are some I wrote on the most commonly asked questions:

Need help with something I haven’t listed here, and can’t find it on the site? Ask us! Our team will be happy to help you find the resource you need to keep moving forward towards your goals.

To your success,