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Advice to My Younger Self: Unlock Your Money Mindset

If Rebekah Mays could have a chat with her 26-year-old self as she was just starting out her copywriting journey. Here's what she'd tell her … and what she'd tell anyone else who might be limiting their own financial potential.

The Writer’s Information Packet Challenge

Take this challenge and put together your freelance writer’s information packet. Then whenever a prospect asks for more information, you’ll be ready.

Writing a Reader-Focused Newsletter - 5 Approaches that Work

Writing a reader-focused email newsletter can be a gamechanger (for you or your clients). It helps you connect with you audience and pulls in work.

Business Challenge: Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Is your social media presence helping or hurting your web-writing business? Clean up your social media presence and make it easier for clients to hire you.

The Anatomy of a Well-Niched Freelance Website

Creating well-niched freelance website can bring more and better clients your way. Use these three examples of niched websites for inspiration.

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