Write Better with These 3 Techniques Used by the Pros

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When you’re just getting started as a copywriter, it can feel like there are so many things to learn …

But the truth is, if you can just learn to “shift” your writing mindset in three key ways …

You’ll already be thinking like a professional copywriter, which gives you an advantage over others — not to mention increases your chances of getting hired by a client!

You can develop this mindset using these core techniques and habits that set professional writers apart from hobbyists and dreamers …

#1 — Think “Barstool”

Imagine if you were sitting at a bar chatting with another person …

You wouldn’t use big words or complicated sentences … you’d just talk. Short sentences … simple, everyday words … natural pauses and asides …

Conversation like that just flows …

And that’s exactly what your writing should do.

Your reader shouldn’t feel like they have to wade through pages and pages of dense text … they should almost FORGET they’re reading because your writing sounds just like someone is talking to them.

It’s called writing conversationally … and it’s one of the first things professional copywriters master.

That’s because conversational writing is much easier for your reader to follow and engage with.

The best way to train yourself how to write conversationally is to read your work out loud. Or even better — have someone else read it out loud to you.

Anywhere you stumble is an indication the “flow” is off … or if you find yourself running out of breath, your sentences are probably too long.

It might take a bit of practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, your writing will be much stronger … easier to read … and even easier to write!

Writing conversationally is one of many techniques you’ll find covered in full detail in The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter.

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#2 — So What?

New writers tend to focus on “features” of a product … but the pros know to go deeper and talk about the “benefits” instead. And it’s those core benefits that push your reader to take action.

Here’s an example of showcasing benefits over features …

Let’s say you’re writing about a new kind of dog food that has 30% more omega fatty acids … 25% more natural protein … and a new glucosamine ingredient to boost joint health.

Those are “features” of the dog food. They give your reader important information … but reading about those stats and ingredients is pretty boring …

And unless you already know a LOT about healthy canine diets, those features might not mean anything to you at all.

Instead, a good copywriter knows there’s one thing dog owners truly want:

They want their pup to live a long, healthy, and happy life!

THAT is the true “benefit” of the improved ingredients in this dog food …

That it will give your dog everything she needs to build strong muscles … have healthy skin and fur … and keep her joints mobile and pain-free for way longer than other dog foods …

So you can have more time enjoying your lives together.

See the difference?

Talking about the “benefits” of a product touches an emotion for your reader …

It takes all the technical “features” of a product and shows them exactly how those features will improve their lives.

If you’re still getting started, a good way to train yourself to identify features vs. benefits is to ask yourself, “So what?”

This has XYZ feature — So what?

So that means I can do ABC better. So what?

So that means I’ll be happier because BENEFIT.

#3 — Stack the Pages

This has been said many ways by many professional writers …

But one of the biggest differences that sets the pros apart is that they don’t wait for inspiration to strike … they don’t stop writing because they feel “blocked” … and they don’t kick back and take a hiatus just because they finished a project.

They write every day.

They get inspired by writing … they get themselves “unstuck” by writing more …

When they finish something that isn’t good enough, they fix it by writing even more …

And when they finish something that’s “perfect” — they start writing the next thing!

They stack the pages up higher and higher because the one thing professional writers NEVER do is STOP WRITING.

And for any new or aspiring writer, the ONLY way you’ll ever get better … gain confidence … and finally bridge that gap between you and the professional writer’s life you want is to write, write, write as much as you can …

And then write some more for good measure. 🙂

With every imperfect draft, you bring yourself closer to something magical.

(Need something to write? Strengthen your copywriting skills with our Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompts.)

You see? You don’t have to learn 10,000 things all at once to be like the pros …

Just by practicing these three simple techniques — you’re already thinking like a real professional copywriter! And that is what will help propel your career to new levels.

These are just a few of the many lessons taught in our industry-famous foundational writing program, The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter!

Learn the formulas … master the core skills … write the projects today’s businesses need … build an “A-level” portfolio of five key projects … and land your first paid writing assignment.

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Do you have any questions about getting started as a copywriter? Please share with us in the comments so we can point you to other resources.

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The AWAI Method™ for Becoming a Skilled, In-Demand Copywriter

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Published: July 1, 2021

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