Seven Key Words Clients Really
Want You to Know
(These Words Can Even Determine Your Success as a Writer!)

Business woman having fun presenting on her laptop to a client

Every business has its own lingo … and as a copywriter, you’ll quickly discover that your clients have a specific set of words they use over and over again …

Words they care a LOT about … that pop up in every meeting and phone call … that people get downright emotional about …

Words you need to understand in order to be a successful professional writer.

Because not only do these words determine how happy your client is …

In a lot of ways, these words also determine just how lucrative and successful your writing business will be.

Let’s see how many you’re familiar with …

CTR ("Click-Through Rate")

A tool to measure the effectiveness of an online ad campaign. It's calculated by dividing the number of times an ad was displayed by the number of times the ad was actually clicked on. This term is also used with email marketing to track the number of email recipients who click through to a web page, video page, or other links.

When the goal of your email or ad is to get the reader to click a button to move on to the next step, this is how marketers will determine how successful your piece was.

Cold/Warm Lead

It’s a way to specify what type of bond you have between a company and a prospect. When a prospect or prospect list has no prior relationship with you or has never purchased from your company or has no knowledge or experience of any products or services you offer, they’re considered a cold lead. When they already know who you are, have expressed interest in learning more about your services, or have bought from you before, they’re a warm lead and will be much easier to sell to.

Knowing which type of person you’re writing to will be critical to your success as a copywriter because it will completely change how you talk to them.

Lead Generation (aka Lead-Gen)

The act of collecting a list of prospective clients who will be likely to buy at some point; a common term used in marketing, especially in B2B (Business-to-Business). Lead-gen is done online and by mail to generate leads for further sales contacts rather than trying to get immediate sales. And, the leads may be contacted (followed up with) via email, sales calls, mailed information packets, or other means.

The more leads you’re able to collect through ads, emails, and content marketing, the more prospective buyers you can talk to … and the higher your chances of turning them into buyers for your client.

Lifetime Value (LTV)

The total revenue a customer will generate for a company over the "lifetime" of their relationship.

Your prospect might start out by just buying a $1 report … but if you keep writing to them, then next time they might buy a $50 product … or a $500 product. And the more they buy, the more they’re likely to buy from you. Clients will be thrilled to watch this number grow over time.

Return on Investment (ROI)

A measurement of the financial success of a promotion, comparing the cost (investment) vs. profit (return). The higher the ROI, the more effective the medium or campaign was at generating profit.

At the end of the day, your client is running a business, and they need the money coming in to be higher than the money going out. If your writing can generate high ROI for them, they’ll be happy to pay for your writing over and over again.


The fee paid to direct-response copywriters based on the number of responses or sales related to the promotion written by the copywriter. Some royalties are paid based on the number of pieces mailed or emailed. Typically, royalties vary between $10/M and $50/M.

This word is just for you! See those numbers? This is where your writing can generate incredible income for you. One sales letter it takes you a few weeks to write could wind up paying you royalties for years … even decades if it’s super successful.

Unique Selling Proposition (aka USP)

A clear articulation of why the product or service you’re selling is different and superior to all competition — the best among all options. The USP should highlight the unique benefits and advantages of a product or service in a compelling way that engages your prospect.

Here’s where you can really shine as a writer … because a lot of clients don’t really know how to put their finger on what exactly the USP of their product is! By looking at the features and benefits to find what makes this thing truly stand out, not only will your copy be that much stronger … but your client will be impressed with your razor-sharp insight into their business.

These are only a handful of the words you’ll want to know when working with writing clients throughout your writing career.

The more you’re familiar with the lingo they use, the easier it will be for you to work comfortably with clients …

And to blow them away with your professional insights!

You can find a lot more in AWAI’s Ultimate Glossary of Copywriting Terms and Direct-Response Definitions.

It’s a comprehensive free resource we keep up-to-date so our members will always know the latest key terms and industry jargon.

Challenge yourself to learn a new word a day, or a few each week. Be sure to note when new-to-you terms are used by your clients in a meeting or message, and look them up in the Copywriting Glossary to expand your knowledge. And if you don’t see a term you’re looking for, let us know so we can add it.

Do you have any questions about any of these key terms? Please share with us in the comments.

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Published: March 9, 2021

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  1. Thank you Julia for your very informative post.
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