Thriving as a B2B Copywriter — Even Now!

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If you’re a little nervous about how the coronavirus pandemic — and its economic fallout — are going to affect your copywriting business, you’re not alone.

I recently struggled with that question myself …

During social distancing, I lost two big copywriting clients — at least for the foreseeable future.

Combined with my husband’s pay cut, it’s safe to say our household needed to find some more income, fast!

Things did get better — and in my search for new opportunities, I discovered there are a lot of projects in demand right now for B2B copywriters …

Finding Opportunities During Difficult Times

Recently, I heard an interesting fact …

I learned that some major companies — brands that are household names — got their start during, or shortly after, the 2008 recession.

This includes brands like Uber, Airbnb, Square, and Groupon. They thrived, even during difficult circumstances.

And today, in the midst of everything, some businesses are doing very well …

In fact, just a short drive from my home in Arizona, the local plant is hiring — holding multiple days of open interviews because they need a lot of new employees to keep up with rising demands for their products.

And on a more personal note: After my initial loss, two of my current clients sent me additional work … and one new client hired me!

So, I know that opportunity is out there …

I also know my attitude and actions helped me weather the COVID-19 storm fairly well — and to stay as busy as ever even after receiving my initial bad news.

Here are the principles that helped me replace my losses with new opportunities …

Be Adaptable

As a copywriter, now’s the time to be brave and try something new.

For me, that included deeper dives into SEO strategy, and even working on a podcast script for a client — all new to me, but I was willing to educate myself and give it a try.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by watching the news and listening to things like the unemployment rate or other scary statistics …

So, in addition to limiting my news and social media time, I’m also doing my best to maintain a positive mindset. This serves two crucial functions …

  • Rather than worrying about what I can’t control (such as losing clients), I focus my energy on searching for new opportunities.
  • When in a positive frame of mind, I have more energy and creativity.

Over Deliver

Two of my clients have recently given me new work, and they stated the reason is because they’ve been so happy with my previous projects.

So, when you get a new client, I recommend going above and beyond — it’s a good investment in future paid projects.

Be Kind and Sensitive

Now is the time to change your marketing messages. When talking to current or potential clients, use language that’s sensitive to their current needs and emotional states (in my opinion, it’s not the time to be overly ‘sales-y’ or speak purely about profits).

My clients have appreciated kind communications — I’ve even checked in just to see how my clients are doing and whether they need to make any changes to our project schedule.

Current Opportunities for B2B Copywriters

I do a lot of B2B copywriting, so that’s what I’d like to share with you today. Here are some great, timely opportunities …

1. Emails

Emails are one of my favorite projects because they’re a good value for your time: short, easy to learn, and with a fee range of $150-$1,000 per email (which are usually done in a series).

They’re also a great way to get your foot in the door, even during uncertain times (emails are very much in-demand right now).

2. E-newsletters

Maybe you’ve noticed this recently, too …

During social distancing, I suddenly got newsletters from businesses that never sent me a newsletter before.

I think it’s because these businesses recognize the need to keep in touch with customers virtually. And, this need will continue as things improve and businesses work to get back to a “normal” pace.

E-newsletters provide consistent, predictable income, and they pay well ($250-$1,000 per newsletter, and $500-$2,000 for planning and setting up a format).

3. Press Releases

You’ve probably seen a ton of COVID-19 announcements in your email inbox, from just about every company under the sun.

And, these same companies will need releases as their doors open back up, to inform their customers of their opening hours, safety protocols, and any other changes.

Writing press releases is a quick and simple skill to pick up (the writing is usually fact-based and straightforward), and they pay well ($250-$1,000).

4. Blog Posts and Articles

Blog posts and articles are my most requested type of project in the pet and veterinary niche — and recent uncertain times were no exception.

Many businesses budget for good quality content during booming and challenging economic times alike.

Fee ranges are $150-$800 per article or post.

5. Lead Generation

All companies need to acquire new customers — and lead generation is part of that process.

This skill is in demand in the best of times, but it’s also been very important recently because of the need to reach customers virtually with online copy.

Lead generation can include lead magnets ($2,000+ for e-books or white papers), landing pages ($500-$2,000), emails, ad copy ($250-$500 for a campaign), social media management ($1,000-$2,000 per month), and more.

6. SEO and Site Audits

Website optimization (which can include Site Audits, SEO strategy, and SEO copywriting) shows no signs of slowing down …

In fact, since Google continually updates its search algorithms, businesses constantly need to add or update content in order to stay competitive.

(The company that hired me during the middle of the pandemic? Yep, this is what they were looking for.)

So, it’s a strong, in-demand skill set to have no matter what’s going on in the world.

Fees can include $1,000-$2,500 for a Site Audit and report, $250-$500+ for keyword research, and $250-$1,000+ per web page for SEO copywriting.

7. Online Video Scripts

Webinars, online meetings, online courses, livestream videos, and more are all the rage right now — they’ve been a great way for all of us to connect, communicate, share, and learn when we couldn’t meet in person.

However, the rise in video started well before COVID-19 …

In fact, for a while, YouTube has been the number two most popular online search engine (second only to Google).

That’s probably why video scripts pay so well at $500-$3,000+.

Plus, don’t forget about all the associated copy: written transcripts … short descriptions of the content … and copy used for promotion (emails, social media posts, etc.).

Bonus Tip …

During these times, some clients may need timely content related to current events.

If that’s the case — and if you already have a lot on your plate, whether professionally or personally — it may be appropriate to ask for rush fees.

Rush fees are fair for both of you — the client gets their copy faster, and you get compensated for moving your schedule around to accommodate them.

Just be sure to explain why you’re asking for the fee, and most clients will understand — one of my clients didn’t mind the fee at all, and was super happy I could move the project up to an earlier time frame.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of B2B copywriting opportunities — but these are what I’m seeing the most of, in terms of both my own copywriting work and the marketing communications I’m receiving from businesses.

Many B2B companies need all of these services now — and will likely continue to need them more and more as business gets back to normal.

Get started by brushing up on your skills — then, reach out to current or potential clients one at a time.

Online networking, such as LinkedIn, is still a great place to find clients.

Have you discovered another type of project that’s in demand right now? Please share with your fellow copywriters in the comments below!

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Published: May 27, 2020

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