“What If I Don’t Believe in the Product I’m Selling?”

Scale balancing the words belief and doubt

“Would you say it’s essential to believe in the product or service you write for?” …

I’ve been asked this question in one way or another hundreds of times over my 20 years as AWAI’s Executive Director.

My answer is always, “Yes!”

I say “YES” for several reasons. Let me share two important ones with you now.

#1 — If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, it will come through in your writing. And, that will make for weak and unbelievable copy. Nobody wants that.

The best sales copy is when you’re so excited about what you’re selling that you can’t wait to share the news about it.

And, #2 — If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you won’t feel good about the job … your role as the writer … and maybe even your whole writer’s life. Nobody wants that either!

My most recent conversation about this was with new AWAI member TJ who asked if he should be concerned about claims the company makes about the product.

Another strong “Yes!” from me. I told him …

“If you think any of the claims are not true, you should question them. False claims speak to the legitimacy of what you’re selling. And if it’s not something you would want a friend to buy, then the job is not for you.”

I told TJ what I tell any writer who voices these concerns …

“You can always say ‘no’ to any project or client that isn’t a fit for you. In fact, that’s the professional thing to do because you would ultimately be doing the client … and yourself … a disservice if you don’t believe in what you’re writing about.”

Then, TJ got to what was really on his mind …

He wrote: “I’m split between two concerns: Displeasing a client by rejecting a gig because I doubt his product, and selling my soul by singing the praises of an item whose quality I doubt.”

I asked TJ if this was a dilemma he was currently facing or something he’s concerned might happen.

Like most who ask about this, it was something he was concerned might happen.

First of all, I assured him that writers rarely find themselves in this situation. Especially AWAI-trained writers, because we put so much emphasis on helping you find clients who are the right fit for you.

If you share this concern, let me assure you too …

The reality is, you’ll know fairly early in the process if you want to work with a particular client. If anything doesn’t feel “right” to you, then you “pass” (professionally, of course) and move on to the next opportunity.

And, don’t worry! There won’t be any repercussions. The client will move on just like you will.

I realize this is hard for new writers who haven’t landed that first client yet to fathom, but it’s your choice to accept or decline any job that’s offered to you.

And, before it even gets to that, it’s you who is in control of what types of clients you attract and the types of projects you work on for them.

In our 2017 Copywriting Pricing Guide, we go into detail about 75 different types of projects clients across all niches need today. These are all options for you once you have the foundation of persuasive writing down.

After you read about the different types of projects, the next thing to do is follow the steps in this free webinar, The #1 Easiest Way to Choose a Copywriting Niche and Start Attracting Well-Paying Clients. This will help you find clients with products you’ll be excited and proud to work on.

Remember, some of best things about living the writer’s life are that you get to choose whom you want to work with and why. I’m looking forward to hearing about your success!

And if, like TJ, there are any concerns on your mind, send me a note at AskKatie@awaionline.com.

Do you have any questions about believing in the product or service you’re writing about? Let us know in the comments below so we can help.

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Published: November 9, 2017

1 Response to ““What If I Don’t Believe in the Product I’m Selling?””

  1. Hi Katie. I am a former professional salesperson. Yes, if you want success,and don't like lying,you must believe in what you're selling.I sold mostly in peoples homes,face to face,exceptions were selling Better Business Bureau memberships & advertising to business'es .Last sales I did was for 'Art Instruction School' (You've seen the ads ' Can you draw this pirate? )I had 12 appointments,I sold 12. I told the truth, I belived in the product.Ben Feldman,'The Greastest Insurance Saleman ever' taught that "The customer believes because the saleperson belives"Smiles, Mick Feld.

    Guest (Mick Feld)

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