August 2015

Why You Should Drop Preconceived Ideas About Your Ability to Write

Discover the five essential steps for launching a paid writing career at hyper speed — including what to do right away and what to forget immediately.

How to Solicit Useful Feedback on Your Writing and Why

Getting feedback is a key step in the writing process. Christine Butler discusses ways to getting useful feedback and why it's important.

How to Compete with the Top Pros in Freelance Copywriting

Here are some tips for competing with top-level freelance copywriters who may have much more experience and better credentials than you.

Crash Course in B2B Content

Learn what's needed to succeed in the B2B content world with the Crash Course in B2B Content, and save $50 when you order by August 21st.

Effective Self-Marketing Gives an Early Boost to this AWAI Member’s Freelance Career

With the skills acquired through The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting The Pro Resume Writer Program, this AWAI member landed herself speaking gigs and has brought in extra income. Read her story here!

Job Opportunities … The Institute for Natural Healing is Seeking Direct Response Copy Chief

The Institute for Natural Healing is looking to fill a full-time, in-house Copy Chief position. Learn more about the exciting opportunity here!

Breaking News! Mark Ford to Speak at Bootcamp

We are excited to announce that Mark Ford - AWAI founder, New York Times bestselling author, master copywriter and self-made millionaire - will speak at this year's Bootcamp!