Karen Cardwell
Blairsville, Pennsylvania

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Saving Money and Time

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Money Saving Tips, Tricks, and just plain old knowing how to do it a better way.

Saving-Money-With-Karen is a portal to new ideas for saving money and stretching your paycheck and your budget. Stretching your dollars to the max, today and for months to come, is the objective.

Become the Bargain Hunter you have always wanted to be. In this tough economy, I have ideas that will insure that you succeed in your quest for a few more dollars left over this month.

Looking to stretch your budget? I can help you do just that!

Program Thoughts

I took Nick Usborne’s “Learn to Love Your Message” and his “How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites” programs. I discovered my niche was getting the most for the least amount of money. I thought a website to share what I have learned over the past 50 years would be splendid! I grew up in a single- parent household. I learned to take last year’s dresses and adding a little imagination, turn them into this year’s styles. I learned about skin care and cosmetics using only my small allowance, supplemented by returning pop bottles for deposits. I wanted to share all of the lessons I have learned more than I wanted to make money. I will probably add monetization products in the future. I am just enjoying sharing ideas and strategies for saving money and time. My site has some inexpensive ways to skin care, hair care, easy and quick recipes, my guide for driving and being safe and save money.

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