Karen Patry
Port Angeles, Washington

Site Topic

Comprehensive Raising-Rabbits Guide

Program Thoughts

How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites opened my eyes to the possibilities. It was clear and detailed, and even though I had zero web experience, I could see that Nick’s program would work — easily. After also attending a series of conference calls, I selected SBI as my web host and guide, and I’ve been waaaay beyond pleased with results thus far. A huge THANK YOU for this program!

Site Update

“My goal is to replace my income of over $3,000/month, and ultimately, to support my husband and me throughout retirement. I recognize that this will take a few years to build; what better time to start than now?!

But, the amazing thing that is already happening is the ‘Glicken.’ Raising Rabbits is rapidly gaining in visitors and visits. As it does, my website is also gaining in reputation. I get compliments for things like: ‘The most informative rabbit website on the Internet,’ and ‘Your site is impressive!’ That makes me feel very good, and spurs me on to provide even more depth. I don’t know if it’s because I’m passionate about rabbits (passion really helps!), but I believe my Money-Making Website is now a life’s calling. All this is unbelievably thrilling. It’s like creating your very own world where anything is possible.”

Karen has developed a number of excellent affiliate relationships based on the needs of the visitors who were drawn to her website through particular keywords. She’s built a significant income from rabbit-related products like food, medicine, and other supplies.

She and her husband also make money by selling e-books. “For 30 years, we built our own cages and hutches, and we believed lots of other people would want to do the same. Some of our website pages about rabbit cages offer simplified free plans. But it didn’t make sense to give away everything. So we developed e-books, one of which is sure to be just right for any of our visitors.”

“It was Nick Usborne’s program that opened my eyes to the possibilities. I have not cast even a teensy glance backward since I opened the cover to Nick’s program for the very first time. Thank you very, very much, AWAI and Nick Usborne, for showing me how to activate my dreams!”

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