Jo Panyko
Littleton, Colorado

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The health benefits of probiotics and the cultured foods, drinks, and supplements in which they are found.

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Why bother with probiotics? As a savvy consumer reading health information, you want to know if these microbes called “probiotics” are important for your health, or if you are being scammed by marketers. Believe me, probiotic microbes really are powerful, and are vital for your good health!

Power of Probiotics is your source for nutritionist-written information on how to be healthy, yet save money, with probiotics in the forms of foods, drinks, and supplements. It will help you see the bigger health picture of why it’s important to integrate probiotics, and the foods that support them, into your daily food plan in many ways for health preservation (and how to do it). It can take the guesswork out of using probiotics and cultured foods and drinks to help you with your health struggles.

To tap into the potential of these microscopic allies, visit www.powerofprobiotics.com.

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I started a Money-Making Website! I was undecided about going the MMW route or the squeeze-page-and-product-route, and decided that consumer trust was important to me. With an MMW, I can get my message out to the world, make a difference in people’s lives, and still eventually have profitable products.

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