Inside AWAI Webinar and Q&A:
10 Top-Paying Projects for Freelance Writers

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Today, most companies use at least a dozen or more different marketing approaches to reach prospects and customers. Many companies even use 50 … 75 … or even more approaches! And they all need writing.

In the FREE Inside AWAI session, 10 Top-Paying Projects for Freelance Writers, Katie Yeakle, Rebecca Matter, and Pam Foster show you 10 top freelance writing projects that pay VERY well. There’s quite a variety, so we’re sure you’ll discover an assignment or two that pique your interest.

Each of these 10 marketing projects are used by all types of companies — including B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) — in virtually any niche industry you can think of.

Want to know what they are … and how to land them? Join us for this info-packed session that included an open Q&A with listeners at the end.

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