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Catalog Market Copywriting SecretsImagine sitting down to your next project. Instead of writing a 16-page letter, you’ve been hired to write 8 short blocks of copy, no more than 100 words each. For this task—which will take you part of the afternoon—you’ll be paid $400 … and that’s on the low end.

You’re living the life of a catalog copywriter. And what a life it is!

There are more than 10,000 catalogs published in the U.S. every year. Every word in every catalog — whether it centers on fashion, sports, industrial supplies, electronics, or countless other product specialties — comes from the keyboard of somebody like you … so there’s never any shortage of work.

A catalog copywriter who can write effective copy—the kind of copy that gets people to place orders—commands very nice project fees … fees that earn you on average $100 an hour.

If you learn and follow the principles and techniques in AWAI’s program, Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market, you’ll be qualified to write copy for any catalog — consumer or business. And you can start living the enviable life of a catalog copywriter.

As you’ve come to expect from any AWAI program, you’ll be learning from the best of the best. In this case, that’s expert catalog copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis, author of 28 books including Catalog Copy That Sizzles. You’ll learn …

  • What works and what’s changed in the catalog industry in the last 10 years
  • How to beef up information without altering facts — the secret to writing good, lean, effective catalog copy
  • How to master surprisingly simple techniques that make dull information seem irresistible
  • How to appeal to all the senses to make your copy jump off the page
  • The secret of the benefit/benefit/benefit principle
  • How to jumpstart your career with Target Marketing’s list of catalog marketers
  • And much more!

Suppose you had, at your fingertips, a resource full of all the most powerful catalog copy secrets — secret words, secret phrases, secret paragraph structures, secrets to overcoming buyer resistance … secrets, in other words, to turning browsers into buyers. That’s what marketers in the catalog business want. And that’s what you can deliver, once you know and understand the writing secrets revealed in AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market.

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