Become an Online Client Magnet in Just a Matter of Weeks by Finding the Niche Market That’s Your Perfect Match

How to Choose Your Writing NicheYou hear it all the time from all the experts … you have to specialize to be a successful copywriter these days.

But you know what?

No one talks about how to do it!

Well, finally, you’re about to see exactly HOW to specialize your business and become a “client magnet” through a turn-key system you can follow immediately.

Pam Foster used this system to land seven ideal clients in just seven weeks. And now in AWAI’s program How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Pam shows you exactly how she did it and how you can, too.

No matter where you are in your copywriting success path, now you can start attracting your ideal clients faster by literally “copying and pasting” this complete system into your own business plan.

You don’t have to start from scratch. How to Choose Your Writing Niche shows you:

  • The 67+ hottest industries that need skilled copywriters right now.
  • How to locate strong companies in those niches online in just two clicks.
  • The "Why Hire Me?" Checklist that gives you more than a dozen ways to prove your unique value to the perfect clients.
  • The fastest way to set up your professional niche-focused website.
  • The easiest and most powerful marketing tool you didn't even know you already have.
  • How to tap into the powerful aspects of social networking.
  • The place where there's no competition from other copywriters … leaving you as the "center of attention" among clients.
  • The surprising allies you can connect with for faster results.
  • How to put your marketing efforts on "autopilot," freeing you up to write copy, enjoy your workdays, and generate steady income.
  • And so much more!

There are a ton of steadily-growing niche markets desperate for copywriters with industry expertise where there is little to no competition from other copywriters. Learn how you can turn this into a perfect storm for growing your business, finding ideal clients and dramatically increasing your income.

How to Choose Your Writing Niche: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Choosing a Profitable Market that’s Right for You: $297.00

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