What Do You Say When a Prospect
Asks What You Charge?

Pricing B2B projects is tough! No wonder it makes so many copywriters break into a cold sweat. You make one wrong mistake and you not only lose the project — but probably any other opportunities from that same client as well.

The good news is, there is a specific process to follow that virtually guarantees that you'll handle pricing and quoting the right away — and land more high-paying B2B copywriting projects.

In AWAI’s program, How to Price B2B Writing Projects, you’ll learn that process — along with all the scripts, model emails, and quotation templates you need to price projects with confidence and ease.

Pricing B2B copywriting projects doesn't have to be agony. In fact, if you follow this simple "Power Pricing" system, you'll be able to:

  • Confidently price any B2B project.
  • Be certain that you're quoting the best rate — so you're making top dollar.
  • Get more clients to enthusiastically say "Yes!"

Grab the program today and find out:

  • The 3 things you MUST know before you can price a B2B writing job accurately.
  • The "magic question" to ask clients that will dramatically increase your chances of getting the job at the best rate possible. (These 8 words alone are worth the price of the program!)
  • Do you need a fee schedule? (Yes, you do, and in this program, you'll learn exactly how to create one.)
  • What to say, word-for-word, when a client says, "Your price is too high."
  • How to handle such issues as endless revisions and changes in direction that can cut into your income on a project.
  • 7 things you can negotiate — and the one thing you should NEVER negotiate.
  • Exactly what to put in your quotation or proposal that motivates the client to hire you — at YOUR price — on YOUR terms.
  • How to increase your rates with current clients … even those who are currently paying you peanuts.
  • Should you quote a ballpark price? (Many other writing "gurus" say no. But, they're wrong! I'll show you why.)
  • And, much more.

Learning how to price your services—and learning how to present your prices—is one of the simplest ways to immediately increase your income and improve your success. Find out exactly the steps you need to take to price your projects with How to Price B2B Writing Projects and start earning 24 to 50 percent more than you do now!

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