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  • You don’t have to do any of the hard work! All you have to do is place copy with links we provide on your website and/or in your ezine or enewsletter – something you probably already have up and running. We’ll give you everything you need to build up your affiliate business – products that sell, copy that sells and time-proven online marketing methods, techniques and tips we’ve perfected over 20+ years.
  • No Overhead Expenses: There’s no product to create and no inventory to carry. We create, package and ship the product so you don’t have to.
  • No Customer Support: You don’t have to deal with taking payments or any kind of customer support. We take care of all that for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your bank account grow while we do all the work.
  • No Return Hassles: AWAI offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products, which is a great selling point. Some even have guarantees up to 365 days! But, you’ll never have to deal with any of the return hassles.
  • Review AWAI Programs: We value our subscribers and expect that you value yours as well so we can make arrangements for you to preview the program you plan to promote to make sure it’s a good fit for you and your subscribers.
  • Unlimited Affiliate Support: We are always just a phone call or email away. An AWAI Joint Venture Relations representative is available via email during the week or if you would like to speak to a live person on the phone, contact Member Services Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm ET and they will relay the message. When you make money, we make money so you can bet we’ll be ready and willing to get you everything you need to make your affiliate marketing business successful!

Dear Potential Affiliate Partner,

It’s time you started making money with a top affiliate program that will make you hundreds, even thousands of dollars each month. Just fill out the simple application and answer some questions about your website, your target audience, which programs you’d like to promote. Within 3-5 work days, we’ll respond as to whether or not you’ve been approved. If you’re approved, we’ll get you started with your login to the Affiliate Dashboard so you can access the programs you want to promote.

Top 10 Reasons Why AWAI’s Affiliate Program Rocks!

1 – AWAI Knows How to Write Web Copy That Converts
AWAI is the world’s leading trainer of copywriters. We learn from the best and train with the best copywriters in the industry. We know how to write web copy and sales letters that convert visitors to buyers and we’ll share that knowledge with you!

2 – We Are Master Marketers
Not only do we write exceptional copy and sales letters, we are constantly testing it and improving it. We are always working hard to improve conversion rates and constantly seeking new ways to reach your target audience. You’ll glean valuable insight into our online marketing methods.

3 – Commission Payments Are Sent Out Every Month
For any orders you receive through your affiliate links, we’ll pay you 50% of the gross revenue. This means that each and every month, you will receive a check from AWAI. This makes for a nice revenue stream as you continue to build up orders.

4 – No Minimum Sales Requirement & No Max on What You Can Make
There are no minimum sales requirements and no website traffic minimums. You won’t get any pressure from us. However, we challenge you to take this seriously and we invite you to make as much commission as you can!

5 – Get Reports Any Time You Want Them
Gain immediate access to reporting any time you want. Just log into your affiliate dashboard and with a few simple clicks of the mouse, see how much you have earned for the month, year or any time period you choose.

6 – Anytime Access to All the Promotional Tools You Need
Just log into your affiliate dashboard and you’ll find all the ad copy you need for our most popular programs. You can also request any of our exclusive email promotions, sales letters, videos and or testimonials – whatever you need. You’ll be a top affiliate in no time!

7 – FREE E-zine Content That Will Keep Your Subscribers Coming Back For More!
You don’t have to look far for content for your e-zines and e-newsletters. When you sign up for AWAI’s Affiliate Program, you’ll get free access to thousands of articles filled with copywriting tips and guidelines – our ENTIRE collection of “The Golden Thread”, “The Writer’s Life” and “Wealthy Web Writer”. All we ask is that you follow our simple syndication guidelines. You can even put your own ad at the bottom of an article to increase your commission checks each month!

8 – It’s Simple and Easy to Get Started
Just fill out the simple application and answer some questions about your website, your target audience, which programs you’d like to promote. Within 3-5 work days, we’ll respond as to whether or not you’ve been approved. If you’re approved, we’ll get you started with your Affiliate Code and your special affiliate links for the programs you want to promote.

“AWAI is one of our most valued partnerships. Not only have they been a pleasure to work with but the commissions have only increased over the years. One of the best companies to do business with in the industry.”

Chelsea Frederick, Marketing Director, Brian Tracy International

9 –You Become a Part of the AWAI Family
AWAI has formed hundreds of successful partnerships over the years, with individuals and companies, including Target Marketing, Learning Strategies, Bob Bly, John Forde, Early to Rise, Agora, Brian Tracy, Matthew Furey, Chris Marlow, Nick Usborne, Copyblogger, Miguel Alvarez, David Pierce, Writer’s Digest, Valerie Young, International Living … and the list goes on and on.

Becoming an AWAI Affiliate is equivalent to joining the AWAI family. We care about your success!

10 – Access To the Top Copywriters In the Industry
If you need a Web, SEO and/or direct-mail copywriter for other products and services that you sell, you have a direct link to them. Post your job listing FREE at or join us in person at the annual AWAI Job Fair. We also have sponsorship opportunities available!

If you ever have any questions or need help, I’m ALWAYS available.

Best Wishes,

Colleen Fernandez
Affiliate Manager, AWAI

P.S. While this opportunity is easy and seems like a no-brainer, I have to tell you. We’re looking for people who are serious about this program – people who really want to make some money. If you take the right approach, you can definitely get a lot more out of the program than you put in!

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