An Important FREE Video Presentation Every New Copywriter
Should See … Especially If You’re Struggling to “Get It.”
FROM: Paul Hollingshead, AWAI Co-Founder

(*Note: This is free content, NOT a sales message)

There’s an important video presentation I’d like you to see.

It contains a powerful message every new writer should know … from one of the most successful copywriters on the planet.

His name is Mike Palmer.

He’s the copy chief over at Stansberry Research, one of Agora’s most successful information publishing divisions.

Mike has written and mentored hundreds of multimillion-dollar promotions himself over the years.

He’s also trained many dozens of copywriters who now write million-dollar letters of their own.

And he’s always looking to hire new writers for the five companies that fall under his creative control.

Now please don’t worry …

This is not a sales promotion. There’s nothing here for you to buy.

It’s just highly useful content.

And it’s free.

The great thing about this video is that it delivers a very important and powerful life/business lesson.

It’s especially useful if you really want to be a successful copywriter – but you now find yourself struggling to get the “hang” of it.

If that’s you, this video is “must viewing.”

In it, Mike talks about how every successful copywriter has experienced what you’re feeling now.

Frustration. A sense that you’ll never “get it.”

That dreaded feeling that copywriting might not be for you after all … and you’re just wasting your time.

Mike’s felt it.

I’ve felt it.

Every successful copywriter in the world has felt it.

In fact, we still feel that way sometimes … whenever we sit down to work on a new project.

But this video will inspire you.

It will serve as your “breakthrough moment.”

It talks about the “Four Emotions” every new writer must go through in order to be successful.

If you’re new and you’re starting to write, you’ve likely left the first emotional phase, which Mike calls “Uniformed Optimism” …

And you’ve entered the “Second Phase” – something he calls “Informed Pessimism.”

As Mike explains – that’s where you go from loving the idea of being a highly paid, in demand copywriter …

To the realization that, hey, this if a little different from what I was expecting … and it’s going to take some work.

Now, a lot of people give up at this stage (or soon after) …

But, as Mike explains in his presentation, this is a phase you should fully embrace …

Even celebrate!

Why? Because it’s an absolutely crucial part of your path to success!

What’s more, he shows you how to deal with this phase …

How to “blast through all those doubts and negativity that will knock 4 out of 5 of your fellow aspiring copywriters clear out of the game” …

Leaving more jobs, more money and more opportunity for you!

And wait until you see what he does … just to prove just how serious he is about the important of experiencing this all-important phase of the learning curve – right near the end of the video!

Now, I don’t want to steal any more of Mike’s thunder, so I’ll stop right here.

If you have any fear that copywriting isn’t for you after all …

And you want to learn the best way to move quickly though “bumps in the learning curve,” click on Mike’s presentation (below) now.

Watch Video

Remember, it’s not selling anything – and it’s free.

And it may just be the most important video presentation you’ll ever watch.

P.S. The other thing about this video is that its “lesson” will help you in any new challenge you take on in life – whether it’s starting a business, learning to play golf, master a musical instrument, learn a foreign language and so on.

P.P.S. Also, when you watch, pay close attention to Mike when he tells you exactly what marketers want to hear from new copywriters they’re considering hiring … and what NEVER to say.

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Published: March 17, 2018

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