These 12 Copywriting Projects Can Make You the Most Money – Part 1

Sandy Franks

When I was a publisher for Agora Inc., the easiest way to keep money flowing in the door was working with copywriters who were well versed in the latest and most relevant types of copywriting projects.

Of course, when I say well versed, I mean copywriters I could hand a project to, explain what type of project was needed, and give them a due date. They could literally “take it from there.”

I didn’t have to spend much of our valuable time teaching these copywriters the ins and outs of each project. This is important because that old saying, “Time is Money” is absolutely true, especially when it comes to running a business.

Having a copywriter who knew the latest ways to generate revenue or leads was a huge help. They generally were also the copywriters making the most money.

So today, I’m sharing with you the 12 most crucial copywriting projects you need to master to stay relevant. These are the projects that upper tier, multimillion-dollar companies require you to know. There’s also another benefit to knowing them.

While most every multimillion-dollar company uses these 12 copywriting projects, small companies might not use all of them or even know much about them. If you know how to write them, you could be in the unique position of teaching smaller companies how to give their business a big boost. You’ll have demonstrated your value to them and they’ll reward you with handsome fees.

Plus, you could use that experience as a training ground to work your way up to writing for the bigger companies. So knowing this dozen is a win-win.

What are the 12 copywriting projects your clients desperately need? Over the next two days, I’m going to share them with you. Today, we’ll look at the first six. Then join me tomorrow, as walk through the last six on the list.

In-Demand Project #1: Revenue Boosting Insert Ads. These are the little ads in online e-letters and newsletters. They can turn a percentage of readers into potential new customers. They’re a great way to test new headline ideas, but are also a great training ground for writing Pay-Per-Click ads, website banner ads … even Facebook and Twitter posts. These types of ads are short, usually around 150 words, which means you have to know how to get the reader’s attention with very few words.

In-Demand Project #2: Eye-Catching News Items. In short, a news item is a lot like a sales letter, only instead of a product, you’re selling an idea … But doing it in a very special way. Your objective is much the same: Get a passive reader — who may not have any predisposed interest in reading your story — to read it.

In-Demand Project #3: Highly Coveted Newsletter Articles. A newsletter article is a longer, more research- and proof-intense piece of writing, and “sells” a more sophisticated idea. Newsletters that have a large circulation of readers and high retention rates are a publishing company’s bread-and-butter. But not everyone can write benefit-driven newsletter articles. This is a powerful skill; one your client can’t get enough of.

In-Demand Project #4: First Touch Welcome Letter. Also known as a “stick” letter, they’re the email message you get shortly after you buy something. In the world of information publishing, they’re a crucial element to the sale. They overcome what is known as buyer’s remorse, where the buyer changes their mind and cancels their order. A good stick letter keeps that from happening.

In-Demand Project #5: Raging Hot Advertorials. An advertorial is really a sales letter disguised as an article. It delivers useful and interesting content like a good article or news story does. Its main job is to move the prospect toward an idea, promise, or benefit you really want to drive home — and to get the prospect to click over to the sales promotion. Advertorials can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. Needless to say, there’s an art to writing an effective advertorial that gets viewed by millions of people.

In-Demand Project #6: Response Generating Sales Emails. Also called “lift” emails — they’re short “teaser” emails, typically sent to your client’s in-house list of customers. But don’t be fooled by the word “teaser.” There’s more to them than teasing. And they’re important because their real job is to get the reader interested enough to click on a link that will take them to a sales letter. They are a crucial part of a sales campaign, which is why writing an email lift note that “breaks through” is a very special skill.

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Published: March 21, 2017

4 Responses to “These 12 Copywriting Projects Can Make You the Most Money - Part 1”

  1. Great article, Sandy! Thank you! So helpful!

    Guest (Mary Kay Seales)

  2. Thank you for the enlightening article. I know I want to be a copywriter, but I'm still in the process of deciding which type. Your article has given me a starting point, much appreciated, Sandy.

    L Joe Oleson

  3. Wao! I really don't know where to start commenting. Is it from many teachings and enlightenments from Rebecca, Pam or Katie and so many uncountable, wonderful people and a host of many gurus introduced during the course of my learning experience in the copywriting industry; Frankly, I am overwhelmed. I have an engineering background but since i joined AWAI it has been an ecstasy. Believe me I see myself as one of the members here who said, "I am a homeless writer with a lot of money"


  4. Great read but I stillam not sure what typeof writing I want to do yet.


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