July 2016

Benefits that Sing and Soar
 — in Five Simple Steps: Part 2

It's not enough to use benefits. You must connect benefits to your prospect's real emotions. In Clayton's words, your benefits must be “fully dimensionalized.”

Make Your Product’s Benefits SPARKLE

Many copywriters don't understand this essential secret to copywriting success: Don't sell your product! Why? Let Clayton Makepeace tell you.

How to Choose a B2B Copywriting Niche

Casey Demchak has been a successful medical B2B copywriter for 16 years. His secret? It started with making the right choice.

Package Your Copywriting Services in 8 Simple Steps

If you don’t know how to price your services right, you'll sink into the pit of “desperation pricing.” Follow 8 steps to package your copy services.

Content Marketing: Capture Your Reader’s Attention

Content marketing continues its meteoric rise, but to succeed you must capture your reader’s attention. Use these three proven ways to do that.

Eight of the World’s Top B2B Copywriters — Who Are Never in the Same Place at the Same Time — Join Together to Show a Select Group the Shortcut to B2B Mastery

Learn B2B secrets from eight Master Copywriters and get the best B2B copywriting jobs in this virtual workshop.