Wanna Succeed As a Writer? Start Here …

Hello! My name is Joshua Boswell.

I discovered AWAI a number of years ago when my life was ready for a change.

I was very hopeful that all they said about copywriting was true. I wanted it to be true.

I was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I simply could not afford to gamble. Something had to work in my life.

But, one of the biggest challenges I had at the time was that I couldn’t see a clear path forward.

In other words, I knew I was dead broke and bleeding … and I knew others were out there making money hand-over-fist as copywriters … but could little ol’ Joshua Boswell make it fly?!

How could I possibly bridge the gap?

What were the exact steps to getting started?

Once I got started, how could I land clients?

Then, what would I do if they said, “Yes”?! (That was the REALLY scary question!!)

Through my own quest to find the writer’s life, I found the answers to these questions, and I want to share them with you.

Over the next few days, I’m going to take you on a journey …

A journey to help get you started on building a super-solid foundation for your copywriting business.

Are you ready? Let’s begin right now …

Step one on your writer’s life journey is …

Decide on a niche.

Now when I say niche, I just mean a group of people to talk to about your copywriting services.

For example, if your niche is health foods, you’re going to find some people that are passionate about health food and selling a product or service to other people interested in health food.

And, while a niche could be an industry … like the “health-food industry” …

In my experience, thinking about a niche in terms of people makes it easy and much less intimidating. It’s as simple as talking to a fellow human being.

Today, focus on choosing a niche. Here’s a little exercise to help you …

I want you to think about the answer to three questions:

  • What do I really enjoy doing?
  • What really bothers me … I mean really bugs me?
  • What do I do that makes other people happy?

Identifying these three things will help you see where you connect to other people. So, answer these questions and then look for industries that match up.

For example, I might say …

“I really like helping copywriters find clients. And, it drives me completely NUTS when I see writers beating their heads trying to learn how to promote themselves, without making a dime. So, I’m going to create a system for helping them easily find clients, because I know it makes them happy.”

Then, looking around, I would see that AWAI works with copywriters who really want to live the writer’s life. Tada! I have a niche.

See how that works?

So, what would you say? How would you answer those questions?

Decide on your answers. Then decide on your niche.

Share your decision with me in the comments. Then tomorrow, we’ll talk about what to say to these people that are going to hire you …

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Published: March 2, 2015

47 Responses to “Wanna Succeed As a Writer? Start Here…”

  1. I am really passionate about seeing us as humans progress to spiritual maturity... before it's too late! I am really bothered by the high level of futility expressed by most I encounter who are frustrated by their lack of spiritual growth based on their involvement in the 'usual' means offered by the world, i.e., religion. I am passionate about writing and speaking on relationships and find that many people respond very positively to this engagement.


  2. My niche is medical with a focus on durable medical equipment *(DME) I worked as an occupational therapy assistant for over 20 years. I have also been a consumer of DME for short periods of my life.


  3. I love animals. It drives me insane to see people unable to effectively train or even feed their animals (be they pets or exhibits in a zoo/park. People always comes to me for advice or simple diagnostics on what's going on with their animals. Being able to get that information out there for anyone to use would make me feel that I am helping those people live and work better.

    Guest (Leigh)

  4. I enjoy helping people with their health. I help them with all issues in detoxing and learning how to improve their health through diet changes and such. It bothers me that regulations sometimes won't allow "us" to share completely and there are so many untruths on how to help someone "recover" from health issues, so many people continue to suffer and not get the help they really need. I enjoy taking someone from a bad level of health where it affects their life to a level where it gives them back their life! It is very rewarding to see the transformation in someone's life, for I was once one of those who had to make some life changes for my health.

    Guest (Mandy)

  5. I have started the program, decided on my niche (health& Beauty), Christian organizations,and wrote my first sample sales letter that I will have reviewed on Group Forum. How do you submit work when first getting started? Does the program teach you how to submit for example online web content?

    Shannon Stoddard

  6. Josh,

    I signed up in late November and was recently displaced from my company after 15 years of service. I am an avid wood turner and enjoy all aspects of wood working. How do I get started to get my writing career going to replace my lost income from job.

    Thanks, Jim

    Guest (Jim)

  7. Hi Josh - you make this writer's life feel reachable. So I can say with confidence that I really enjoy helping people with Fibromyalgia find answers for their day-to-day struggles. It really bothers me when I hear people ready to give up because navigating through all the snake oil salesmen makes them believe there is nothing real out there. I know that real help exists and it would make others happy if I could lead them to something that makes their life easier.

    Lisa C

  8. 1) I enjoy fishing, and analyzing others' behaviors, choices, and decisions then explaining those to them.

    2) One thing that "bugs" me is discovering grammatical, mechanical, usage, or knowledge errors apparently overlooked by professional writers and editors.

    3) I am friendly and try to be helpful to everyone, especially those whom others either ignore or disrespect.

    Guest (Arbusto)

  9. Hi Josh, thank you for presenting the inspiration in Writer's Life this week!
    I am having trouble narrowing down to one, so these are my two ideas of niches:
    1) I love to hike and backpack and am passionate about environmental issues. I hate it when people disrespect the environment, and people are happy when they hike with me and share my passion.
    2)I am passionate about dogs, hate when people don't take care of them properly, make others happy when I care for their canines!
    Plse advise,thanks!


  10. I do enjoy cats and animals in general. I also like to watch TV and movies, read, write, music, magazines, popular culture, spending time with family and friends, food, the iphone and ipad, traveling, comedy, beauty products. So I guess my B2B niches could be animals, food, magazines, traveling, beauty products? Could spending time with friends/family, popular culture or music be a niche? Should we choose just one niche or have a few?


  11. Hi Joshua, I love to read, research, write and teach.
    I want to be a copy writer with specialties in web writing and direct response marketing.
    I have the passion to be a Web writer.
    In other words, write web scripts, emails and sales letters, both long and short copies, do advertisement both video and scripts and eCommerce etc.

    I want to connect with experts in the above mentioned areas to help me become an excellent copy writer specialized in Web Writing and Direct Response Marketing.


  12. Joshua, I've enjoyed your articles about finding your niche. Thanks for so generously sharing your knowledge and experience!
    How would you recommend finding clients that need help navigating the special education system? I find most school districts don't want parents and individuals to know advocates are available. This is the area I'm most passionate about, and where most of my experience lies.

    Barbara Carson

  13. Hello, Mr. Boswell:
    I am not sure I can define my niche; however, I believe I may answer the first two questions in general terms:

    1. I enjoy caring for and working with pets and I am passionate about children.

    2. I find negligence incredibly vexing.

    I'm not sure I can answer the last question yet. I listen, try to educate my clients and provide the best care to my abilities.

    How might I define these into a niche?


  14. I enjoy writing poetry and it bothers me that I haven't finished my poetry book yet. It blesses me when people like my poetry.

    Guest (Wanda F Sewell)

  15. Hi, Joshua,

    I love finding workable solutions in so many different areas. I often feel that experts can make things complicated -- often it isn't straight forward -- but I like to take something that seems difficult and get to the bottom of it and then explain it in layman's terms.
    I've done this kind of work for many years in my work and private life.
    Is there a specific field for this?
    I know experts are often intimidating with their terminology and volume of data, but often they know very important stuff and I want to explain those discoveries to people who needs to know those benefits.

    Guest (Christa Coetser)

  16. Good evening!

    1) My passion is horses. I love working with them and sharing my knowledge about them. Animals in general have always been a big interest and presence in my life.

    2) I hate seeing people do cruel things to each other and to animals. It makes me want to rescue anything in need and I will go out of my way to help someone who is hurting.

    3) I have a great sense of humor and that draws people to me. Add to that a friendly and easy-going nature and I find that people are comfortable being with me. Often they'll open up to me when they won't with others.

    I see this with horses too. Every instructor, trainer, and horse friend I have has told me that I have a way with horses. They respond to me when they often won't to others.

    BA Fegles

  17. Thank you Joshua.
    As a school teacher, I feel that my niche could be connecting school districts and other educational organizations with curriculum publishers, especially now that new standards are sweeping the country. (Would this be B2B?)
    Also, as a language teacher and language learner, my niche could be copywriting for companies that sell language programs. I have just started the accelerated program and will be looking into these options.

    Peter D

  18. Hello Joshua, I am passionate about travel and great food! My goal as a copywriter is to provide travelers with accurate and important information concerning their destination. Not just blah, blah, blah...but REAL, THOUGHTFUL, AND INSIGHTFUL information that will provide people who have saved up all their hard-earned money for their trip of a lifetime. I want them to experience everything they've dreamed of and MORE! I love to travel and want to share my experiences with other travelers.


  19. I enjoy looking up natural remedies for different ailments and sharing them with others who are ill. It bugs me that people won't do anything about their health, except go to a medical professional and get pills. The thing I do that seems to make other people happy is to encourage them and help them see the happy side of life.

    Guest (Clara Mae)

  20. Hi Josh, My chosen niche is in the Christian Market, and I enjoy helping people. What really really bothers me is the growing number of people who have been mislead from truly knowing God and then disbelieve in his existence. I have noticed throughout my life that I have made people happy by lifting them up and showing them they are loved by God. Do you have any suggestions for where my passion and copywriting skill could be put to use in the Christian niche?
    Thank You!

    Sarah S

  21. I am passionate about family relationships. It bothers me to see couples divorce or separate.I do not enjoy seeing children disrespecting their parents.I like encouraging people.

    Guest (Lois)

  22. My passion revolves around personal growth and spirituality utilizing the power of story. I focus on helping women become aware of the underlying fears and limiting thought patterns that contribute to the self-sabotaging choices they make in their lives. I want to help clients learn about the laws of attraction and how to consciously create a life of abundance through healthy lifestyle choices. I want to educate women to follow, capture, and live out their dreams.


  23. I have dedicated my life to minimizing stress as much as possible, and this interests people a great deal. Most find it very difficult to live as I do. But I manage my physical, mental, emotional, nutritional and financial stress with simple methods that can be easily incorporated into anyone's life.

    I enjoy sharing these tips and tricks. I enjoy seeing people strive to live even just a little healthier.


  24. Hello,

    I was thinking about Legal Industry as B2B nishe, though I have BA in History, but my job was in some sense related with law, I did some works in University analyzing Constitutions, etc.-and I loved it;I researched a little bit and found out that a lot of professional lawyers are in this business...and probably it would take quite some time to fix the jargon, etc.

    Guest (Jurgita)

  25. Hi, Joshua! I have enjoyed for many years researching, employing & sharing the knowledge I have gained w/others in the area of natural health. I believe that God gave us what we need to be healthy. What really bothers me is that so many are in extremely poor health, even dying, mainly due to diet & lifestyle habits. Yet, they won't make changes. I'm happy that I have many friends who call me about a situation & are thrilled that I have an answer to help them with their health issue.


  26. Hi Josh,

    I really like creating integrated marketing strategies for small and mid-sized businesses. It really bothers me when businesses seem to jump from one marketing idea to the next without a plan or follow-through, and then lament that "marketing doesn't work." I create marketing plans that are easy to understand and follow, and help businesses thrive and "love" marketing.

    Rhonda R

  27. Joshua - my problem is that I too many things that I can do, but am not in the 'expert' range. Nature (biological & recreational), survival skills (backcountry & urban), teaching, public speaking, alternative health, recreational writing, dog training, storytelling, baking...I can do a lot of stuff, but I haven't a clue how to apply it to a niche. Another huge stumbling block is a lack of internet access, which makes working on AWAI stuff difficult. Any suggestions?


  28. I'm passionate about helping people feel good about themselves. I feel like I'm only successful by helping others be. I don't mean successful in the idea of money, unless that's what makes them happy. Success to me is knowing that no matter what you go through in life you can always bounce back. I HATE seeing people that hold resentments towards others or themselves, because that mentality only holds them back. I'm also passionate about writing music or even about it. The inspiring kind. -Ashley


  29. my niche is restoration of marriages and families based on biblical principals and truths. I dislike it when people do not get their knowledge from the Word of God and stand on falsehoods as biblical truths and call themselves Christians. I love it when people thirst for the truth and want more knowledge and information on restoration of marriages and families

    Mary Ann

  30. I amazed at seeing so many passionate people who want to help! Like some of you, I have a couple different passions which has lead me to the crossroads I am today. But for today, I am going to focus on Christian businesses and how-in the eyes of the government-their rights are becoming less important than others. It saddens me to see how the government is treating Christians businesses I want to empower Christian business owners - help to get their message out and connect with other Christians.

    Guest (AnneMcCoy)

  31. I have a passion for children and the foster care system (foster/adoption). I love babies!
    I also enjoy writing poetry.
    I am definitely a people person.

    Guest (Debbie)

  32. I would love to write about today's outlook on aging - for those of us who are not yet old enough for Medicare or able to live on Social Security yet but considered too old by those in control; for those of us who peer out of eyes that are still hopeful, youthful in ideology and optimistic; for those of us who aren't ready to lie down and call it quits just yet. We still have a lot to live and a lot to give. Somebody needs to talk about this. If 50 is the new 40, then why isn't 60 the new 50?

    Guest (Marilyn)

  33. I have adult ADHD and am so very indecisive. I have love for helping others to find their 'calling' and I can't stand when folks talk down to people and think they're better than anyone else. I have a rich history of teaching others to respect and be kind to one another. This is a very hard niche to find just the right prospects to write TO.


  34. Hi Joshua,

    AWAI sends so many wonderful things to my mailbox, but truthfully, it's all overwhelming! I kept wondering how and where to make a beginning, but you have nailed it! Now I'll sit down and begin with all of the things you suggest. And once I'm on the go, I'll get back to you!

    Guest (Kathleen Pacheco)

  35. As people are living longer, and the baby boomers portion of society is becoming ever larger, I would be interested in creating a one-stop website menu that offers products of concern to them ranging from health products and services to social activities and connections. I am organized, like structure and like to create. I think the older gen (me included) is overlooked as an ever growing source of revenue.

    Guest (ROY)

  36. Hello Joshua, I really like what you put together here, it's a great way to start. I would like to start writing in the most simplest way now and make an income. To answer the above question: I enjoy traveling, movies, Broadway shows, but mostly I like to see people happy in general. I believe people are at their best when their happy. What bother's me, a society where the key points of having moral values is small in existence today. It just seems that what's ugly, terrible, hateful, and the worst is becoming to out weigh the goodness we still have within each us. People like when I listen to them vent, cry, pour their heart out. Sometimes you see the sign of relief in their face but other times you know their still hurting.


  37. I really enjoy writing. I love it. I have written three novels and am on my fourth. I write a lot of poetry and stream of consciousness. I am really bothered by people suffering from depression and I try to help whenever possible. Two things I do that make people happy are sharing my poetry and writing and sending uplifting text messages. If someone can show me how to make a living doing this...Well bless you!

    D Michael Smith

  38. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for providing the steps to becoming a copywriter that will eventually lead to the writer's life we all want.

    I love to read and research information. So I know that this will be my base niche because I am not interested in doing long drawn out sales letters.

    What I am most passionate about is learning more about the Alternative Health Industry. I want to learn more about natural remedies to treat the various ailments we as humans sometimes experience.

    What bugs me the most is the high cost of prescription drugs and the side effects they cause. I want to find and tell people about natural ways of remedy, something that God has already provided for us.



  39. Hi Joshua, I am film director. I make commercials. So I make short feature films. But I do love creating, as in writing funny copy in photo albums next to photos I have taken. I love just wondering off on an day and taking creative photos. I love shooting and editing videos for clients, family and friends.
    I detest negative people and try and see the positive in everything I do.
    I love singing and playing the guitar with friends and family. I think that makes them happy.


  40. Josh, Looking forward to meeting you in San Diego in April.
    I am passionate about helping prostate cancer patients. I have been volunteering at a nearby hospital for 7 years and have learned about the persons anxiety, concerns and fears. I believe I can have a major impact on the diagnosed person who is deciding where to be treated.
    There are only a handful of hospitals offering the treatment I would suggest - therefore I believe these facilities would be my prospective clients.

    Guest (ClydeM)

  41. I am passionate about reading, education and adoption. I have been in the classroom for 18 years and have had the pleasure of seeing lives change by what may seem to be trivial decisions made during one's youth. I would also like to be more of an advocate for people who are dealing with post-adoption issues.

    Dee Texas

  42. I enjoy planning and organizing. I am task-oriented. I could enjoy helping others plan and organize. Hopefully, I can make others happy. What I dislike? Long salesy emails and letters.

    Chrs Jax

  43. I appreciate you sending more information about this. I hope all of you have a wonderful day and God bless.

    Guest (Sunshine)

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