January 2014

Submit a Spec Assignment – Your Life Is Now

Take action every day to make yourself more successful. The first step is to submit a spec. It’s a win-win no matter what the outcome is.

How "Structural Priming" Will Make You a Better Copywriter

Structural priming is an effective method of priming your brain for copywriting. Copying effective sales letters over and over again will help build muscle memory.

The “First Wealth” Is …

Embracing your health as the first step to wealth really is the way to go, if you want a long-lasting, lucrative career as a freelance writer.

Big Ideas for Kicking Off the New Year

Joshua Boswell, Jay White, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Pam Foster, Rebecca Matter, and Ed Gandia each have a special message they’d like to share with you to help you do big things in the New Year.