April 2011

Want More Clients? Harness the Pebble Effect

Will Newman shares how developing solid relationships with potential clients will help you to gain even more.


Rebecca Matter explains that there are many benefits that come with knowing how to write persuasively, beyond the revenue you receive from working with other people - it's called Glicken.

Writing Your Self-Promotion Letter

Rebecca Matter shares how a self-promotion letter will help you engage with potential clients so that you can land even more.

15 Tips for Getting Client Referrals to Grow Your Freelance Business

John Wood shares how you can grow your freelance business with client referrals by using these 15 tips.

How to Find Your Niche in the B2B Market

Steve Slaunwhite reveals a step-by-step check list on how to find a niche market in the B2B sector that is just right for you.

17 Ways to Get Inside Your Client’s Mind So You’ll Always Hit Your Target Audience

Learn how to hit your target audience every time with these 17 tips from John Wood on getting inside your client’s mind.

7 Reasons for NOT Setting Goals

John Wood explains why people don't set goals, why you shouldn't be one of them, and how to start setting your own goals.

Too Many Distractions? Use These Eleven Tips to Help You Focus ...

John Wood shares eleven tips to help you avoid distractions and stay focused on your freelance work.