November 2008

Congratulations … Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Consultant Cheryl Malcham Is the Latest Addition to AWAI’s “Wall of Fame”

Congratulations to freelance copywriter and marketing consultant Cheryl Malcham, who launched her career shortly after Bootcamp 2007 and is now getting paid to do what she loves.

How Much to Charge for Web Copy Projects

Curious what to charge your client for web copy? Use this handy pricing guide and never worry about under or over-pricing ever again.

How to Write Catalog Copy So a Client Wants to “Buy” You

Will Newman demonstrates how to turn run-of-the-mill feature/simple-benefit catalog copy into “must-have” copy.

Top 30 Mailers in the Catalog Industry

Discover the names and websites of 30 top mailers in the catalog industry.